Training Day (2001)

The only thing more dangerous than the line being crossed, is the cop who will cross it.

Original Title : Training Day
Director : Antoine Fuqua
Writer : David Ayer
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : David Ayer , Bruce Berman , Davis Guggenheim , Robert F. Newmyer , Susan E. Novick , Jeffrey Silver , Scott Strauss , David Wisnievitz
Music : Snoop Dogg
Dr. Dre
Mark Mancina
Photography : Mauro Fiore
Distributor : Warner Bros. GmbH [de]
MPAA Rating : Rated R for brutal violence, pervasive language, drug content and brief nudity.
IMDB ID : 0139654
Official site :
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Training Day (2001) - Antoine Fuqua


Denzel Washington Detective Alonzo Harris
Ethan Hawke Officer Jake Hoyt
Ethan Hawke Officer Jake Hoyt


In a city where streets are overrun by drug dealers, those who have sworn to uphold the law are breaking them to clean up the streets. Denzel Washington plays L.A.P.D detective Alonzo Harris, a veteran narcotics officer whose methods of enforcing the law are questionable, if not corrupt. 'Training Day' follows Harris as he trains rookie Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawk) over a period 24 hours. Ethical dilemmas arise for Hoyt as well as the audience as questions present themselves as to whether or not Harris' methodology for ridding the streets of South Central Los Angeles of drugs is right or wrong. Jake Hoyt wants to become a LAPD narc agent, stop narcs from selling drugs on the streets. But that might be hard as he works with LAPD narc agent Alonzo Harris for the next 24 hours. Alonzo is an LAPD veteran who has been working the narcs for over a decade, but his ways and techniques of becoming a narc agent are questionable, if not corrupt. As the 24 hours go by, Jake observes Alonzo's methods, and in the madness, Jake tries to solve all the twists and turns, trying to figure out who really is the enemy here. Training Day. Its a day of reckoning.


The first must-see movie of the year! STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs There isn't much of a cast to Training Day.It's mostly just Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke driving around in a car.But in crafting just these main two characters,it has constructed quite probably the best film to come out in the last 18 months,and which deserves to win oscars.It paints an unflinching,uncompromising account of life on the mean streets of LA,rampant with rapists,graffiti,gang members and mostly drug dealers.Hawke is certainly very impressive as the naive rookie cop,but the real star of the show is undoubtedly Washington,who delivers a breath-taking performance as the experienced,hardened police veteran who's just seen too much injustice in his career and has been pushed right over the edge.In between all this fantastic writing,directing and acting,there is also some brilliant action sequences (especially at the end)not to mention a thoroughly emersing hip-hop soundtrack.It really is hard to think of a single fault here,this is simply excellent.Cancel all other arrangements and see it.*****
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Training Day (2001) - Antoine Fuqua