Storytelling (2001)

Original Title : Storytelling
Director : Todd Solondz
Writer : Todd Solondz
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Declan Baldwin , Michael De Luca , Amy Henkels , Ted Hope , David Linde , Christine Vachon
Music : Nathan Larson
Photography : Frederick Elmes
Distributor : Atalanta Filmes
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong sexual content, language and some drug use.
IMDB ID : 0250081
Official site :
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Storytelling (2001) - Todd Solondz


Selma Blair Vi ('Fiction'
Leo Fitzpatrick Marcus ('Fiction'
Robert Wisdom Mr. Scott ('Fiction'
Maria Thayer Amy ('Fiction'
Angela Goethals Elli ('Fiction'
Devorah Rose Lucy ('Fiction'
Nancy Anne Ridder Joyce ('Fiction'
Steven Rosen Ethan ('Fiction'
Aleksa Palladino Catherine ('Fiction'
Mary Lynn Rajskub Melinda ('Fiction'
Tina Holmes Sue ('Fiction'
Paul Giamatti Toby Oxman ('Non-fiction'
Mike Schank Mike the Cameraman ('Non-fiction'
Xander Berkeley Mr. DeMarco ('Non-fiction'
Mark Webber Scooby Livingston ('Non-fiction'
John Goodman Marty Livingston ('Non-fiction'
Julie Hagerty Fern Livingston ('Non-fiction'
Jonathan Osser Mikey Livingston ('Non-fiction'
Noah Fleiss Brady Livingston ('Non-fiction'
Lupe Ontiveros Consuelo ('Non-fiction'
Jessica Dunphy Cheryl ('Non-fiction'
Nick Maltes Esposito ('Non-fiction'
Steve Railsback Mr. Kirk ('Non-fiction'
Crista Moore Elizabeth St. Clair ('Non-fiction'
Franka Potente Toby's Editor ('Non-fiction'
Andrew Marantz Stanley ('Non-fiction'
Conan O'Brien Himself ('Non-fiction'
Frederick Owens Football Coach ('Non-fiction'
Barry Jordan Himself ('Non-fiction'
Robin Goodman Herself ('Non-fiction'
Eric Nieves Dave ('Non-fiction'
Marisa Redanty Onlooker
Ilana Levine Onlooker
Pat Kiernan TV News Announcer (voice
Tom Schimmels Man in Toby's Apartment (segment "Non-fiction"
James T. Williams II Football Player (uncredited


Storytelling is comprised of two separate stories set against the sadly comical terrain of college and high school, past and present. Following the paths of its young hopeful/ troubled characters, it explores issues of sex, race, celebrity and exploitation Storytelling follows two separate, unrelated stories of the angst, frustration, depression of the youth of today against two backdrops. In "Fiction", Vi is a hip college teenager who allows herself to be exploited and abused by any guy, including her writing professor, in order to get inspiration for her creative writing class. In "Non-fiction", Toby Oxman is a hapless loser/shoe salesman who wants to be a famous documentary filmmaker. For his first project, Toby explores the dysfunctional Livingston family, focusing mostly on the oldest son Scooby, an alienated, hates-the-world, ticking-time-bomb, bisexual, high school student with dreams of being famous.


a tale of two halves really, 2 December 2001 Author: mattwakeman ( from cardiff uni i agree with a certain amount of what has already been said about this movie in the other reviews. the first half, well story, was much shorter and indeed much nastier whereas the second story was much more spread out and seemed to be a kind of update on 'happiness' with an added film crew.i suppose the best thing, to me, about the 'fiction' half was that it was at times just so uncomfortable to watch. nearly everybody (nearly?) was just unpleasant and thus much truer to life then the usual film with an, easily identifiable, hero. but the second seemed just too unfocused. too loose and too many things that were trying to be said but were kind of is worth going to see although it is nowhere near as good as the awesomely uncomfortable 'happiness'. if nothing else we should be happy that there are still directors in america who are prepared to make films which are about morally ambiguous subjects with people who actually look like they come from the real world.
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Storytelling (2001) - Todd Solondz
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Storytelling (2001) - Todd Solondz
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Storytelling (2001) - Todd Solondz
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Storytelling (2001) - Todd Solondz