Spermula (1975)

Original Title : Spermula
Director : Charles Matton
Writer : Charles Matton
Genre : Adult
Country : France
Language : English
Producer : Bernard Lenteric
Music : José Bartel
Photography : Jean-Jacques Flori
Distributor : Film & Company
IMDB ID : 0075251
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Spermula (1975) - Charles Matton


Dayle Haddon Spermula
Udo Kier Werner
François Dunoyer Tristan
Jocelyne Boisseau Cascade
Ginette Leclerc Gromana
Isabelle Mercanton Blanche
Georges Géret Grop
Radiah Frye Ruth
Angela McDonald Gilda
Suzannah Djian Diamant
Myriam Mézières Bonne
Karin Petersen Sala
Valérie Bonnier Liberte
Sylvie Matton Sylvie (as Sylvie Meyer
Diana Chase Diana
Christian Chevreuse Cardinal
Hervé Hallf Pierre
Alain Flick Choupetit
Benny Luke Luc
Gérard Tardy Petit Curé
Roxiane De Montaignac Roxiane
Dominique Basquin Dominique
Maud Darsy La Vieille Dane
Marie-France Rita
Joan Kohler Joan
Aline Ruat Caline
Céline La Frenière Celine
Annette Deweger Annette
Viveka Grey Marie-Jo
Vibeke Knudsen Natacha (as Natacha Knudsen
Francis Rignault Francis
Piéral (uncredited


The planet Spermula is facing destruction and the Spermulites plan to relocate to Earth. To do this, they have come up with a brilliant plan. They will transform themselves into beautiful women and suck out all men's semen, thus making men tired and lazy from sexual exhaustion and unable to procreate. One of the Spermulites didn't transform as planned... Instead of a beautiful woman, he became a beautiful man, Werner (played by Udo Kier). He likes being a man, except for one problem. His penis is only one centimeter long. The spermulites are cynics who hate this disgusting love and sex thing that Earthpeople like so much. But some of the spermulites actually start enjoying themselves and think that maybe love and sex aren't as disgusting as they thought.


Great erotic fun, 9 August 2001 Author: Lars Jacobsson ( from Stockholm, Sweden Spermula is a great, intensionally funny sex/sci fi flick, and it got Udo Kier (the world's most handsome man!) in one of the major roles. What more could you possible need? The story is based around "spermulites", the alien inhabitants of a dying planet. The only way they can save their planet is by sucking the men of planet earth dry of sperm, kind of like horny vampires. Of course they take the shape of sexy girls, but Udo's character is mistakenly transformed into a man with a 1 centimeter long penis. It's a very dumb movie, but it got heart and wit. Unfortunely it's a bit overlong. And Udo's voice has been dubbed, ruining the day for all us "Udolites" who love to hear his sexy mid european accent.But it's still a good and fun flick, too well made to be labelled camp. They don't make erotic movies like this any more. Recommended.You might have some trouble trying to find a copy of this lost Udo gem, but it's well worth the effort.
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230 x 366
Spermula (1975) - Charles Matton
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240 x 388
Spermula (1975) - Charles Matton
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Spermula (1975) - Charles Matton