Octopussy (1983)

Nobody does it better...thirteen times.

Original Title : Octopussy
Director : John Glen
Writer : Ian Fleming
George MacDonald Fraser
Richard Maibaum
Michael G. Wilson
George MacDonald Fraser
Richard Maibaum
Michael G. Wilson
Genre : Action
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Albert R. Broccoli , Tom Pevsner , Michael G. Wilson
Music : John Barry
Photography : Alan Hume
Distributor : MGM/UA Entertainment Company
IMDB ID : 0086034
Official site :
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen


Roger Moore James Bond
Maud Adams Octopussy
Louis Jourdan Kamal Khan
Kristina Wayborn Magda
Kabir Bedi Gobinda
Steven Berkoff General Orlov
David Meyer Twin One
Tony Meyer Twin Two (as Anthony Meyer
Desmond Llewelyn Q
Robert Brown M
Lois Maxwell Miss Moneypenny
Michaela Clavell Penelope Smallbone
Walter Gotell General Anatol Gogol
Vijay Amritraj Vijay
Albert Moses Sadruddin
Geoffrey Keen Sir Frederick Gray
Douglas Wilmer Jim Fanning
Andy Bradford 009
Philip Voss Auctioneer
Bruce Boa US General
Richard LeParmentier US Aide (as Richard Parmentier
Paul Hardwick Soviet Chairman
Suzanne Jerome Gwendoline
Cherry Gillespie Midge
Dermot Crowley Kamp
Peter Porteous Lenkin
Eva Reuber-Staier Rublevitch (as Eva Rueber-Staier
Jeremy Bulloch Smithers (as Jeremy Bullock
Tina Hudson Bianca
William Derrick Thug with Yo-Yo
Stuart Saunders Major Clive
Patrick Barr British Ambassador
Gabor Vernon Borchoi
Hugo Bower Karl
Ken Norris Colonel Toro
Tony Arjuna Mufti
Gertan Klauber Bubi
Brenda Cowling Schatzi
David Grahame Petrol Pump Attendant
Brian Coburn South American VIP
Michael Halphie South American Officer
Mary Stavin Octopussy Girl
Carolyn Seaward Octopussy Girl
Carole Ashby Octopussy Girl
Cheryl Anne Octopussy Girl
Jani-Z Octopussy Girl
Julie Martin Octopussy Girl
Joni Flynn Octopussy Girl
Julie Barth Octopussy Girl
Kathy Davies Octopussy Girl
Helene Hunt Octopussy Girl
Gillian De Terville Octopussy Girl
Safira Afzal Octopussy Girl
Louise King Octopussy Girl
Tina Robinson Hansen Octopussy Girl (as Tina Robinson
Alison Worth Octopussy Girl
Janine Andrews Octopussy Girl
Lynda Knight Octopussy Girl
Susanne Dando Gymnast Supervisor
Teresa Craddock Gymnast
Kirsten Harrison Gymnast
Christine Cullers Gymnast
Lisa Jackman Gymnast
Jane Aldridge Gymnast
Christine Gibson Gymnast
Tracy Llewellyn Gymnast
Ruth Flynn Gymnast
Roberto Germains Ringmaster
Richard Graydon Francisco the Fearless
Carol Richter Circus Personnel
Josef Richter Circus Personnel
Vera Fossett Circus Personnel
Shirley Fossett Circus Personnel
Barrie Winship Circus Personnel
Ravinder Singh Reyett Thug
Gurdial Sira Thug
Michael Moor Thug
Sven Surtees Thug
Peter Edmund Thug
Ray Charles Thug
Talib Johnny Thug
Ken Burns East German body guard (uncredited
Ishaq Bux Fakir (uncredited
Reg Harding Fisherman in Boat (uncredited
Eugene Lipinski Head VOPO (uncredited
Derek Lyons US Air Force Base Officer (uncredited
Ingrid Pitt Galley Mistress (voice
Lenny Rabin Bidder at Sotheby's (uncredited
Michael G. Wilson Soviet Security Council Member/Man on Tour Boat (uncredited


Bond is sent on a mission to discover how another, dying, '00' agent crashes through the British Embassy's window with a fake Faberge egg in his hand. He discovers that its not only him thats interested in the real egg when it is put up for auction and is bought by rich exiled Afghan Prince, Kamal Khan. Bond's suspicions deepen when Kamal Khan meets with General Orlov, an insane Russian General who desires to conquer Europe as well as faking Russia's Art Treasures as Russia's Government plans to disarm its weapons. 007 discovers that both Orlov and Khan plan to blow a nuclear device in an American Air Force Base. Connecting Orlov, Khan and Bond is the beautiful but mysterious female smuggler known only as 'Octopussy' but will she help or kill Bond...


Roger Moore's Best Bond Film, 5 September 1999 Author: Eric-62-2 from Morristown, NJ This is by far the best of the Roger Moore Bond films in my opinion. I may be prejudiced since "Octopussy" was the first Bond film I saw theatrically, but I absolutely loved it back then and it still holds up today. The plot is a fine blend of the serious stories of the early Connery films and the humorous touches of the Moore era. Add to that a smooth villain in Louis Jourdan, delicious over-the-top counterpoint from Steven Berkoff, a formidable henchman in Kabir Bedi, two exotic Bond girls in Maud Adams and Kristina Wayborn, beautiful location photography in the rich "travelogue" style (did India ever look as good as it does here?) and a great John Barry score and you can't go wrong with it at all. The tense buildup in the bomb countdown which has Bond donning clown makeup at one point is probably one of the most exciting in any Bond film.Roger Moore hit his peak playing Bond in this film and the proof is how he seems so much better than Sean Connery does in the inferior "Never Say Never Again" that came out that same year. It's a pity that Moore didn't go out with this one, since "A View To A Kill" was so poor by comparison.By all means rent this, watch it and have fun!
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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850 x 1185
Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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850 x 1185
Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen
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Octopussy (1983) - John Glen