Henry Fool (1997)

Original Title : Henry Fool
Director : Hal Hartley
Writer : Hal Hartley
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Keith Abell , Jerome Brownstein , Thierry Cagianut , Hal Hartley , Larry Meistrich , Daniel J. Victor
Music : Hal Hartley
Photography : Michael Spiller
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong sexuality, violence and language.
IMDB ID : 0122529
Official site :
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Henry Fool (1997) - Hal Hartley


┬Thomas Jay Ryan Henry Fool
┬James Urbaniak Simon Grim
┬Parker Posey Fay
┬Maria Porter Mary
┬James Saito Mr. Deng
┬Kevin Corrigan Warren
┬Liam Aiken Ned
┬Miho Nikaido Gnoc Deng
┬Gene Ruffini Officer Bu├▒uel
┬Nicholas Hope Father Hawkes
┬Diana Ruppe Amy
┬Veanne Cox Laura
┬Jan Leslie Harding Vicky
┬Chaylee Worrall Pearl (age 7
┬Christy Carlson Romano Pearl (age 14
┬Chuck Montgomery Angus James
┬Melanie Vesey Go-Go Dancer
┬Denise Morgan Go-Go Dancer
┬Jill Morley Afternoon Table Dancer
┬Paul Boocock Steve
┬David Latham Barry
┬Marissa Chibas Newspaper Reporter
┬Julie Anderson Woman Outside Store
┬Reggie Harris Anchorman
┬Don Creech Owen Feer
┬Camille Paglia Herself
┬Maraya Chase TV Reporter
┬Soshana Ami Young Woman in Library
┬Karen DiConcetto Girl in Library
┬Tiffany Sampson Girl in Library
┬Rachel Miner Girl in Library
┬Paul Lazar Doctor
┬Gretchen Krich Nurse
┬Valorie Hubbard Patty The Bartender
┬Dave Simonds Bill
┬Fay Ann Lee Lawyer
┬Paul Greco Concierge
┬Blake Willett Cop
┬Raymond Cassar Cop
┬Katreen Hardt Airline Ticket Clerk
┬Merritt Nelson Flight Attendant Lucy (as Rebecca Nelson
┬Paul Albe Angry Customer
┬Vivian Bang Teenager at World of Donuts
┬Brandon Boey Teenager at World of Donuts
┬Claire Ritchie Teenager at World of Donuts
┬Herbie Duarte Teenager at World of Donuts
┬Toy Connor Teenager at World of Donuts


Socially inept garbage man Simon is befriended by Henry Fool, a witty roguish, but talent-less novelist. Henry opens a magical world of literature to Simon who turns his hand to writing the 'great American poem'. As Simon begins his controversial ascent to the dizzying heights of Nobel Prize winning poet, Henry sinks to a life of drinking in low-life bars. The two friends fall out and lose touch until Henry's criminal past catches up with him and he needs Simon's help to flee the country.


IS THERE LIFE IN THE U.S INDY ?? After the highs of the mid 90s, the US independent scene has certainly gone into a recent nosedive. Therefore it was refreshing to catch this film. Whilst not up to some of Hartley's earlier efforts, it certainly sustained the interest. Not as offbeat as "Flirt" or "Amateur", and in many ways a modern-day fairytale. Well worth a watch.
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Henry Fool (1997) - Hal Hartley
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401 x 570
Henry Fool (1997) - Hal Hartley
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401 x 570
Henry Fool (1997) - Hal Hartley