Player, The (1992)

The Best Movie Ever Made!" - Griffin Mill

Original Title : Player, The
Director : Robert Altman
Writer : Michael Tolkin
Michael Tolkin
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Cary Brokaw , David Brown , Scott Bushnell , William S. Gilmore , David Levy , Michael Tolkin , Nick Wechsler
Music : Les Hooper
Michael Mark
Gerry Mulligan
Thomas Newman
Photography : Jean Lépine
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language, and for some sensuality.
IMDB ID : 0105151
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Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman


Tim Robbins Griffin Mill
Greta Scacchi June Gudmundsdottir
Fred Ward Walter Stuckel
Whoopi Goldberg Detective Susan Avery
Peter Gallagher Larry Levy
Brion James Joel Levison
Cynthia Stevenson Bonnie Sherow
Vincent D'Onofrio David Kahane
Dean Stockwell Andy Civella
Richard E. Grant Tom Oakley
Sydney Pollack Dick Mellon
Lyle Lovett Detective DeLongpre
Dina Merrill Celia
Angela Hall Jan
Leah Ayres Sandy
Paul Hewitt Jimmy Chase
Randall Batinkoff Reg Goldman
Jeremy Piven Steve Reeves
Gina Gershon Whitney Gersh
Frank Barhydt Frank Murphy
Mike E. Kaplan Marty Grossman
Kevin Scannell Gar Girard
Margery Bond Witness
Susan Emshwiller Detective Broom
Brian Brophy Phil/Blackmailer (voice
Michael Tolkin Eric Schecter
Stephen Tolkin Carl Schecter
Natalie Strong Natalie
Peter Koch Walter (as Pete Koch
Pamela Bowen Trixie
Jeff Weston Rocco
Steve Allen Himself
Richard Anderson Himself
Rene Auberjonois Himself
Harry Belafonte Himself
Shari Belafonte Herself
Karen Black Herself
Michael Bowen Himself
Gary Busey Himself
Robert Carradine Himself
Charles Champlin Himself
Cher Herself
James Coburn Himself
Cathy Lee Crosby Herself
John Cusack Himself
Brad Davis Himself
Paul Dooley Himself
Thereza Ellis Herself
Peter Falk Himself
Felicia Farr Herself
Katarzyna Figura Herself (as Kasia Figura
Louise Fletcher Herself
Dennis Franz Himself
Teri Garr Herself
Leeza Gibbons Herself
Scott Glenn Himself
Jeff Goldblum Himself
Elliott Gould Himself
Joel Grey Himself
David Alan Grier Himself
Buck Henry Himself
Anjelica Huston Herself (as Angelica Huston
Kathy Ireland Herself
Steve James Himself
Maxine John-James Herself
Sally Kellerman Herself
Sally Kirkland Herself
Jack Lemmon Himself
Marlee Matlin Herself
Andie MacDowell Herself
Malcolm McDowell Himself
Jayne Meadows Herself
Martin Mull Himself
Jennifer Nash Herself
Nick Nolte Himself
Alexandra Powers Herself
Bert Remsen Himself
Guy Remsen Himself
Patricia Resnick Herself
Burt Reynolds Himself
Jack Riley Himself
Mimi Rogers Herself
Annie Ross Herself
Alan Rudolph Himself
Jill St. John Herself
Susan Sarandon Herself
Adam Simon Himself
Rod Steiger Himself
Joan Tewkesbury Herself
Brian Tochi Himself
Lily Tomlin Herself
Robert Wagner Himself
Ray Walston Himself
Bruce Willis Himself
Marvin Young Himself
Althea Gibson Herself (uncredited
Ted Hartley Party guest (uncredited
James McLindon Jim the writer (uncredited
Derek Raser Studio Mail driver (uncredited
Julia Roberts Herself (uncredited
Scott Shaw Himself (uncredited
Patrick Swayze Himself (uncredited


A studio script screener gets on the bad side of a writer by not accepting his script. The writer is sending him threatening postcards. The screener tries to identify the writer in order to pay him off so he'll be left alone, and then in a case of mistaken identity gone awry, he accidentally gives the writer solid ammunition for blackmail. This plot is written on a backdrop of sleazy Hollywood deals and several subplots involving the politics of the industry.


Altman Skewers the Film Industry "The Player", Robert Altman's skewering of the movie industry, is yet another of his spot-on black comedies. One is reminded of "Nashville" where he turned his sights on the country music industry and politics. Now his victim is the industry in which he toils.Altman provides a multi-layered view of the film industry from the point of view of the executives that run it, particularly those that have the responsibility for approving movie projects. If Altman is accurate, they are a cold, bloodless, bunch, capable of anything to get movie viewers into their seats.Altman is aided by a great ensemble cast (isn't he always?) and delivers the goods. "The Player" is one of his best and is highly recommended for an enjoyable Saturday night rental.
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1064 x 1536
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman
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229 x 380
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman
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500 x 700
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman
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615 x 850
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman
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580 x 862
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman
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580 x 847
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman
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580 x 440
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman
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1762 x 2500
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman
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178 x 250
Player, The (1992) - Robert Altman