Yi Yi (A One and A Two) (2000)

Original Title : Yi yi
Director : Edward Yang
Writer : Edward Yang
Genre : Drama
Country : Taiwan
Language : English | Mandarin | Hokkien
Producer : Shinya Kawai , Osamu Kunota , Naoko Tsukeda , Wei-yen Yu
Music : Kai-Li Peng
Photography : Wei-han Yang
IMDB ID : 0244316
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Yi Yi (A One and A Two) (2000) - Edward Yang


┬Nien-Jen Wu N.J.
┬Elaine Jin Min-Min
┬Issei Ogata Ota
┬Kelly Lee II
┬Jonathan Chang I
┬Hsi-Sheng Chen Ah-Di
┬Su-Yun Ko Sherry
┬Michael Tao Hsiao Yen
┬Adrian Lin Li-Li
┬Pang Chang Yu Fatty
┬Ru-Yun Tang Min-Min's Mother
┬Shu-Yuan Hsu Yun-Yun
┬Yiwen Chen Blue Shirt
┬Ke Yulun The Soldier


Each member of a family in Taipei asks hard questions about life's meaning as they live through every-day quandaries. NJ is morose, his brother owes him money, his mother is in a coma, his wife suffers a spiritual crisis when she finds her life a blank, his business partners make bad decisions against his advice, and he reconnects with his first love 30 years after he dropped her. His teenage daughter Ting-Ting watches emotions roil in their neighbors' flat and is experiencing the first stirrings of love. His son Yang-Yang, eight, laconic like his dad, pursues truth with the help of a camera. "Why is the world so different from what we think it is?," asks Ting-Ting.


This is without a doubt the best film of 2000, a masterpiece of sublety and understatement. It is long--just under three hours--but during that three hours, the entire range of human experience is covered. It is about life--that's it. But, to make a statement about life, you have to illustrate it with lives, and this Yang does exquisitely. There is a tragic undercurrent running through this film, and while I was watching it I thought of Thoreau's observation that "most men lead lives of quiet desperation." Yet, in spite of the travails the film's characters undergo, it is ultimately a work of affirmation. This is about as good as the art of cinema can get.
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500 x 691
Yi Yi (A One and A Two) (2000) - Edward Yang
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772 x 1098
Yi Yi (A One and A Two) (2000) - Edward Yang
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548 x 760
Yi Yi (A One and A Two) (2000) - Edward Yang