Flirt (1995)

New York, Berlin, Tokyo

Original Title : Flirt
Director : Hal, Hartley
Writer : Hal Hartley
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English, German, Japanese
Producer : Jerome Brownstein , Reinhard Brundig , Martin Hagemann , Ted Hope , Carleen L. Hsu , Satoru Iseki , Hisami Kuroiwa
Music : Hal Hartley
Jeffrey Taylor
Photography : Michael Spiller
Distributor : Diaphana Distribution
MPAA Rating : Rated R
IMDB ID : 0113080
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Flirt (1995) - Hal, Hartley


¬Paul Austin Man
¬Robert John Burke Man
¬Martin Donovan Walter
¬Erica Gimpel Nurse
¬Michael Imperioli Michael
¬Holt McCallany Bartender
¬Lianna Pai Woman at Phone Booth
¬Harold Perrineau Jr. Man
¬Parker Posey Emily
¬Bill Sage Bill
¬Patricia Scanlon Doctor Clint
¬Hannah Sullivan Trish
¬Jos√© Z√ļ√Īiga Driver
¬Boris Aljinovic Johann
¬Susie Bick Dwight
¬Peter Fitz The Doctor
¬Amina Gusner Greta
¬Elina L√∂wensohn Nurse
¬Hasan Ali Mete Girl in Phone Booth
¬Gerhard Severin Ozu
¬Chikako Hara Yuki
¬Junji Iijima Naomi
¬Yutaka Matsushige Miho
¬Tetsuya Tabata 
¬Meikyo Yamada 
¬Kenji Yamaguchi 
¬Tetsushi Yamazaki 
¬Eri Yu 
¬Hal Hartley Hal


The same situation is played out in different cities (New York, Berlin and Japan). A lover has to choose whether to commit to a partner who is returning home. In each case there are other people involved, an ex-partner and someone else in a "permanent" relationship, what do they choose to do ?


One short film script repeated three times in three different cities in the United States, Europe and Japan. The dialogue is identical in each, the plot plays out the violent and alienating repercussions of chronic flirtation and self-destructive covetousness. The subtle differences in each scenario are due (theoretically) to the changes in setting, sexual orientation and cultural backdrop. If you're a Hal Hartley fan you'll probably enjoy this film to some extent, if you're not then you may be easily put off by the repetition of what could be seen as stiff artsy banter. The dialogue is clever, sharp, witty - characteristically quirky Hal Hartley writing. But the first scenario, set in New York and involving Martin Donovan, Parker Posey and that other favorite Hal Hartley actor from Simple Men (Bill something), is easily the best of the three and the high point of the film. There's some really nice editing in this film, for those who have an interest in technical considerations.
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218 x 325
Flirt (1995) - Hal, Hartley