I Hired a Contract Killer (1990)

Lej aldrig yrkesmoerdare i rivningskaakar!

Original Title : I Hired a Contract Killer
Director : Aki Kaurismäki
Writer : Aki Kaurismäki
Genre : Drama
Country : Finland
Language : English
Producer : Martin Bruce-Clayton , Aki Kaurismäki , David Kelly
Music : Frank Eyton
Johnny Green
Edward Heyman
Robert Sour
Photography : Timo Salminen
Distributor : Pandora Film [de]
IMDB ID : 0099818
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I Hired a Contract Killer (1990) - Aki Kaurismäki


Jean-Pierre Léaud Henri Boulanger
Margi Clarke Margaret
Kenneth Colley The Killer
T.R. Bowen Department Head (as Trevor Bowen
Imogen Claire Secretary (as Immogen Clare
Angela Walsh Landlady
Cyril Epstein Taxi Driver
Nicky Tesco Pete
Charles Cork Al
Michael O'Hagan The Killer's Boss
Tex Axile Barkeeper
Walter Sparrow Hotel Porter
Tony Rohr Frank
Joe Strummer Guitar Player & Singer
Peter Graves Jeweller
Serge Reggiani Vic
Ette Elliot The Killer's Daughter
Roberto Pla Bongo Man
Aki Kaurismäki Man Selling Dark Glasses (uncredited


After fifteen years' service, Henri Boulanger is made redundant from his job. Shocked, he attempts suicide, but can't go through with it, so he hires a contract killer in a seedy bar to murder him at some unspecified time in the future. But almost immediately he meets and falls in love with Margaret, a flower-seller, which makes Henri realise that his life has some meaning after all. But when he goes back to the bar to cancel the contract, he finds it has been demolished - and there's no way he can get in touch with the killer...


Grows on you, 21 March 2004 Author: fefe23 from Berlin, Germany I only saw this movie once, over a decade ago.It was horrible.Noone laughed or even smiled in it, all the scenery was bleak, the story was depressing, and it almost made the audience feel suicidal as well (like the protagonist). But, with each passing year, I like this movie more.I'm very much looking forward to seeing it again.It actually is a great comedy, but it took me years to understand that. Should you see it?Definitely.I still remember this obscure movie after over 10 years and although I hated it at first.It inspired me enough to write this comment here.About how many movies can you say that?
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I Hired a Contract Killer (1990) - Aki Kaurismäki