Mouchette (1967)

Original Title : Mouchette
Director : Robert Bresson
Writer : Georges Bernanos
Robert Bresson
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Anatole Dauman
Music : Jean Wiener
Photography : Ghislain Cloquet
IMDB ID : 0061996
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poster for "Mouchette" by Robert Bresson (1967)
Mouchette (1967) - Robert Bresson


Nadine Nortier Mouchette
Jean-Claude Guilbert Arsène
Maria Cardinal La mère
Paul Hébert Father (as Paul Hebert
Jean Vimenet Mathieu
Marie Susini Mathieu's wife
Suzanne Huguenin Layer Out of the Dead
Marine Trichet Luisa
Raymonde Chabrun Grocer
Liliane Princet Schoolteacher (uncredited


Mouchette is a young teenager living in the tough country. Her mother is going to die, and her father does not take care of her. Mouchette does not manage to express her rebellion against the humiliations she undergoes. One night, in the wood, she meets Arsene. Arsene is the poacher of the village. He thinks he has just killed Mathieu, the rural policeman. He tries to use Mouchette to build an alibi.


The Face of Nadine Nortier, 11 March 2005 Author: marcosaguado from Los Angeles, USA Just like I remembered. The face of Nadine Nortier has not changed. The unbelievable "Mouchette" in this unforgettable Robert Bresson masterpiece. I hadn't seen the film since I was a teen ager. I saw it again last night and as if by magic it felt more contemporary today than it did then and then, let me tell you, it felt pretty real in its own rigorous lyrical style. What a shockingly wonderful effect a film like this could have on teen agers today. To stay with a character who takes us with nothing more than her naked truth through a landscape of absolute desolation. Her innocence intact, in spite of the outrage. Her ultimate act as breathtaking as anything we have ever seen on the screen, before or since. I tried to show the film to a group of twentysomethings, all of them walked away within the first fifteen minutes. All except one, a boy of 21, he had escaped Bosnia with his brother a few short years ago. As the film ended I looked at him. He was silent. He spoke without looking at me "can I see it again?" That's at the center of the experience that provides this film. "Mouchette" is meant for everyone, but it'll touch only some.