Kinsey (2004)

Let's talk about sex.

Original Title : Kinsey
Director : Bill Condon
Writer : Bill Condon
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Francis Ford Coppola , Kirk D'Amico , Valerie Dean , Richard Guay , Michael Kuhn , Gail Mutrux , Bobby Rock , Adam Shulman
Music : Carter Burwell
Photography : Frederick Elmes
MPAA Rating : Rated R for pervasive sexual content, including some graphic images and descriptions.
IMDB ID : 0362269
Official site :
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Kinsey (2004) - Bill Condon


┬Liam Neeson Alfred Kinsey
┬Laura Linney Clara McMillen
┬Chris O'Donnell Wardell Pomeroy
┬Peter Sarsgaard Clyde Martin
┬Timothy Hutton Paul Gebhard
┬John Lithgow Alfred Seguine Kinsey
┬Tim Curry Thurman Rice
┬Oliver Platt Herman Wells
┬Dylan Baker Alan Gregg
┬Julianne Nicholson Alice Martin
┬William Sadler Kenneth Braun
┬John McMartin Huntington Hartford
┬Veronica Cartwright Sara Kinsey
┬Kathleen Chalfant Barbara Merkle
┬Heather Goldenhersh Martha Pomeroy
┬Dagmara Dominczyk Agnes Gebhard
┬Harley Cross Young Man in Gay Bar
┬Susan Blommaert Staff Secretary
┬Benjamin Walker Kinsey at 19
┬Matthew Fahey Kinsey at 14
┬Will Denton Kinsey at 10
┬John Krasinski Ben
┬Arden Myrin Emily
┬Romulus Linney Rep B. Carroll Reece
┬Katharine Houghton Mrs. Spaulding
┬David Harbour Robert Kinsey
┬Judith J.K. Polson Mildred Kinsey
┬Leigh Spofford Anne Kinsey
┬Jenna Gavigan Joan Kinsey
┬Luke MacFarlane Bruce Kinsey (as Thomas Luke MacFarlane
┬Mike Thurstlic Kenneth Hand
┬Jarlath Conroy Grocer
┬Bill Buell Dr. Thomas Lattimore
┬Michelle Federer Gall Wasp Class Coed (as Michele Federer
┬Alvin Keith Black Student
┬Amy Wilson Marriage Class Coed
┬Maryellen Owens Female Assistant Professor
┬Roderick Hill Clerical Worker
┬Peg Small Retired Teacher
┬Don Sparks Middle-aged Businessman
┬Joe Zaloom Janitor
┬Kate Reinders Female Student
┬Mara Hobel Female Student
┬Lindsay Schmidt Female Student
┬Jason Patrick Sands Male Student
┬Marcel Simoneau Male Student
┬Bobby Steggert Male Student
┬Johnny Pruitt Male Student
┬John Epperson Effete Man in Gay Bar
┬Jefferson Mays Effete Man's Friend
┬Mark Mineart Slavic Man
┬Martin Murphy Bartender
┬Kate Jennings Grant Marjorie Hartford
┬Barry Del Sherman IU Reporter
┬Fred Burrell IU Reporter
┬Michael Arkin NYC Reporter
┬Dan Ziskie NYC Reporter
┬Tuck Milligan NYC Reporter
┬Edwin McDonough Mr. Morrissey
┬John Ellison Conlee Bookstore Clerk
┬Arthur French Sharecropper
┬Chandler Williams Prison Inmate
┬Jaime Roman Tirelli Hispanic Man
┬Draper Shreeve Ballet Teacher
┬Philip Kushner Bellhop
┬Joseph Badalucco Jr. Radio Repairman (as Joe Badalucco
┬Henrietta Mantooth Poet
┬Doris Smith Old Woman
┬Reno Male Impersonator
┬Pascale Armand Young Black Woman
┬Sean Skelton Staff Photographer
┬Steven Edward Hart Reverend
┬Clifford David Professor Smithson
┬Randy Redd Student
┬Lynn Redgrave Final Interview Subject
┬Christy Lee Interview subject (uncredited
┬Martin Murphy Bartender (uncredited
┬Katherine O'Sullivan Woman leaving lecture (uncredited
┬Beth Ellen Patrick 40s Housewife (uncredited


Life story of Alfred Kinsey, a man driven to uncover the most private secrets of the nation, and a journey into the mystery of human behavior. In 1948 Kinsey irrevocably changed American culture and created a media sensation with his book "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male". Using the technique of his own famous sex interviews, story recounts the scientist's extraordinary journey from obscurity to global fame. Rebelling against the rigid piety of his home life, and drawn to the world of the senses, Kinsey becomes a Harvard-educated zoologist specializing in the study of gall wasps. After being hired to teach biology at Indiana University, Kinsey meets and marries a witty, freethinking female student, Clara McMillen. In the course of his teaching he discovers an astonishing dearth of scientific data on sexual behavior. When students seek him out for advice about sexual concerns and problems, he realizes that no one has done the clinical research that would yield reliable answers to their questions. Inspired to explore the emotionally charged subject of sex from a strictly scientific point of view, Kinsey recruits a team of researchers, including Clyde Martin, Wardell Pomeroy and Paul Gebhard. Over time they refine an interviewing technique, which helps people to break through shame, fear, and guilt and speak freely about their sexual histories. When Kinsey publishes his Male study in 1948, the press compares the impact to that of the atom bomb. But as the country enters the more paranoid Cold War era of the 1950s, Kinsey's follow-up study on women is seen as an attack on basic American values. The ensuing outrage and scorn causes Kinsey's benefactors to abandon him, just as his health begins to deteriorate. At the same time, the jealousies and acrimony caused by Kinsey's attempt to create a private sexual utopia threaten to tear apart the research team and expose them to unwelcome scrutiny.


Before Dr. Ruth and the others, there was Dr. Kinsey..., 28 November 2004 Author: jotix100 from New York Bill Condon, working with his own material has come out with a movie that serves to illustrate how the work of Dr. Kinsey awoke the American public to a better understanding of their sexuality in ways no one, up to that point, had ever dared to show. As he proved with his other film, "Gods and Monsters", Mr. Condon shows he doesn't mind tackling adult themes, so scarce in the present cinema. The film is documentary in style, as we are shown the life of Kinsey at different times of his life. He had an unhappy childhood. His father was a tyrant who never really showed love toward him. There are moments when the young Kinsey is shown as boy scout and there is an element of homosexuality that maybe, for fear, never came to the surface, but it's there, nonetheless. Dr. Kinsey's life takes a turn when he meets, Clara McMillen, who he calls "Mac". It's with her that he begins a life of discovery in the field of human sexuality that was taboo in American colleges and universities at the time. Albert Kinsey was the first one that spoke about the things that were never said in polite company, or in the classroom, up to that moment. His life was dedicated to understand what made human beings act the way they did, never being judgmental, but with a tremendous insight to interpret the data and present it in a comprehensible way. A puritanical American society reacted strongly against the findings of Dr. Kinsey. He was a man ahead of his times when he decided to gather information about the sex lives of Americans and to publish the results in a best selling book. As Dr. Kinsey, Liam Neeson, showing an uncanny resemblance to the man, himself, does a wonderful job. He shows a complicated character who was not easily understood by his associates and students. As "Mac", his wife, Laura Linney with a dark wig, gives an articulate performance of Mrs. Kinsey. Both actors are wonderful together, as they have already shown in the New York stage. Peter Sargaard, as Clyde, Dr. Kinsey's first assistant, shows he is an actor that will amaze from picture to picture. This actor has the ability to get under each of his character's skins to make them real, as is the case with his Clyde. Also, almost unrecognizable, Chris O'Donnell, who plays Wardell, one of the interviewers working with the doctor. Timothy Hutton is Gebhard, the other associate who was instrumental in gathering the information to help complete Dr. Kinsey's report. John Lithgow, as Kinsey Sr. has a fantastic moment with Mr. Neeson, as he agrees to be interviewed, revealing a horrible secret. It's a wonderful moment done with panache by both actors working under exceptional direction. There is a moment toward the end of the film where we see Lynn Redgrave speaking directly to the camera. It is one of the most effective moments in the film when this woman tells Dr. Kinsey about her life as a lesbian. Mr. Condon's film clarifies a lot about the genius of Kinsey and his contribution to society.
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Kinsey (2004) - Bill Condon