Darkening, The (Black Gate, The) (1995)

Original Title : The Darkening
Director : William Mesa
Writer : John G. Jones
Victoria Parker
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Michael Collins , Joshua Culp , Nick Davis , John G. Jones , Victoria Parker
Music : Robert Dolin
Photography : William Mesa
David Stump
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for demonic images and some sensuality.
IMDB ID : 0125060
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poster for "Darkening, The (Black Gate, The)" by William Mesa (1995)
Darkening, The (Black Gate, The) (1995) - William Mesa


¬Jeff Rector Scott Griffin
¬George Saunders Justin Reid (as George Phillip Saunders
¬Rebecca Kyler Downs Rebecca Lacey
¬Red Montgomery Katherine
¬Brian Carlton Richard Locke
¬Lyndis Durwin Maggie Stewart
¬Tom Gumper Mr. Gregory
¬Betty Bernt Mrs. Gregory
¬Eric Abrahamson Guest at Dinner Party (as Eric Abrahamson
¬David Culp Guest at Dinner Party
¬Penny A. Mesa Guest at Dinner Party (as Penny Mesa
¬Cynthia Hatfield Guest at Dinner Party
¬Nick Davis Guest at Dinner Party
¬Christina Wegler Elizabeth
¬Arthur Mesa Jamie


Not bad, 26 April 2005 Author: HEFILM from French Polynesia This film is finally coming out on DVD with awkwardly edited end credits to disguise how old it is. Despite its age no one has ever reviewed it or voted on it so it may have never really come out. (I'm writing this as of April 2005) A bed and breakfast is being haunted so the female owner has two guys come by to try to "de haunt" the place because no one will stay there. Jeff Rector is pretty good in the lead role of spiritualist one of his better performances. George Saunders is typically shallow. The special effects are a bit uneven in spots but hold up pretty well over all and are certainly a break for the twitching jump cutting approach to ghost stories currently in vogue. The transfer to video really dates the film more than any other elements other than maybe the music, but both of these elements lend a sort of vintage late night cable feel to the film that helps it. Maybe it's nothing great but it sure seems like a whole movie and is better than a recent groaner like Darkness. This is decent on all levels and worth a watch.