Son of the Mask (2005)

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Original Title : Son of the Mask
Director : Lawrence Guterman
Writer : Lance Khazei
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Kent Alterman , Toby Emmerich , Sean Gorman , Erica Huggins , Stephen Jones , Scott Kroopf , Beau Marks , Mike Richardson , Michele Weiss
Music : Randy Edelman
Bob Stein
John Van Tongeren
Photography : Greg Gardiner
MPAA Rating : Rated PG for action, crude and suggestive humor and language.
IMDB ID : 0362165
Official site :
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Son of the Mask (2005) - Lawrence Guterman


Jamie Kennedy Tim Avery
Alan Cumming Loki
Liam Falconer Alvey
Ryan Falconer Alvey
Traylor Howard Tonya Avery
Steven Wright Daniel Moss
Kal Penn Jorge
Ben Stein Dr. Neuman
Brett Pickup Museum Boy
Peter Callan Museum Redneck
Ashley Lyons Museum Security Guard
Wayne McDaniel Museum Person
Sandy Winton Chris
Rebecca Massey Clare
Tayzin Fahey-Leigh Chris & Clare's Child
Alyssa McClelland Dream Nurse
Ethan Coker Tour Kid
Ryan Johnson Chad
Victoria Thaine Sylvia
Bob Hoskins Odin
Duncan Young Mansion Doorman
Michelle Hopper Band Member/Female Dancer
Maya McLean Band Member/Female Dancer (as Maya McClean
Damon Herriman Animagine Employee
Raj Ryan Dr. Hamada
Emma Jackson Delivery Nurse
Jerry Minor Shopkeeper
Jeanette Cronin Housewife
Magda Szubanski Neighbor Betty
Peter Flett Mr. Kemperbee
Matt Passmore Network Executive
Tina Bursill Network Executive
Anthony Kierann Network Executive
Colin Borgonon New York Executive
Ling Hsueh Tang Animator (as Ling-Hsueh Tang
Simon Maiden Animator
Michael Denkha Animator
Dorian Nkono Animator
Bear Otis
Alberto Dominguez Party-Goer
Bill Farmer Mask Otis (voice
Richard Steven Horvitz Mask Otis (voice
Michael Kelly Doctor
Joyce Kurtz Baby Alvey (voice
Mona Marshall Baby Alvey (voice
Jaime Mears Halloween Party-Goer
Paul Pantano Halloween Party-Goer
Neil Ross Deep Alvey Voice (voice
Raul Gavin Little boy (uncredited
Craig Walker Plaza Trumpet Player (uncredited


This newest film in the "Mask" series focuses on aspiring cartoonist Tim Avery (Kennedy) who's feeling reluctant to become a father when he finds that he has to take care of a baby with amazing abilities.. somehow, the baby has the powers of the Mask of Loki, a mythological object that transforms its user into a manic shapeshifter alter-ego. As bad as a baby with godlike powers might seem, the 'really' bad news is that Loki (Cumming) wants his mask back... The sequel to the box office hit "The Mask" starring Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz. A cartoonist named Tim Avery (Kennedy) loves his dog, Otis, more than anything in the world. But when Tim and his wife (Howard) have a baby, Otis starts to feel left out. But then he finds an enchanted mask and plots to be rid of the baby once and for all, but is unsuccessful. But up in Valhalla, Odin (Hoskins) is infuriated at Loki (Cummings) for losing the mask and orders him to go get it...


Who green lighted this?, 12 February 2005 Author: Jason from Canada I can just picture how this movie came to be: "So how else can we screw up our careers?" "I know! Let's take a film that was wildly successful and make a sequel out of it! "Perfect! We'll get B-grade actors who have half the charisma and want only 10% of Carrey's original salary. We'll save millions and rake in a massive profit, never mind the fact nobody wants to see a second rate sequel with none of the original actors that made it popular in the first place! We as executives still honestly believe a movie was popular based on the name and story, not the actors who made it so in the first place!" "Brilliant! Let's put a massive budget and get the cheapest actors we can find!" And really, that's what Son Of The Mask can be described as. Just a simple B-grade movie that attempts to suck the life out of it's original classic. Nevertheless, if the movie didn't contain the words the mask, or anything to do with the mask, it would be a nice kids movie. For all it's massive flaws and horrible acting, this really will appeal to kids. It's a good natured flick that really wants to scream out "like me!" but only those 8 and younger will truly enjoy it. Jamie Kennedy is the only worthwhile mention in this movie. He clearly is trying to make the material work, playing the desperate dad but the script is so poor, the only thing that spews out that is worthwhile was my drink after seeing this. The character of Loki also deserves a mention, as he was the most enjoyable character and really one of the only reasons for older adults to see this film. It's too bad the character is wasted on this film, I would have really liked to have seen the character take on the true mask. Instead, we are reduced to fart jokes and toilet humor near the end. The plot is so much by the books, I won't bother to mention it here. It's all so clearly obvious that even a Disney exec would be green with envy. Save your money, this one is heading to DVD in three months from the looks of it. Shame on the studios for once again smearing a decent film with a horrible sequel. Didn't dumb and dumberer teach them anything?
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Son of the Mask (2005) - Lawrence Guterman
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Son of the Mask (2005) - Lawrence Guterman
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Son of the Mask (2005) - Lawrence Guterman