Vallée, La (Obscured by Clouds) (1972)

Original Title : Vallée, La
Director : Barbet Schroeder
Writer : Paul Gégauff
Barbet Schroeder
Genre : Action
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Mike Kaplan
Music : Pink Floyd
David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Roger Waters
Richard Wright
Photography : Néstor Almendros
IMDB ID : 0069451
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poster for "Vallée, La (Obscured by Clouds)" by Barbet Schroeder (1972)
Vallée, La (Obscured by Clouds) (1972) - Barbet Schroeder


Jérôme Beauvarlet Yann
Monique Giraudy Monique
Michael Gothard Olivier
Jean-Pierre Kalfon Gaetan
Valérie Lagrange Hermine
Bulle Ogier Viviane


A wealthy and bored yound woman runs an export shop in New Guinea. While purchasing exotic feathers to export, she decides to go along with an expedition to "The Valley: Obscured by Clouds" (it has never been mapped due to cloud cover nor visited). Along the way, she experiences 60s style communal living, mind expanding native substances, and exotic sex (all frequent components of Barbet Schroeder films) as well as sharing the tribal lifestyle of New Guinea aborigines.


Great Film and music by the Floyd., 5 February 2001 Author: nnad ( from Northampton, Ma The Valley is not for everyone's taste but is still worth a look. Sometimes looking like a cross between Jimi Hendrix's Rainbow Bridge and National Geographic, the Valley pretty much centers on the same themes of the former although it exhibits a much more lucid character development, not to mention poetic discourse. The film follows a group of hippies on an expedition for the `Valley obscured by Clouds.' Interwoven with the story is the relationship of the films two main characters ---- likewise, their infidelities and their hypocrisies. Although somewhat slow at moments (i.e., the group's interaction with a peaceful African tribe) the Valley primarily has a steady pace, however, this minor flaw is (!) obscured by the beautiful cinematography and scenery. I enjoyed a large percentage of this film (especially the incidental music composed by Pink Floyd) but the ending a bit abrupt, a quality that may upset some viewers wanting more. Nevertheless, the Valley is still a great film with a beautiful story and beautiful images. Note: about the music, if you're looking for another Pink Floyd album in this movie, forget it! As mentioned above, it's purely incidental and few of the Floyd's songs are in this film. Go buy the complete soundtrack in the stores.
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415 x 600
Vallée, La (Obscured by Clouds) (1972) - Barbet Schroeder
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300 x 424
Vallée, La (Obscured by Clouds) (1972) - Barbet Schroeder
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283 x 401
Vallée, La (Obscured by Clouds) (1972) - Barbet Schroeder
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1429 x 1077
Vallée, La (Obscured by Clouds) (1972) - Barbet Schroeder