Podium (2004)

Name: Bernard Frédéric. Job: Claude François

Original Title : Podium
Director : Yann Moix
Writer : Olivier Dazat
Yann Moix
Yann Moix
Arthur-Emmanuel Pierre
Genre : Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Olivier Delbosc , Marc Missonnier
Music : Jean-Claude Petit
Photography : Benoît Delhomme
IMDB ID : 0354836
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Podium (2004) - Yann Moix


Benoît Poelvoorde Bernard Frédéric
Jean-Paul Rouve Couscous
Julie Depardieu Véro
Marie Guillard Vanessa
Anne Marivin Anne
Odile Vuillemin Odile
Nadège Beausson-Diagne Nadège
Nicolas Jouxtel Sébastien
Olivier Mag Claude David
Evelyne Thomas Herself/Elle-même
Karine Lyachenko Jacqueline
Bruno Abraham-Kremer Monsieur Lombard
Dominique Besnehard Le psychologue
Armelle Laure
Thomas Derichebourg Le garçon restaurant à volonté
Jean-Luc Porraz Patron pizzeria
Alexandre Caumartin L'agent immobilier
Marion Aydalot Lunsky Secrétaire de Dandieu
Aurélie Boquien L'infirmière/hôtesse
Philippe Beautier Le client
Jérôme Bertin Le présentateur LCI
Cartouche Cheb François
Claude François Himself (archive footage
Mia Frye Une candidate Bernadette
Dany Héricourt Drug addict
Victor Loukianenko Le fan de Claude François (uncredited


Bernand Fréderic is a mediocre bank executive, married and with a son. He used to have antother profession: to be French star Claude Francois. Now, with the Imitators Gala Night coming up, he must choose between his wife or the only thing that makes him fully happy: the applause.


I haven't had this much fun for a while! Courtesy of the 8th French Cinema Tour, "Podium" just hit theaters in a festival-like run here, Oh! I got so lucky! It's such a funny comedy, one of the best I've seen coming out of La France, and one of the best of the year for sure. Benoit Poelvoorde is Belgium's national treasure for sure. He's performance is outstanding, he played Bernard Fréderic with such emotion, wit and realism that I'm gonna be real mad if he doesn't get a Best Actor nomination at the Cesars. The thing that is so great, is that his character is hateful and charismatic at the same time. He believes he's a star, so he starts acting like one: mean and rudely. He's a great singer and dancer too (maybe Kevin Spacey could borrow him some ideas). Great writing, solid direction, hot French chics (or according to Bernard, "sexual bombs") in a comedy that smartly explores the obsession for fame, celebrity and pop idols. You won't regret if you watch it. Believe, it is worth it. The tribute to French super star, Claude Francois is there, making the whole thing nostalgic. And one more thing... perhaps Americans should keep their hands out of it, and not starting to think about a remake. I suppose it will start its international commercial run in 2005, so where it's available, don't miss it!
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Podium (2004) - Yann Moix