Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous (2005)

Original Title : Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
Director : John Pasquin
Writer : Marc Lawrence
Katie Ford
Caryn Lucas
Marc Lawrence
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Bruce Berman , Sandra Bullock , Gesine Bullock-Prado , Scott Elias , Marc Lawrence , Mary McLaglen , Endrick Torres
Music : Christophe Beck
Randy Edelman
Steve Kipner
John Van Tongeren
Photography : Peter Menzies Jr.
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for sex-related humor.
IMDB ID : 0385307
Official site :
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Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous (2005) - John Pasquin


¬Sandra Bullock Gracie Hart
¬Regina King Sam Fuller
¬Enrique Murciano Jeff Foreman
¬William Shatner Stan Fields
¬Ernie Hudson McDonald
¬Heather Burns Cheryl
¬Diedrich Bader Joel
¬Treat Williams Collins
¬Abraham Benrubi Lou Steele
¬Nick Offerman Karl Steele
¬Eileen Brennan Carol Fields
¬Elisabeth R√∂hm Janet
¬Leslie Erin Grossman Pam (as Leslie Grossman
¬Lusia Strus Janine
¬Molly Gottlieb Priscilla
¬Susan Chuang Tobin
¬William O'Leary Jenkins
¬John DiResta Clonsky
¬Audrey Wasilewski Mother in Bank
¬Marjorie Lovett Bank Customer
¬Michelle Page Punk Girl in Bank
¬Faith Minton Housewife
¬Eve Gordon Housewife
¬Kim Morgan Greene Housewife
¬Rachel Iverson Rachel (McDonald's Assistant
¬Regis Philbin Himself
¬Joy Philbin Herself
¬Thomas McGoldrick Regis Show Propman
¬Esteban Cueto Big Man in Bar
¬Octavia Spencer Middle-Aged Woman
¬Patricia Andrest Davis Angela
¬Christopher Ford Jason
¬James DuMont Man in Bookstore
¬Sue Tripathy CNN Reporter (as Sue Tripathi
¬Brendan Patrick Connor Attendant
¬Affion Crockett Attendant
¬Brian Shortall Rob Okun
¬Vic Chao Hills
¬Benny Nieves Tracking Agent
¬Marcelo Tubert Roberto Fenice
¬Jayne Krashin Tourist Woman (Venetian
¬Rachel Smith Vegas Anchorwoman
¬Adam LeFevre Bartender
¬Stephen Tobolowsky Tom Abernathy
¬Audrey Berger Bar Patron
¬Richard DeDomenico Bar Patron
¬Ivanan Trnik Bar Patron
¬Dana Lorge Bar Patron
¬Cynthia Pepper Tourist Woman
¬Dolly Parton Herself
¬Mary Ann Price Dolly Parton's Assistant
¬Lloyd Kino Tourist Husband
¬Fusako Stevenson Housewife Tourist
¬Scott Noonan Venetian Singer
¬Tracy Elizabeth Blackwell Venetian Singer
¬Jeff Shelton Venetian Singer
¬Emilio Giandomenico Venetian Singer
¬Dori Kancher Woman in Crowd
¬Tim Clark Man in Crowd
¬Ida Flammenbaum Herself
¬Megan Cavanagh Shirley
¬Don Perry Buster Harrison
¬Kimble Jemison Reporter
¬Susan Leslie Reporter
¬Emy Coligado Gate Agent
¬Gregory Stenson Sniper
¬Don Mirault Griffin
¬Mark S. Llewellyn SWAT Team Leader
¬L. Sidney Agent Clark
¬Larry Edwards Patti LaBelle Impersonator/Tina Impersonator
¬Frank Marino Himself
¬Brad Grunberg Elizabeth Taylor Impersonator
¬Alan James Luzietti Liza Impersonator (as Alan Luzietti
¬Wendall Jackson Tina Impersonator
¬Boy Thomas Tina Impersonator
¬Lonnie Henderson Tina Impersonator
¬Bobby Newberry Tina Impersonator
¬Nancy Anderson Drag Club Dancer
¬Nicole De Lecia Drag Club Dancer (as Nicole Delecia
¬Alex Estornel Drag Club Dancer
¬Michele Martinez Drag Club Dancer
¬Jaayda McClanahan Drag Club Dancer
¬Ayesha Orange Drag Club Dancer
¬Tomasina Parrott Drag Club Dancer
¬Christian Vincent Drag Club Dancer
¬Todd Sherry Dolly Impersonator
¬Max Shippee Young Man
¬Jasmine Jonas Young Woman
¬Randy Sutton Treasure Island Pit Boss
¬John Bitley Treasure Island Dancer
¬Brian Kehoe Treasure Island Dancer
¬Russell S. Pernus Treasure Island Dancer
¬Sam Sadovia Treasure Island Dancer
¬Mitchell Tannis Treasure Island Dancer
¬Jason Toohey Treasure Island Dancer
¬Mark Weinhandl Treasure Island Dancer
¬Adam Austin Agent Austin
¬Cameron Milzer Reporter
¬Nate Bynum Reporter
¬Michael Kendall Reporter
¬Roxana Ortega Mrs. Gordon
¬Katie Finneran Head Bar Patron (uncredited
¬Christy Lee FBI Agent (uncredited
¬Vladimir Rajcic Cameraman (uncredited
¬Joel Schmidt FBI Jet Crew (uncredited
¬Rich Skidmore Agent in Suburban (uncredited
¬Becky Stockton Worried Banker (uncredited


After Cheryl Frasier and Stan Fields are kidnapped, Gracie goes undercover in Las Vegas to find them.


After thwarting an assassination attempt at a beauty pageant, F.B.I. agent Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) is having trouble keeping herself useful in undercover situations due to her newfound fame. Chosen to represent the F.B.I. on the publicity circuit, Gracie and her new butch partner, Sam (Regina King, setting her career back 10 years), fly to Las Vegas for an appearance. Once there, a kidnap plot involving a beauty queen (Heather Burns) and a television personality (William Shatner, trying hard) reveals itself, forcing Gracie back into action when the local bureau (led by Treat Williams) can't seem to find any clues. Sometimes, Sandra Bullock makes it really hard to enjoy her career. 2000's "Miss Congeniality" gave Bullock the kind of box office any actor would kill for, but it was a tremendously lazy film, propped up on lame jokes, shrill performances, and centered around watching Bullock nauseatingly try to be funny. It should come as no surprise that "Congeniality 2" is simply a larger helping of the same formula, yet this time the production knows it has is gold in some audience member's eyes, so they layer the poison on thicker, and with less care. This sequel is dreadful in just about every way imaginable, its main focus is to routinely prove a nagging, egotistical point: Sandra Bullock finds herself hilarious. Who am I to argue with audience approval? Yet, to see Bullock go from fine lightly comic/dramatic fare in "Hope Floats" and "Forces of Nature," to crud in the two "Congeniality" films is demoralizing. Here, her idea of a joke is to either snort while laughing (a gag the film goes to five times for effect), act "ugly," or excruciatingly improv at the end of every single line. Bullock doesn't have the chops to be so bravely comedic, and her performance is like watching amateur hour at the local hotel's comedy rumpus room. "Congeniality 2" piles on the hurt further with a sequence that finds Gracie dressed up in old age make-up to investigate a retirement home. Her portrayal of a Jewish grandmother ("Praise Moses!" being her catchphrase) is up there with a mediocre high school talent show, albeit one armed with 80 million dollars to propagate its brand of awfulness. Bullock isn't bringing anything innovative to the material for the sequel, so if you've seen the first "Congeniality," you've already seen the sequel, and potentially the third film too. Bullock doesn't do herself any favors by bringing director John Pasquin into the fold. The former Tim Allen lackey ("Jungle 2 Jungle," "The Santa Clause," and the brutal "Joe Somebody") gives "Congeniality 2" a smooth sitcom sheen he's perfected over the years. His comic timing is deadly, and his acceptance of the malarkey that screenwriter Marc Lawrence (his 4th Bullock feature) is pimping here is astonishing. Eventually, the picture turns into a comic farce that has Gracie and Sam dressing up as drag queens, performing (though the moment calls simply for miming) "Proud Mary" in a nightclub, and fighting the bad guys in the middle of a suspiciously security-free casino. If that wasn't enough, Pasquin and Lawrence have the nerve to try and put an artificial message of "just be yourself" in the middle of this nonsense, which ends up giving the film an extended second ending that nobody asked for. "Miss Congeniality 2" is a sour, tedious, unfunny joke for 115 minutes. It may be armed, but it most certainly isn't fabulous. ------ 1/10
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Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous (2005) - John Pasquin
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Miss Congeniality 2 - Armed and Fabulous (2005) - John Pasquin