Mr & Mrs Smith (2005)

Original Title : Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Director : Doug Liman
Writer : Simon Kinberg
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Varina Bleil , Erik Feig , Lucas Foster , Akiva Goldsman , Eric McLeod , Arnon Milchan , Patrick Wachsberger , Kim H. Winther
Music : John Powell
Photography : Bojan Bazelli
Distributor : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp.
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence, intense action, sexual content and brief strong language.
IMDB ID : 0356910
Official site :
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Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) - Doug Liman


Brad Pitt John Smith
Angelina Jolie Jane Smith
Vince Vaughn Eddie
Adam Brody Benjamin Diaz
Kerry Washington Jasmine
Keith David Father
Chris Weitz Martin Coleman
Rachael Huntley Suzy Coleman
Michelle Monaghan Gwen
Stephanie March Julie - Associate
Jennifer Morrison Jade - Associate
Theresa Barrera Janet - Associate
Perrey Reeves Jessie - Associate
Jerry T. Adams Guard - Bull
Melanie Tolbert Jamie - Associate
Elijah Alexander Marco Racin
Hans F. Alexander Louis
Lauryn Alvarez Coleman Kid
Burke Armstrong Restaurant Patron
Ron Bottitta P.J. - Dive Bar Patron
Miguel Caballero Bellboy - Bogota
Victor A. Chapa American Hotel Manager
Maree Cheatham Father's Secretary
Laine Collins Eddie's Waitress
Noah Dahl Coleman Kid
Merrilee Dale Mom
Chris Daniels Mailman Assassin
Patrika Darbo 50's Woman
Jennifer DeMille Breakfast Diner Waitress
Keith Diorio Salsa Dancer
Patricia Donaldson Louise
Sabi Dorr Bodyguard
Greg Ellis Mickey - Dive Bar Patron
David Escobedo Americana Hotel Bartender
Kaela Freeman Neighborhood Girl
Megan Gallagher 40's Woman
Amy Hathaway Beauty
Jessica Hedden Hopskotch Girl
Katherine Herzer Hopskotch Girl
Nigel Hudson Boxing Sparring Partner
Ravil Issyanov Curtis - Dive Bar Patron
Stephanie Ittelson Party Guest (as Stephanie Ittleson
Mark Ivanir Patron - Dive Bar
Benton Jennings Maitre'd
Chris Jensen Restaurant Waiter
Christian Jensen Restaurant Waiter (as Chris Jensen
Simon Kinberg Investment Banker
Peter Lavin Leroy - Dive Bar Patron
Deren Leroy Doorman (as Deren LeRoy
Sean Mahon Lucky - Dive Bar Patron
Kevin Makely Hotel Doorman
Mike McCaul Hotel Doorman
Derek Medina Policia
Will Moore House Assassin
Joel Munoz Policia
Mark Newsom Guard
Jordan Osher House Assassin
Edward Padilla Colombian Military Officer
Eugene C. Palmer Judge (as Eugene Palmer
Luis Racer Policia
Liz Ramos Salsa Dancer
Leonard Armond Robinson Watchguard (as Leonard Robinson
Felix A. Ruiz Vocalist
Sam Sabbah Bodyguard
Kim Schioldan Bartender - Dive Bar
Ty Sharp Towncar Driver
Jimmy Shubert Ancient Barker
Abigail Rose Solomon Mom
Ali Marsh Mom
Kim H. Winther Mr. Smith's Father
Michael Winther Investment Banker
Michael-John Wolfe Bartender - Coleman House
Jeff Yagher 40's Man
Bryan Anthony Dancer
Douglas Caldwell Dancer
R.J. Durell Dancer
Melissa Hurley Dancer
Jacqui Landrum Dancer
Carol Mack Dancer
Michael Morris Dancer
Gloria Rodriguez Dancer
Luis Vasquez Dancer
John Woodruff Dancer
Jacqueline Bisset (scenes deleted
Richie Ornelas Policia
Terence Stamp (scenes deleted
Linda Kathleen Taylor Dancer
Anne Vardanian Dancer
Ara Vardanian Dancer
Hannah Von Kanel Hopskotch Girl
Angela Bassett Mr. Smith's boss (voice
Earl H. Bullock 50's Man (uncredited
William Fichtner Marriage Counselor (voice
Heather Petrone BB Gun Shooter (uncredited


John and Jane Smith are a couple who have been married for 6 years and things appear to be normal. But it appears that things are changing--they are seeing a marriage counselor. And what neither of them know is that they are professional assassins. However, they are both assigned by their employers to kill the same person. When they each try to take out the target, they get in each other's way and blow the job. Now they are told to go after the person who made them miss the target. And when they learn about each other, they try to take each other out.


I saw an advance screening of this movie tonight, and I must say it faexceeded my expectations! Of course, due to the stars involved I knew there'd be sex appeal. And due to the advertising I knew there'd be plenty of stuff "gettin' blowed up real good." But what I wasn't expecting was the tongue in cheek jokes, dark humor, and respectable plot twist! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will only fuel rumors of their relationship with their performances - their chemistry on screen is scintillating, to say the least. The allure of each actor as an individual is undeniable, but when they're together, whether getting busy or getting pummeled, the screen fairly sizzles. It's a popcorn, Hollywood movie, of course, and you'll have to get past the fact that the two leads are the only two among many professional killers who seem to be decent shots! But the action is kickin, the acting well above par, the leads luminous, the plot is lots of fun, and the laughs are plenty. Enjoy! I sure did...
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680 x 962
Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) - Doug Liman
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680 x 962
Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) - Doug Liman
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1280 x 1024
Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) - Doug Liman
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422 x 655
Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) - Doug Liman
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402 x 640
Mr & Mrs Smith (2005) - Doug Liman