Banlieue 13 (2004)

Bienvenue en Enfer

Original Title : Banlieue 13
Director : Pierre Morel
Writer : Luc Besson
Bibi Naceri
Genre : Sci-Fi
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Luc Besson , Bernard Grenet
Music : Da Octopuss
Photography : Manuel Teran
Distributor : EuropaCorp. Distribution
IMDB ID : 0414852
Official site :
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Banlieue 13 (2004) - Pierre Morel


¬Cyril Raffaelli Damien
¬David Belle Le√Įto
¬Tony D'Amario K2
¬Bibi Naceri Taha
¬Dany Verissimo Lola
¬Fran√ois Chattot Kr√ľger
¬Nicolas Woirion Corsini
¬Patrick Olivier Le colonel
¬Samir Guesmi Jamel
¬J√©r√īme Gadner K2 boy 1
¬Tarik Boucekhine Yoyo (para 1
¬Gr√©gory Jean Para 2
¬Warren Zavatta Para 3
¬Dominique Dorol Cerb√®re Taha
¬Ludovic Berthillot Le gros mercenaire
¬Azad Tarik
¬Turan Bagci Gorille entr√©e Marronniers
¬Gilles Gambino Garde 1
¬Chamsi Charlesia Garde 2
¬Nicolas Wan Park Le Chinois
¬Alain Rimoux Le commissaire
¬Marc Andr√©oni Carlos
¬Roberto Gil Pedro
¬Patrick M√©dioni Le caissier
¬Bernard Grenet M. Keijman
¬Lyes Salem Samy
¬Christophe Maratier Le chef des SWAT
¬Philippe Soutan Le conducteur du fourgon
¬Michel Estrade Maton 1
¬Jean-Marc Bellu Maton 2
¬Jean Gab'1 Nico
¬Louis-Philippe Manuel Poursuivant 2
¬Olivier Lobe Poursuivant 1
¬Jeffrey Zade Rudom Le y√©ti
¬J√©r√īme Paquatte Garde y√©ti
¬Arnaud Klein Policier/Policeman (uncredited


Paris 2013. An isolation wall surrounds the suburban ghettos. No rights, no rules, no laws. Gangs are absolute masters. Damien is an elite police officer inside an intervention special unit. Expert in martial art, he is a master of undercover jobs that he completes with swift sugical, and often noisy, actions. But this time he must undertake the most extreme mission in his career : a weapon of mass destruction has been stolen by the biggest gang in Banlieu 13. Damien has to infiltrate the place to deactivate and get the bomb back. His only ally is Leito, whose sister has been kidnapped by the gang and who wants to save her. Leito is the only one knowing the ghetto in it's most minute details. But the story is not so simple. Who works for whom ? Who's the pupeteer and who are the puppets ? And above all, who realy profits from the bomb ?


People people people...anyone expecting Citizen Kane out of this movie needs to have their head examined. BUT...if you were looking for a thrilling, fast paced roller-coaster, that's what you will find. For the past year, I have been seeking out alternatives to American cinema because it has become so formulaic and awful. I troll IMDb and eBay to see what else is happening in the world. Sure, B13 is derivative, but it is certainly more exciting than another "re-imagining" of a 70s cop show. The opening sequence took my breath away. I was half-way through the film before I felt it was sage to dart to the kitchen for a drink. I said to my wife "THIS is the movie I've been searching for." Even the subtitles were good. The verbiage and spelling were very authentic and slang-conversational. It did not feel forced as many foreign films do. It was definitely subbed with the British market in mind, as some of the banter evoked thoughts of Lock, Stock or Layer Cake or Football Factory. If I want a truly compelling story, I'll look elsewhere, but check out B13 for the some great fight scenes, excellent scenery and mind-blowing athleticism.
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873 x 1190
Banlieue 13 (2004) - Pierre Morel
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1200 x 908
Banlieue 13 (2004) - Pierre Morel