War Of The Worlds (2005)

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Original Title : War of the Worlds
Director : Steven Spielberg
Writer : H.G. Wells
Josh Friedman
David Koepp
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Kathleen Kennedy , Paula Wagner , Colin Wilson
Music : Richard M. Sherman
Robert B. Sherman
John Williams
Photography : Janusz Kaminski
Distributor : Bontonfilm
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for frightening sequences of sci-fi violence and disturbing images.
IMDB ID : 0407304
Official site :
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War Of The Worlds (2005) - Steven Spielberg


Tom Cruise Ray Ferrier
Dakota Fanning Rachel
Justin Chatwin Robbie
Miranda Otto Mary Ann
Tim Robbins Harlan Ogilvy
Rick Gonzalez Vincent
Yul Vazquez Julio
Lenny Venito Manny the Mechanic
Lisa Ann Walter Bartender
Ann Robinson Grandmother
Gene Barry Grandfather
David Alan Basche Tim
Roz Abrams Herself
Michael Brownlee TV Reporter, Osaka
Camillia Sanes News Producer
Marlon Young News Cameraman
John Eddins News Van Driver
Peter Gerety Hatch Boss/Load Manager
David Harbour Dock Worker
Miguel Antonio Ferrer Brazilian Neighbor
January LaVoy Brazilian Neighbor's Wife
Stephen Gevedon Neighbor with Lawnmower
Julie White Woman
Marianne Ebert Hysterical Woman
Rafael Sardina Mechanic's Assistant
Amy Ryan Neighbor with Toddler
Ed Vassallo Intersection Guy
Michael Arthur Intersection Guy
Danny Hoch Intersection Guy Cop
Sharrieff Pugh Man Studying Street
Erika LaVonn Photographer
Christopher Evan Welch Photographer
John Michael Bolger Man Holding Woman
Omar Jermaine Man Holding Woman
Robert Cicchini Guy in Suit
Jim Hanna Bus Driver
Tracy Howe Crowd Onlooker
Adam Lazarre-White Crowd Onlooker
Vito D'Ambrosio Crowd Onlooker
Laura Zoe Quist Crowd Onlooker
Ana Maria Quintana Crowd Onlooker
Lorelei Llee Crowd Onlooker
Mark Manley Ferry Worker
John Scurti Ferry Captain
Becky Ann Baker Disaster Relief Volunteer
Mariann Mayberry Mother
Ty Simpkins 3 Year Old Boy
Jerry Walsh Smart Guy
Tommy Guiffre National Guardsman
Daniel Franzese National Guardsman
Ed Schiff Older Man
Ellen Barry Woman from Upstate
Amy Hohn Panicky Woman
Dan Ziskie Informative Guy (as Daniel Ziskie
David Conley Ill-Informed Guy
Daniel Eric Gold Conspiracy Buff
Booker T. Washington Conspiracy Debunker
Maggie Lacey Upset Mother
Eric Zuckerman Doomsday Guy
Daniel A. Jacobs Younger Man
Asha R. Nanavati Woman in Crowd
Joaquin Perez-Campbell Young Soldier in Tank
Dendrie Taylor Well Meaning Mother
James DuMont Well-Meaning Father
Travis Aaron Wade War of the Worlds Soldier
Benny Ciaramello War of the Worlds Soldier
Ricky Luna War of the Worlds Soldier
Columbus Short War of the Worlds Soldier
Kent Faulcon War of the Worlds Soldier
Kevin Collins Marine Major
Terry Thomas Marine Major
Clay Bringhurst Airforce Pilot
Jorge Pallo Army Private (as Jorge-Luis Pallo
Suanne Spoke Businesswoman
Kirsten Nelson Businesswoman
Melody Garrett Older Woman
Lauri Johnson Older Woman
Takayo Fischer Older Woman
Shanna Collins Teenager
Elizabeth Jayne Hong Teenager
Art Chudabala Man in Basket
Jeffrey Hutchinson Man in Basket
Dempsey Pappion Man in Basket
Chris Todd Man in Basket
Johnny Kastl Boston Soldier
Juan Carlos Hernandez Boston Soldier
Bruce W. Derdoski Jr. Boston Soldier
John N. Morales Boston Soldier
Morgan Freeman Narrator (voice
Amir Allak Survivor (uncredited
Michalina Almindo Refugee (uncredited
Cass Asher Soldier (uncredited
Verton R. Banks Survivor (uncredited
Claudia Barroso Portuguese Woman (uncredited
Gerald Blakey Refugee (uncredited
David Blanc Chef (uncredited
Shon Blotzer Student (uncredited
Paul Bunnell Boston Survivor (uncredited
David Campbell Boston Survivor (uncredited
Nobel Chen Cyclist (uncredited
Stellarina Croxon Survivor - Mother with Boy (uncredited
Robert DaGasta Survivor (uncredited
Ambi Daniel Refugee (uncredited
Crystal Dawne Starving girl in diner (uncredited
Joseph DeBona Newark Deliveryman (uncredited
Matt DeWinkeleer Refugee with Cart (uncredited
Aaron Dewitt Soldier (uncredited
Jane Di Nicola Red Cross Worker (uncredited
Sherman T. Edwards Jr. Lexington Survivor (uncredited
Robert Feeley Survivor (uncredited
Pamela Fischer Neighbor (uncredited
Charles 'Chaz' Galuski Ferry Boat Refugee (uncredited
David Gere Survivor (uncredited
Jennifer Glasgow Survivor (uncredited
John Thompson Hopkins Survivor (uncredited
Priscilla Hopkins Survivor (uncredited
Dalon Huntington Survivor (uncredited
Angie Jaree Singer (uncredited
Freddie Johnson Boston Survivor (uncredited
Ingrid Johnson Neighborhood mom (uncredited
Janis Jones Boston survivor (uncredited
Kevin Kenny Wounded Ferry Victim (uncredited
Vladislav Kozlov Survivor (uncredited
Christy Lee Refugee (uncredited
Christopher Lumpiesz Soldier (uncredited
Riley G. Matthews Jr. Newark Cop (uncredited
Kat Murello Survivor (uncredited
Emily Nilsen Survivor (uncredited
Robert O'Connor Homeless Patron (uncredited
Rose Pasquale Boston Survivor (uncredited
Rick Pisarro Swarthy Longshoremen (uncredited
Rachelle Roderick Alien Escapee (uncredited
Cory Rodriguez Army Soldier (uncredited
Robert Bowen Smith Survivor in Red Jacket (uncredited
Ian Snell Civilian in Farm (uncredited
Channing Tatum Boy in church scene (uncredited
Mark Valinsky Townsman (uncredited
Michael Waldron Newark Cop (uncredited
Christopher Wiackley Refugee (uncredited
Kenneth Wright Soldier (uncredited
Dianne Zaremba Survivor (uncredited


Ray Ferrier is a working class man living in New Jersey. He's estranged from his family, his life isn't in order, and he's too caught up with himself. But the unthinkable and, ultimately, the unexpected happens to him in an extraordinary sense. His small town life is shaken violently by the arrival of destructive intruders: Aliens which have come en masse to destroy Earth. As they plow through the country in a wave of mass destruction and violence, Ray must come to the defense of his children. As the world must fend for itself by a new and very advanced enemy not of this world, it's inhabitants must save humanity from a far greater force that threatens to destroy it.


Meanders everywhere!, 30 June 2005 Author: jcv2 from Irving, TX Having never seen the original, my POV is going to be based on the movie itself, not its history. And my negative review is in no way tarnished by Cruise's strange behavior. Cruise and Jacko are probably brothers separated at birth but don't know it, but that's another issue. I'm not sure who's to blame for this movie. Perhaps Spielberg had too many yes-men around him (or yes-women, let's be inclusive here). Perhaps the original WOTW is a lot like this and Spielberg liked it so much, this was meant to be his tribute. Whatever. This one stinks. Tributes shouldn't stink. This movie had potential (and lotsa hype) but was practically ruined by the "I'm-a-bad-father" subplot that the movie kept diverting to all throughout the film. Spielberg poured on the syrup at these points and it really did make me roll my eyes after awhile. The scene on the hill where the brother, for reasons that were not at all explained, just -had- to see what was going on on the other side of the hill actually made me squirm. His line about "if you love me you'll let me go" was straight out of the cornfields. Awful. Dakota did a decent job but this certainly pales in comparison to other movies I've seen her in, like Man on Fire. As usual, Dakota and her brother play the smart-ass kids to the inept father. Never seen that before, have we Steve? Turn on the TV and there's hundreds of shows with characters like that already on. Don't get me started on the basement scene. Completely unnecessary and went on WAY too long. The bit with the proboscis was just completely silly. Spielberg's version of horror/suspense I guess. One minute the aliens are out there tilling up the earth on a global scale with a horrific ferocity, the next minute they send this little wormy proboscis thing down into the basement to ever-so-gently poke around. Ooh, be careful, don't touch anything! Not to mention Farmer Ted thinking he's going to kill these things with a SHOTGUN of all things. Tim Robbins never could do scenes well with high levels of emotion, and he does it again here. Anytime he has to show intense emotion, the corners of his mouth curl down in a frown and that's as far as it goes. Like clockwork. When the ship starts to come out of the ground, and even after it has come completely out of the ground, the people around it largely stay in the same spot and are STANDING THERE STARING AT IT. A three-legged behemoth... just came out of the ground from nowhere... 200+ feet tall with arms for days... and these geniuses are standing around waiting to see what it will do next? Only when it starts putting the smack down on everyone do they seem to give up any hope that it's E.T. and start to run away. Did they expect some sort of welcoming party instead? The idea that thousands of those things, as huge as they are, could lie dormant under the ground without being detected. To accept that you would have to perform far more than suspension of disbelief and go straight for the alternate universe explanation. Pure laziness if you ask me, like Spielberg didn't give a damn about providing a plausible background for these creatures. Lots and lots of little events that dead-end into nowhere. The friends who miss the boat. Who are they? Why should we care that they didn't make it? The reporters who are scrounging around for scraps of food as though they haven't eaten in weeks when the aliens just showed up LESS THAN A DAY AGO. We care that her sidekick is deaf why? The airplane. Why is it such a huge deal that one has crashed? Their minivan must have a protective shield of its own because the neighborhood-razing plane didn't put a scratch on their getaway car. Oh look! There's a neat little path for them to drive the minivan out of this mess. For a bunch of alien invaders, talk about poor planning.... They sent waves of tripods to select locations and no ships to other locations, thereby offering people a place to run away to. And if they've "been watching us" for so long, wouldn't they have figured out beforehand that there are things on our planet that will kill them? Apparently not. They're smart enough to build these monstrous craft but not smart enough to build leak-free suits (or any suits for that matter) in case there's some icky bugs that might kill them? Brilliant! Ah anyway, I'd like my money back please. What a stinker! Spielberg blew it with this one by once again making the meat and potatoes of the film take a back seat to some sort of dysfunctional family crisis resolution. If Cruise had been the only main character, if his character had been more of a hero-type, if they'd thrown out the whole family bit, this would've been a lot better. But they didn't. Did Steve just give up on this movie at one point and say to hell with it, this movie's too far gone to achieve redemption? It certainly looks that way. This film doesn't even look like a finished product. This looks like a whole bunch of plots thrown together before a good editor comes along and puts together a cohesive film.
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