Man of the House (2005)

Protecting witnesses is a challenge. Living with them is impossible.

Original Title : Man of the House
Director : Stephen Herek
Writer : John J. McLaughlin
Scott Lobdell
Robert Ramsey
Matthew Stone
John J. McLaughlin
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Derek Dauchy , Marty P. Ewing , Todd Garner , Tommy Lee Jones , Steven Reuther , Allyn Stewart , Jeffery Wetzel
Music : Tree Adams
David Newman
Photography : Peter Menzies Jr.
Distributor : Sony Pictures Entertainment
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for violence, sexual content, crude humor and a drug reference.
IMDB ID : 0331933
Official site :
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Man of the House (2005) - Stephen Herek


┬Tommy Lee Jones Roland Sharp
┬Cedric the Entertainer Percy Stevens
┬Christina Milian Anne
┬Paula Garc├ęs Teresa (as Paula Garces
┬Monica Keena Evie
┬Vanessa Ferlito Heather
┬Kelli Garner Barb
┬Anne Archer Professor Molly McCarthy
┬Brian Van Holt Eddie Zane
┬Shea Whigham Ranger Holt
┬Terry Parks Ranger Riggs
┬R. Lee Ermey Captain Nichols
┬Paget Brewster Binky
┬Shannon Marie Woodward Emma Sharp
┬Liz Vassey Maggie Swanson
┬Curtis Armstrong Morgan Ball
┬Tom Reynolds Jack Carter
┬Rick Perry Himself (as James Richard Perry
┬Turner Stephen Bruton John Cortland
┬Nar Williams Pizza Delivery Guy
┬Mark Hanson Jimmy
┬Lucien Douglas Cortland's Attorney
┬Bo Kane Courthouse Reporter
┬Ash Christian Razorback Mascot
┬Phil Aboussie A/C Technician
┬Robert Southwell Campus Guy
┬Chase Ryan Jeffery Campus Guy (as Chase Jeffery
┬David Andrew Monahan Campus Guy
┬Christopher Dahlberg Local Stud
┬Brandon Johnson Stud's Friend
┬Jesse De Luna Warehouse Officer
┬Mark Turner Warehouse Officer
┬Luc Calhoun Clay
┬Jimmy Ortega Border Bus Driver
┬Timothy F. Crowley Referee (as Timothy Crowley
┬Jim Baker Football Coach
┬David Dunard Announcer
┬William Bryant II Organist
┬Carl F. Martin Choir Director
┬Alana Atkins Church Singer
┬Thomasina A. Atkins Church Singer
┬Lorenzo Johnson Church Singer
┬Denisha Millsap Church Singer
┬Elizabeth Millsap Church Singer
┬Vania Reneau Church Singer
┬James Burney II Choir Singer
┬Loren Davis Choir Singer
┬Deante Duckett Choir Singer
┬Whon Martin Choir Singer
┬Althea Mills Choir Singer
┬Chevonne Morris Choir Singer
┬Sheven Morris Choir Singer
┬Aminah Ofumbi Choir Singer
┬Loren Turner Choir Singer
┬Clarissa Watkins Choir Singer
┬Jack Cruz U.T. Stadium Security
┬Brandie McMinn Actress
┬Stephen Moffatt UT Football Fan
┬Rajiv Patel Student
┬Joseph T. Campos Student (uncredited
┬Ricky Cavazos Football Player (uncredited
┬Sean Corrigan U.T. Alumni (uncredited
┬Megan Evanich Student (uncredited
┬Joanna Gallagher Bar Patron (uncredited
┬Sammy Harte Campus girl (uncredited
┬Adam Medina UT Student (uncredited
┬Nicole Zepeda High School Student (uncredited


Texas Ranger Roland Sharp (Tommy Lee Jones) is assigned to protect the only witnesses to the murder of a key figure in the prosecution of a drug kingpin -- a group of University of Texas cheerleaders. Sharp must now go undercover as an assistant cheerleading coach and move in with the young women.


If You Liked Miss Congeniality, Then You Will Like This, Too., 1 March 2005 Author: BigHardcoreRed from Calimesa, California Man Of The House is about a Texas Ranger named Roland Sharp (Tommy Lee Jones) who is hunting down potential witnesses and leads to testify against a mob boss. While on the verge of capturing a potential lead, his partner is shot and he loses his witness. Everything is up in the air and no one knows which way to go when, luckily, five cheerleaders witness the execution of the man Sharp was trying to capture, who is named Morgan Ball (Curtis Armstrong - Who would have thought he would still be making movies long after his most successful stint as Booger has long been dead). After the girls decide to do the right thing, and tell the police, they are held in protective custody until they can capture the criminal who would surely be looking for them. They decide that Sharp will look after them personally and live in the same house as long as needed. This is where the comedy really begins. The movie is meant to be a comedy, and I think Tommy Lee Jones did an excellent job with it, as well as Cedric The Entertainer. The movie opens like a typical action movie and then goes with the comedy all the way until the end, when it reverts back to that one big action sequence to end it all. Jones and Cedric made the movie as good as it was. The cheerleaders were simply eye candy, which is just fine by me. My favorite being Barb (Kelli Garner). Jones comes off a little too old when he refuses to let the girls run around the house in the usual skimpy teen attire we all see nowadays, but that is just to show his character. You still get to see plenty of the girls, which is probably as much an attraction as Jones and Cedric. This movie is a little hard to review for some reason but like I said in the title, if you liked the movie Miss Congeniality, then you will most likely enjoy this one, too. They are cut of the same cloth, so to speak. If you did not like Miss Congeniality, then you probably will not like this either. I guess that is the best way to put it. I enjoyed it for what it was. 7.5/10
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Man of the House (2005) - Stephen Herek