Baxter (1989)

Beware of the dog who thinks

Original Title : Baxter
Director : Jérôme Boivin
Writer : Jacques Audiard
Jérôme Boivin
Ken Greenhall
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Daniel Deschamps , Patrick Godeau , Ariel Zeitoun
Music : Marc Hillman
Patrick Roffé
Photography : Yves Angelo
Distributor : Backstreet Films
IMDB ID : 0094713
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Baxter (1989) - Jérôme Boivin


Lise Delamare Madame Deville
Jean Mercure Monsieur Cuzzo
Jacques Spiesser Michel Ferrer
Catherine Ferran Florence Morel
Jean-Paul Roussillon Joseph Barsky
Sabrina Leurquin Noelle
Daniel Rialet Jean
Evelyne Didi Marie Cuzzo
Rémy Carpentier Roger Morel
Jany Gastaldi Anne Ferrer
François Driancourt Charles
Ève Ziberlin Veronique
Malcom Scrannage Jean-Jean
Léa Gabriele Eva Braun
Maxime Leroux Baxter (voice


Her daughter Florence gives Mrs. Deville bull-terrier Baxter as a surprise present. Although she's afraid of him, she doesn't want to give him away because she feels lonely. But Baxter has his own ideas - he longs to be dominated, to be challenged - and so he isn't content with his boring life with the old lady. To get rid of her, he causes an accident. It works, and he's given to the neighbors, a young couple. He's happy... for a while. When they get a baby, he again takes action.


Bleak, bitter humor, 27 May 1999 Author: DFC-2 from United States A graphic depiction of cruelty and emotional detachment that may well depict elements of real life, but is not funny so much as it is unsettling. While there is no question that the director designed a powerful film, I missed the perspective or balance of emotional depth that is also a part of real life. The director's point of view seems as heartless and emotionally stunted as the characters he describes.
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Baxter (1989) - Jérôme Boivin
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Baxter (1989) - Jérôme Boivin