Assassination of Richard Nixon, The (2004)

The mad story of a true man.

Original Title : The Assassination of Richard Nixon
Director : Niels Mueller
Writer : Kevin Kennedy
Niels Mueller
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Music : Steven M. Stern
Photography : Emmanuel Lubezki
Distributor : Arn Productions LLC
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language and a scene of graphic violence. (also edited version)
IMDB ID : 0364961
Official site :
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Assassination of Richard Nixon, The (2004) - Niels Mueller


Sean Penn Samuel J. Bicke
Naomi Watts Marie Andersen Bicke
Don Cheadle Bonny Simmons
Jack Thompson Jack Jones
Brad William Henke Martin Jones (as Brad Henke
Nick Searcy Tom Ford
Michael Wincott Julius Bicke
Mykelti Williamson Harold Mann
April Grace Mae Simmons
Lily Knight Receptionist
Jared Dorrance Sammy Jr.
Jenna Milton Ellen
Mariah Massa Julie
Eileen Ryan Marie's Mother
Derek Greene Joey Simmons
Joe Marinelli Mel Samuels
Robert Kenneth Cooper Irate Driver
Tracy Middendorf Businesswoman (as Tracy Lynn Middendorf
Kenneth White Customer
Brett Rickaby Customer
James Morrison Reese Customer
Frank Brown Jr. Customer
James Carraway Customer (as James D. Carraway
Jay Jacobus Customer
J.C. MacKenzie Co-Pilot
Kathryn Howell Hostage
Denise Balthrop Cassidy Bank Teller
Gary L. Mack Security Man (as Gary Mack
Melissa Saltzman Boarding Agent
Salvador Allende Himself (archive footage
Pete Boughn Old Fisherman (uncredited
Brandon Brizendine Boy in Airport (uncredited
Sam Ervin Himself (archive footage
Tim Halpin Co-Pilot (uncredited
Janean Christine Mariani Cocktail Waitress (uncredited
Russell Means Himself (archive footage
Richard Nixon Himself (archive footage
Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Himself (archive footage
Augusto Pinochet Himself (archive footage
Tony Rocha Airport Security (uncredited
AnnieScott Rogers Jack's Wife (uncredited
John Patrick Shulak Busboy (uncredited
Teresa Anne Volgenau Travel Agent (uncredited
Sherrie La'Marr Wheeler Bar Patron (uncredited


Fact-based story about a disturbed office furniture salesman (Sean Penn) who in 1972 concocted a plot to kill then-President Nixon by hi-jacking a plane to fly over the White House to drop a gas bomb. At the start of the movie, the man is separated from his wife and stressed in his job where he is made the butt of jokes and is an under-performer. Attempts to get his father's old tire business resurrected with a black partner is rejected by the banks. When he is officially served with divorce papers, everything comes apart and Richard Nixon's broken promises comes to represent all the evils that have come down on him. A news story about a pilot that landed a helicopter on the White House lawn gives him the idea for his attack. Bolting onto a Baltimore plane, he attempts the hi-jacking.


Kudos to Mr. Mueller, 12 November 2004 Author: Milrav A visceral and elegiac film impressively crafted by first time director Niels Mueller and an equally perspicuous screenplay, a collaborative effort by Neils Mueller and Kevin Kennedy. Another unforgettable performance by Sean Penn, as Samuel Byck, and a flawless performance by Jack Thomson's, as Jack Jones, that is worthy of all movie awards. Samuel Byck (Sean Penn), an office furniture salesman during the Nixon era, found solace by chronicling his tribulations on tapes and eventually mailing them to Leonard Bernstein for compassion. The film, which was based on these tapes, re-examines the social plagues that forever haunt us - the socioeconomic and political quasi-religious dogmas that are inflicted upon us. At the end we realize that we are Sam Beck's 'Mr. Bernstein' left with the choice to redeem him or not. This is the best film I've seen so far this year.
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Assassination of Richard Nixon, The (2004) - Niels Mueller
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Assassination of Richard Nixon, The (2004) - Niels Mueller