Gegen Die Wand (Head-On) (2004)

Original Title : Gegen die Wand
Director : Fatih Akin
Writer : Fatih Akin
Genre : Drama
Country : Germany
Language : German - Turkish
Producer : Fatih Akin , Mehmet Kurtulus , Andreas Schreitmüller , Stefan Schubert , Ralph Schwingel , Andreas Thiel , Jeanette Würl
Music : Lisa Carbon
Marc Chung
Andrew Eldritch
Tim Friese-Greene
Martin Gore
Alexander Hacke
Mark Hollis
Alex Menck
Mona Mur
Maceo Parker
Daniel Puente Encina
Selim Sesler
Frank Ziegert
Photography : Rainer Klausmann
Distributor : Timebandits Films
MPAA Rating : Rated R for strong graphic sexuality, pervasive language, some brutal violence and drug content.
IMDB ID : 0347048
Official site :
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Gegen Die Wand (Head-On) (2004) - Fatih Akin


Birol Ünel Cahit Tomruk
Sibel Kekilli Sibel Güner
Catrin Striebeck Maren
Güven Kirac Seref (as Güven Kiraç
Meltem Cumbul Selma
Zarah McKenzie Barfrau in der Fabrik
Stefan Gebelhoff Nico
Francesco Fiannaca Mann am Tresen
Mona Mur Stammkundin Zoë Bar
Ralph Misske Patient 1 (Psychiatrie
Philipp Baltus Patient 2 (Psychiatrie
Hermann Lause Dr. Schiller
Karin Niwiger Kassiererin (Psychiatrie
Demir Gökgöl Yunus Güner (Vater
Cem Akin Yilmaz Güner (Bruder
Aysel Iscan Birsen Güner (Mutter
Orhan Güner Busfahrer
Herr Tekin Barbier
Andreas Thiel Standesbeamter
Adam Bousdoukos Barmann (Hochzeitsnacht
Monique Akin Kundin beim Friseur
Marco Greiser Abschlepper Disco
Senol Ugurlu Shane
Sileyman Kaplan Sly
Hatun Kazci Hatice
Canan Ata Canan
Nurcan Esmertürk Nurcan
Yilmaz Canan Türsteher 1
Alma Ouglu Sahin Türsteher 2
Cahit Aygüler Schläger
Reinhold Schulz Haftanstaltswärter
Mehmet Kurtulus Barmann Istanbul
Feridun Koc Osman 1
Tulga Serim Osman 2
Tugay Erverdi Osman 3
Selim Erdogan Taxifahrer
Tim Seyfi Bayerischer Taxifahrer
Misra Tomruk Pamuk (Tochter
Fatih Akin Nejo (scenes deleted
Dilsad Bozyigit Turkish singer (uncredited


Cahit is a German Turk at his late 30's. He has given up with his life after his beloved wife's death, and he's living a miserable life right in the core of cocaine and excessive drinking. One night, he semi-intentionally crashes into a wall, and barely survives. At the hospital he's taken to, he meets a girl, Sibel, another German Turk who's tried to commit suicide. She's sick and tired of her family's ultra-traditional issues, and asks Cahit to carry out a white marriage with her out of the blue, so that she can become a married woman and get rid of her family's revolting pressure. Cahit is turned off by the idea at first, but then he agrees to take part in this plan. As Sibel tells him straightaway that she's interested in absolute freedom involving other men and he agrees, they live as roommates with separate private lives for a while. Then things take a different turn, and they're no longer two indifferent roommates. But their love story won't be anywhere as simple as any other...


HEAD ON FACE THE WALL, 15 March 2004 Author: Siyami Aktan from Ankara, Turkey This is a touching drama of a love story grimly told, of two youngsters 2nd generation Turks living in Germany.The young Turkish woman,Sibel KEKILLI, who has been stuck in between the traditions, family pressure, freedom, desires and her weaknesses, she struggles to break free by running head on either by slitting her wrists or when she fails, by asking for marriage to a total stranger Birol UNEL,a punk,a drunkard,a loser, who reminded me of Willem Dafoe with his convincing avant-garde performance of a guy who's been living at the edge,lost in a filthy world of alcohol, drugs and violent sex.He comes across with Sibel at an hospital after his suicidal car crash into a wall.These two spiritually exhausted people, brought together by a twist of fate, who hardly knew their native language or homeland, start exploring new worlds in and around themselves head on.The theatrical play like presentation of the film with the traditional Turkish music played by musicians shot at the Boshorus Turkey at certain intervals of the films represents a constant reminder of the contrasts and contradictions of the two cultures or likely the west and the east.The rape scene of the young woman and the sudden shots of flashing lights reminds us the cinematography of the Director Gaspar Noé of his controversial movie Irréversible.HEAD ON is movie of Love,lust,passion as well as the clash of traditions and human virtues and weaknesses.Beautiful scores of Depeché Mode,Punk,oriental,Turkish pop and elegy tunes make the movie a feast for our ears as well as for eyes.A well deserved Golden Bear Award in the International Berlin Film Festival crowned the success of the young promising Turkish Director Fatih AKIN.
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Gegen Die Wand (Head-On) (2004) - Fatih Akin
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Gegen Die Wand (Head-On) (2004) - Fatih Akin