Inside Deep Throat (2005)

It was filmed in 6 days for 25 thousand dollars. The government didn't want you to see it. It was banned in 23 states. It has grossed over 600 million dollars. And it is the most profitable film in motion picture history.

Original Title : Inside Deep Throat
Director : Fenton Bailey
Randy Barbato
Writer : Fenton Bailey
Randy Barbato
Genre : Documentary
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Fenton Bailey , Randy Barbato , Mona Card , Brian Grazer , Ian Mallahan , Kim Roth , Ashley York , Ron Howard
Music : Daniele Luppi
David Benjamin Steinberg
Photography : David Kempner
Teodoro Maniaci
Distributor : Central Partnership
MPAA Rating : Rated NC-17 for explicit sexual content, Rated R for strong sexuality including graphic images, nudity and dialogue (edited version)
IMDB ID : 0418753
Official site :
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Inside Deep Throat (2005) - Fenton Bailey | Randy Barbato


┬Dennis Hopper Narrator (voice
┬Peter Bart Himself
┬Warren Beatty Himself (archive footage
┬Carl Bernstein Himself
┬Tony Bill Himself
┬Ralph Blumenthal Himself
┬Barbara Boreman Herself
┬Helen Gurley Brown Herself
┬Susan Brownmiller Herself
┬Lenny Camp Himself
┬Patsy Carroll Herself
┬Johnny Carson Himself (archive footage
┬Dick Cavett Himself
┬Wes Craven Himself
┬Gerard Damiano Himself
┬Alan M. Dershowitz Himself (as Alan Dershowitz
┬Larry Flynt Himself
┬Al Goldstein Himself
┬John Goreman Himself
┬Hugh M. Hefner Himself (as Hugh Hefner
┬Xaviera Hollander Herself
┬Bob Hope Himself (archive footage
┬Erica Jong Herself
┬Herb Kassner Himself
┬Charles Keating Himself
┬Bruce Kramer Himself
┬Linda Lovelace Herself (archive footage
┬Bill Maher Himself
┬Norman Mailer Himself
┬Peter Manouse Himself
┬Lindsay Marchiano Herself
┬Camille Paglia Herself
┬Larry Parrish Himself
┬William Purcell Himself
┬Harry Reems Himself
┬Ray Shipley Himself
┬Arthur Sommer Himself
┬Terry Sommer Himself
┬Georgina Spelvin Herself
┬Andrea True Herself
┬Gore Vidal Himself
┬John Waters Himself
┬Ron Wertheim Himself
┬Dr. Ruth Westheimer Herself
┬Linda Williams Herself
┬David Winters Himself
┬Erica Yong Herself
┬Jeff Conaway Kenickie (archive footage


More than 30 years after Deep Throat's provocative debut, this documentary examines the legacy that the most profitable film of all-time left on society.


The DVD that will give legitimacy to your porn library, 13 February 2005 Author: elcopy from United States "Inside Deep Throat" is one of the most entertaining documentaries I've ever seen. This film doesn't cover all the aspects you may want to see about the porn-film-turned-cultural- phenomenon, but it is fun to watch -a thing you can't say about most documentaries. The tone is light-hearted, which will make people squeamish about seeing a film related to porn less threatened. It is however, one of the few films I've seen well deserving of the NC-17 rating.The lessons to be learned from watching it are: The Christian Right is the American Taliban. The Republican Party spent too much taxpayer money and time deciding what you should and shouldn't see. Their silly "American values" platform has been around for decades. The silly obscenity laws are still around, though it'll be a big waste of taxpayer money to enforce them, as it was back then. The movie made so much money because it was banned and people were drawn to the controversy. The mafia was the biggest beneficiary, while most people involved in the film became victims of the movie's success.I read somewhere the late Linda Lovelace said she realized the feminist crusaders used her more than the porn industry did. You can see a bit of that in this movie. In archive footage, Lovelace is being interviewed, but a feminist next to her doesn't let Lovelace speak and answers all the questions for her. Poor Lovelace was used to push whatever agenda she could be used for. In one part you see her defending the porn industry and free speech, the next you see her as the ultimate anti-porn crusader, and at an old age you see her posing nude for Playboy, defending her change of mind.This will be a great DVD when it comes out. Many people won't agree with the points of view portrayed here, but we all can agree this is good storytelling.
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Inside Deep Throat (2005) - Fenton Bailey | Randy Barbato