Saint Ange (2004)

You're staying here alone? Are you sure?

Original Title : Saint Ange
Director : Pascal Laugier
Writer : Pascal Laugier
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Christophe Gans , Emmanuel Gateau , Richard Grandpierre , Stéphane Sperry
Music : Joseph LoDuca
Photography : Pablo Rosso
Distributor : ARP Sélection
MPAA Rating : Rated R for some nudity and disturbing images.
IMDB ID : 0367000
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poster for "Saint Ange" by Pascal Laugier (2004)
Saint Ange (2004) - Pascal Laugier


Virginie Ledoyen Anna Jurin
Lou Doillon Judith
Catriona MacColl Francard
Dorina Lazar Helenka
Virginie Darmon Mathilde
Jérôme Soufflet Daniel
Marie Henry Marie
Eric Prat Le responsable des services sociaux
Christophe Lemaire Un homme des services sociaux (uncredited


A young cleaning woman, Anna (Ledoyen), sent to spruce up the abandoned St. Ange orphanage in the remotes of the French Alps in 1960, discovers that only one orphan, Judith (Doillon), still lives there. As she sets about her scrubbing duties, Anna begins to experience some very strange things, like hearing the footsteps and voices of children down the long lonely hallways. Meanwhile, her coworker, Helenka (a cook), doesn't hear a thing, and begins to worry about Anna's state of mind...


What is this movie? Not scary, not entertaining but BAD and BORING!, 13 June 2005 Author: eltoreogran from Spain When I watch a movie, I like to be entertained. When I watch a horror movie, I like to be scared. With "Saint Ange" I got nothing, I only got bored and mad at myself for wasting my money and time! Every person in the theater with me was also very upset. I counted maybe five people walked out, and everybody whistled in disgust when the movie ended. I think they tried to ask for their money back. I stayed because I did not want to waste my money, but now I think I should have walked out too! What to say of the acting? Well there is no dialogue really, and the only dialogue that was there was very poor and stupid, even in translation. The actresses in this movie are usually good in other movies but they were very bad in this one, because of the terrible script, the silly dialogue and the awful director. I almost wished they were killed off in the beginning, so they would not have to go through the rest of this boring movie the way the audience was forced to.What to say of the story? Nada! It's a big zero! It tries to copy "The Others" ("Les Otros") by Amená,bar but this "Saint Ange" is just too awful it is not even worthy to compare it. With Amená,bar, you get a good story, good thrills, good acting, good movie. With this Laugieri, you get nothing but a silly, boring, bad movie with nothing memorable. It is full of clichés and predictability's.There is one scene where the director tries to scare you but it only makes you laugh. That is when you know you are watching a really bad movie: it is when you are not scared in the places you are supposed to be scared, and instead you laugh or whistle. I was not moved at all in this movie and neither will you.I give this movie zero stars because it is really the worst movie I have seen in a very long time.