After The Sunset (2004)

Who will walk away?

Original Title : After the Sunset
Director : Brett Ratner
Writer : Paul Zbyszewski
Paul Zbyszewski
Craig Rosenberg
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Kent Alterman , Toby Emmerich , Alissa Ferguson , Beau Flynn , James M. Freitag , Keith Goldberg , Patrick J. Palmer , Chris Pollack , Jay Stern , Tripp Vinson
Music : Lalo Schifrin
Photography : Duane Manwiller
Dante Spinotti
Peter Zuccarini
Distributor : New Line Cinema
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for sexuality, violence and language.
IMDB ID : 0367479
Official site :
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After The Sunset (2004) - Brett Ratner


¬Pierce Brosnan Max Burdett
¬Salma Hayek Lola Cirillo
¬Woody Harrelson Stan Lloyd
¬Don Cheadle Henri Moor√©
¬Naomie Harris Sophie
¬Chris Penn Rowdy Fan
¬Troy Garity Luc
¬Mykelti Williamson Agent Stafford
¬Obba Babatund√© Zacharias
¬Russell Hornsby Jean-Paul
¬Rex Linn Agent Kowalski
¬Robert Curtis-Brown Lakers FBI Agent (as Robert Curtis Brown
¬Mark Moses Lakers FBI Agent
¬Michael Bowen FBI Driver
¬Tony Ledard Referee
¬Karl Malone Himself
¬Shaquille O'Neal Himself
¬Gary Payton Himself
¬Andrew Fiscella Popcorn Victim
¬Gianni Russo Clippers Fan
¬Jeff Garlin Ron
¬Lisa Thornhill Gail
¬Kate Walsh Sheila
¬Tom McGowan Ed
¬Joel McKinnon Miller Wendell
¬Rachael Harris June
¬Shakara Ledard Masseuse
¬Audrey Quock Masseuse
¬David Reivers Bahamian Cop
¬Kamal Marayati Ship Entrance Security
¬Gillian Vigman Exhibit Guide
¬No√©mie Lenoir Moor√©'s Girl
¬Omahyra Moor√©'s Girl (as Omyhra Mota
¬Oluchi Onweagba Moor√©'s Girl
¬Alan Dale Security Chief
¬Kirk B.R. Woller Security Guard
¬Donald Miller Radio Voice (voice
¬LeShay N. Tomlinson Receptionist (as Leshay Tomlinson
¬Anthony Reynolds Evening Shift Guard
¬Paul Benedict Night Shift Guard
¬Ted Detwiler Bathroom Boy
¬Chad Gabriel Bathroom Boy
¬Keith Sweitzer Bathroom Boy
¬Rodney O'Neal McKnight Bathroom Boy
¬Frank Bruynbroek Ship's Steward
¬Dyan Cannon Herself at the Basketball Game (uncredited
¬Nicola Conlon Girl Climbing Stairs to Boat (uncredited
¬Jared Day Security Guard (uncredited
¬Jon Donahue Navigator Surveillance Room Guard (uncredited
¬John Michael Higgins Hotel Manager (uncredited
¬Phil Jackson Himself (uncredited
¬Paul Korda Museum Director (uncredited
¬Edward Norton Himself at the Basketball Game (uncredited


Two master thieves (Brosnan and Hayek) are finally retiring after one last succesful mission. Residing in their own tropical paradise, their old nemesis, FBI Agent Stan P. Lloyd shows up to make sure they really are retired. Docked in the port is a ocean liner called the "Diamond Cruise" and Stan is convinced that they're not really retired at all, and that this is the next set up. While Lola(Hayek) is busy settling into their new life and trying to find ways to keep busy, Max(Brosnan) is contemplating whether or not to steal the diamond. Now the question is, will he? Will Stan finally catch him after eight years of chasing him? Will Lola help Max steal it? And what of that shady character that has told Max he must steal the diamond for him?


actually entertaining, 4 March 2005 Author: cocoshell from Cali "After the sunset" is surely not a demanding film...and none of us expected to be one. Take Pierce Brosnan - a great showman and a guy with asense of humor, add sexy as she's ever been Salma Hayek, add Woody Harrelson in good form, top it off with decent screenplay that does not take itself too seriously or risk falling into pretentious or shallow territory and you have yourself a very entertaining little piece of movie-making. There's not much to discuss about After the sunset. It has a lot of funny moments, at times it's silly and implausible but you don't really have time to think about that. It's without doubt not the best movie Pierce, Salma or Woody have made, but it's far from the worst either. If you're looking for an hour and a half of casual entertainment with solid performances, script and directing go see'll feel pretty good after you do :)
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After The Sunset (2004) - Brett Ratner
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After The Sunset (2004) - Brett Ratner
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After The Sunset (2004) - Brett Ratner
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After The Sunset (2004) - Brett Ratner
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After The Sunset (2004) - Brett Ratner
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After The Sunset (2004) - Brett Ratner
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After The Sunset (2004) - Brett Ratner