Happy Endings (2005)

All's well that ends swell.

Original Title : Happy Endings
Director : Don Roos
Writer : Don Roos
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Bobby Cohen , Mike Elliott , Ali Forman , Jon Kuyper , Nicolas Meyer , Tom Ortenberg , Michael Paseornek , Marc E. Platt , Laura D. Smith , Mike Upton , Holly Wiersma
Photography : J. Clark Mathis
Distributor : Lions Gate Films Inc.
MPAA Rating : Rated R for sexual content, language and some drug use.
IMDB ID : 0361693
Official site :
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Happy Endings (2005) - Don Roos


Lisa Kudrow Miriam 'Mamie' Toll
Steve Coogan Charley Peppitone
Jesse Bradford Nicky Kunitz
Bobby Cannavale Javier Duran
Maggie Gyllenhaal Jude
Jason Ritter Otis McKee
Tom Arnold Frank McKee
David Sutcliffe Gilbert 'Gil' Palmer
Sarah Clarke Diane
Laura Dern Pam Ferris
Hallee Hirsh Mamie at 17
Eric Jungmann Charley at 16/Tom
Kim Morgan Greene Connie Toll Peppitone
Rayne Marcus Annette
Caker Folley Lauren Kasinger
Amanda Foreman Lane
Nicole Tocantins Tess
Mark Fite Tess's Drunk Husband
Soledad St. Hilaire Dignora
Ramon De Ocampo Alvin
A.J. Trauth Bill
Carole Androsky Naked Woman (as Carol Androsky
Tamara Davies Shauna Walters
Ashleigh Darkbloom Rain
Emma Hunton Becca
T.R. Hopper Chuck Peppitone
Rob Macie Steve the Lawyer
Lisa Hoyle Woman Driver
Joe Milton Musician
Joe Beyer Musician
Randy Landas Musician
Scott Sener Karaoke Guy
Rana McAnear Bar Patron
Johnny Galecki The guitarist (uncredited
Peter Horton The Urologist (uncredited


Mamie Toll (Lisa Kudrow) is an abortion clinic receptionist with a massage therapist lover, Javier (Bobby Cannavale), and a secret: when she was younger, she and her gay stepbrother, Charley Peppitone (Steve Coogan), had a child that she gave up for adoption. One day, Nicky Kunitz (Jesse Bradford), a sleazy filmmaker, shows up and plans to blackmail her with information on her child's whereabouts so that he can film the reunion and use it to get into the AFI. Charley now runs his family's restaurant with his lover, Gil (David Sutcliffe), and suspects that their lesbian friends, Pam (Laura Dern) and Diane (Sarah Clarke), lied about using Gil's sperm to create a child so that they wouldn't have to share him with them. Jude (Maggie Gyllenhaal) has been kicked out of her cousin's house and is now living with Otis (Jason Ritter), a closeted musician that lives with his widower father, Frank McKee (Tom Arnold), who has become infatuated with Jude. What Jude didn't count on was actually falling in love with Frank. In the end, will anyone have a happy ending?


Totally Delightful, 30 July 2005 Author: felixoscar from New York, USA Just what is it with the public, and even the more discerning critics? This makes three art house films in a row that have been even better than I expected: Heights, Mysterious Skin and now the contemporary multiple story-themed Happy Endings. While I never thought these would break the $ 50 million mark, come on, all are truly superior story telling. Like the other two, Happy Endinds is involving, well-written and cost what, less than one-tenth of what puerile nonsense like The Longest Yard and The Island demand? All three have gay characters, another link. All are modern stories. And all are brought to life by naturalistic, fine performances. Lisa Kudrow leads a sterling cast, with several name performers who seemed eager to appear even in smaller roles, Someone I hardly know, Jesse Bradford, appears in two of the three films, with talent far beyond what was exhibited in more commercial work. I could have watched another hour of this group of interlocking stories. As a fan of Altman's Short Cuts, there are indeed parallels here, but why would this "Endings" be considered so inferior? So prepared for talk, sit down and enjoy yourself, I sure as hell know that this one brought lots of pleasure to me.
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Happy Endings (2005) - Don Roos
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Happy Endings (2005) - Don Roos