Hitch (2005)

The cure for the common man.

Original Title : Hitch
Director : Andy Tennant
Writer : Kevin Bisch
Genre : Comedy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : James Lassiter , Wink Mordaunt , Will Smith , Michael Tadross , Teddy Zee
Music : Alan Elliott
George Fenton
Omarion Grandberry
Usher Raymond
Amerie Rogers
Pharrell Williams
Photography : Andrew Dunn
Distributor : Sony Pictures Entertainment
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for language and some strong sexual references.
IMDB ID : 0386588
Official site :
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Hitch (2005) - Andy Tennant


Will Smith Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens
Eva Mendes Sara
Kevin James Albert
Amber Valletta Allegra Cole
Julie Ann Emery Casey
Robinne Lee Cressida
Nathan Lee Graham Geoff
Adam Arkin Max
Michael Rapaport Ben
Jeffrey Donovan Vance
Paula Patton Mandy
Philip Bosco Mr. O'Brian
Kevin Sussman Neil
Navia Nguyen Mika
Matt Malloy Pete
Maria Thayer Lisa
Ato Essandoh Tanis
Marlyne Afflack Stephanie
Jack Hartnett Tom Reda
David Wike Chip
Frederick B. Owens Larry
Jenna Stern Louise
Adam LeFevre Speed Dating Guy
Joe Lo Truglio Personable Guy
Ptolemy Slocum Ron
Kahan James Guy Nearby
Matt Servitto Eddie
Amy Hohn Marla
Mimi Weddell Grandma Wellington (as Mimi 'Rogers' Weddell
Maulik Pancholy Raoul
Caprice Benedetti Gorgeous Wife
Tony Travis Nebishy Husband
Mercedes Renard Maria
Austin Lysy Magnus
Jose Llana Ross
Niels Koizumi Sous Chef
Chris Santos Cooking Teacher
Ryan Cross Charles Wellington
Tobias Truvillion Kurt
Jeffrey Carlson Egon
Henry Binje Zak
Rain Phoenix Kate
Remy K. Selma Newsguy (as Remy Selma
Beau Sia Duane Reade Clerk
Mika Nishida Waxer
Trevor Oswalt Messenger
Darrell Foster Bartender
Doug Aguirre Sports Fan in Mercedes Benz (uncredited
Michalina Almindo Club Girl (uncredited
Casper Andreas Sven (uncredited
Adam Bertocci Preppy College Student (uncredited
Andre Blair Hitch's friend (uncredited
Aneikit Bonnel Coca Cola Girl (uncredited
Jaclynn Tiffany Brown Bar Girl (uncredited
Keith Chambers Bartender
Vincent De Paul Amp Lounge Man (uncredited
Michelle DiBenedetti First date couple (uncredited
Scott Hatfield Albert's Wedding Guest (uncredited
Chris Hillin Night Club Patron (uncredited
Janet Huege Reporter (uncredited
Lou Irizarry Security Guard (uncredited
Rick Kain Party Goer (uncredited
Bill Kotsatos Paparazzi
Monika Krausz Bar Girl (uncredited
Alexa Lane Yoga student (uncredited
Rebecca Mader Kim (uncredited
Kat Murello Theater Goer (uncredited
Kevin Kean Murphy Member of the Board (uncredited
John O. Nelson Statistician (uncredited
Jennifer Pedersen Bar girl (uncredited
Trevor Richardson Groomsman (uncredited
Amro Salama Waiter (uncredited
Tim Tyrrell Speed Dater
Kyle Willshire Man exiting Madison Square Garden (uncredited
Dianne Zaremba Sara's Co-worker (uncredited


Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) is "The Date Doctor." He helps men to land dates. Sara (Eva Mendes) is a gossip columnist for a New York City tabloid. Both are very guarded around the opposite sex. Despite their natures, Alex and Sara begin a relationship. Complications ensue when Sara's latest scoop happens to be one of Alex's clients.


Very Entertaining, Funny, Pretty Original Story, 12 February 2005 Author: ltclark from Columbus OH This was a movie that, at the end, I thought "Now that was an enjoyable 2 hours!" I hate spending around $20 (not including baby-sitting $$) for my husband and myself to have that "It was OK" feeling.I think I like Will Smith better as a comedic actor than an action hero. He was well cast in this. His character was very likable, as was Kevin James'. There were several laugh out loud scenes. It's also a romantic movie, so guys, if you want to impress the lady in your life, take her to this. Women will like it as much as any chick-flick, but I wouldn't categorize this as one. There is plenty of guy humor in it for men to enjoy. I think that's one of the reasons why this movie is so perfect as a date movie. It has romance AND slapstick. I don't usually like slapstick that much, but it wasn't overdone and I can't think of any those scenes that didn't deliver laughs.I definitely recommend this movie. The first thing my husband said to me after it was over was "I want to see it again!"
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Hitch (2005) - Andy Tennant
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Hitch (2005) - Andy Tennant
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Hitch (2005) - Andy Tennant