Valiant (2005)

Some pigeons eat crumbs, others make history.

Original Title : Valiant
Director : Gary Chapman
Writer : George Webster
Jordan Katz
George Webster
George Melrod
Genre : Animation
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Curtis Augspurger , Eric M. Bennett , Neil Braun , Buckley Collum , Keith Evans , Tom Jacomb , Robert Jones , Ralph Kamp , Marci Levine , Barnaby Thompson , John H. Williams
Music : George Fenton
Photography : John Fenner
Distributor : Buena Vista Pictures
IMDB ID : 0361089
Official site :
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Valiant (2005) - Gary Chapman


┬Ewan McGregor Valiant (voice
┬Ricky Gervais Bugsy (voice
┬Tim Curry Von Talon (voice
┬Jim Broadbent Sergeant (voice
┬Hugh Laurie Gutsy (voice
┬John Cleese Mercury (voice
┬John Hurt Felix (voice
┬Pip Torrens Lofty (voice
┬Rik Mayall Cufflingk (voice
┬Olivia Williams Victoria (voice
┬Jonathan Ross Big Thug (voice
┬Brian Lonsdale Toughwood (voice
┬Dan Roberts Tailfeather (voice
┬Michael Schlingmann Underlingk (voice
┬Sharon Horgan Charles De Girl
┬Sean Samuels Jacques (voice
┬Buckley Collum Rollo (voice
┬Annette Badland Elsa (voice
┬Harriet Jones Barmaid (voice
┬Harry Peacock Recruiting Officer (voice
┬Corin Mellinger Wing Pigeon (voice
┬Gary Chapman Pigeon Officer (voice
┬Curtis Augspurger Pigeon Guard (voice
┬Mike Harbour Little Thug (voice
┬Mike Jenn Messenger Pigeon (voice
┬Heidi Fecht Saucy Pigeon (voice
┬Robert Lence 'Tweet' Pigeon (voice
┬Ali Dowling Additional Voice (voice
┬Chris Fairbanks Additional Voice (voice
┬Rupert Farley Additional Voice (voice
┬Dan Flynn Additional Voice (voice
┬Kris Milne Additional Voice (voice
┬Stephen Pacey Additional Voice (voice
┬James Dale Robinson Additional Voice (voice
┬Emma Tate Additional Voice (voice


The animated comedy tells the story of a lowly wood pigeon named Valiant, who overcomes his small size to become a hero in Great Britain's Royal Air Force Homing Pigeon Service during World War II. The RHPS advanced the Allied cause by flying vital messages about enemy movements across the English Channel, whilst evading brutal attacks by the enemy's Falcon Brigade.


A good time for kids., 20 August 2005 Author: the_johnsons from United States I just got back from taking my 4 year old daughter to see Valiant. She really enjoyed it. It was not heavy or dark even though the movie is set in WWII. The enemy all looked and sounded evil as well as menacing. It was not a bad movie, but not a great movie either. But a point that is worth mentioning. I think movies like Valiant should be supported at the box office if for no other reason than to show support for G rated movies. As a parent, I would really appreciate Hollywood and the film industry to produce more of these light, G rated movies that I can take my kids to see. No overt sexuality, no foul language, no bodies ripping apart, just light-hearted fun. Its just a shame that movies like Valiant are the exception instead of the rule.
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566 x 755
Valiant (2005) - Gary Chapman
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1126 x 1650
Valiant (2005) - Gary Chapman
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1126 x 1650
Valiant (2005) - Gary Chapman
poster for "Valiant"
1126 x 1650
Valiant (2005) - Gary Chapman
poster for "Valiant"
1126 x 1650
Valiant (2005) - Gary Chapman