Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920)

The 1920 Horror Masterpiece.

Original Title : Golem, wie er in die Welt kam, Der
Director : Paul Wegener
Writer : Henrik Galeen
Gustav Meyrink
Paul Wegener
Genre : Fantasy
Country : Germany
Language : Silent
Producer : Paul Davidson
Music : Hans Landsberger
Douglas M. Protsik
Aljoscha Zimmermann
Photography : Karl Freund
Guido Seeber
Distributor : Continental Home Vídeo
IMDB ID : 0011237
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Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (1920) - Paul Wegener


Paul Wegener Der Golem/The Golem
Albert Steinrück Der Rabbi Löw/Rabbi Loew
Lyda Salmonova Miriam, des Rabbi Tochter
Ernst Deutsch Der Rabbi Famulus
Hans Stürm Der Rabbi Jehuda, der Älteste der Gemeinde (as Hanns Sturm
Max Kronert Der Tempeldiener/Temple Servant
Otto Gebühr Der Kaiser/Emperor Luhois
Dore Paetzold Des Kaisers Kebse
Lothar Müthel Der Junker Florian/Knight Florian
Greta Schröder Ein Mägdelein mit der Rose/Little Girl with Rose
Loni Nest Ein kleines Mädchen/Little Girl
Carl Ebert Temple Servant (uncredited
Fritz Feld Jester (uncredited


A Gothic Classic, 4 August 2005 Author: artzau from Sacramento, CA When I see these old attempts at what amounted to a horror film back then, before my time and I'm an old duffer, I'm always struck at the marvelous Gothic quality wrought by the twisted buildings, the gnarled stairways, the open balconies and the weird angles of things such as doorways, arches, street, bridges and the like. The monstrosities are stark, hardly terrifying by today's CGIs and often terrifying their victims in an almost comical, stylized way. This marvelous film together with Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari are marvelous pieces of art. There is an ageless quality to them that transcends the hoary and often corny plots and acting. Each must be taken as a whole because that product is always greater than the sum of their parts. Compare the magical Indian Love Call of Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, two rather mainstream singers whose voices blend into something greater than either of their individual talents. So too it is, I contend, with these old Gothic classics. Horror? Hardly. But, their starkness and darkness with its twisted surroundings are still eerie and provoking.