Sommaren Med Monika (1953)

A Picture for Wide Screens and Broad Minds

Original Title : Sommaren med Monika
Director : Ingmar Bergman
Writer : Ingmar Bergman
Per Anders Fogelström
Genre : Drama
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Allan Ekelund
Music : Les Baxter
Erik Nordgren
Eskil Eckert-Lundin
Walle Söderlund
Photography : Gunnar Fischer
Distributor : Hallmark Productions Inc.
IMDB ID : 0046345
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Sommaren Med Monika (1953) - Ingmar Bergman


Harriet Andersson Monika
Lars Ekborg Harry
Dagmar Ebbesen Harry's aunt
Åke Fridell Monika's father
Naemi Briese Monika's mother
Åke Grönberg Harry's friend at work
Sigge Fürst Porcelain warehouse worker
John Harryson Lelle
Harry Ahlin House owner (uncredited
Anders Andelius Monika's escort (uncredited
Wiktor Andersson Beer drinker (uncredited
Mona Åstrand Girl (uncredited
Renée Björling Wife of house owner (uncredited
Astrid Bodin Woman in window (uncredited
Tor Borong Second-hand salesman (uncredited
Ernst Brunman Tobacconist (uncredited
Bengt Brunskog Sicke (uncredited
Bengt Eklund Vegetable warehouse worker (uncredited
Carl-Axel Elfving Worker (uncredited
Hans Ellis Svensson (uncredited
Gösta Ericsson Mr. Forsberg (uncredited
Gustaf Färingborg Vegetable warehouse worker (uncredited
Arthur Fischer Vegetable warehouse owner (uncredited
Jessie Flaws House owner's daughter (uncredited
Mona Geijer-Falkner Woman in window (uncredited
Göthe Grefbo Vegetable warehouse worker (uncredited
Gösta Gustafson Cashier (uncredited
Nils Hultgren Vicar (uncredited
Magnus Kesster Worker (uncredited
Carl-Uno Larsson Hasse, Monika's brother (uncredited
Torsten Lilliecrona The driver (uncredited
Gordon Löwenadler Monika's escort (uncredited
Sten Mattsson Harry's friend (uncredited
Kjell Nordenskiöld Hero in american movie (uncredited
Gun Östring Nurse at maternity ward (uncredited
Gösta Prüzelius Salesman (uncredited
Birger Sahlberg Beer drinker (uncredited
Hanny Schedin Mrs. Boman, cafe owner (uncredited
Georg Skarstedt Harry's father (uncredited
Einar Söderbäck Second-hand salesman (uncredited
Ivar Wahlgren House owner (uncredited
Catrin Westerlund Daughter of house owner (uncredited
Nils Whiten Second-hand salesman (uncredited
Margaret Young Heroin in american movie (uncredited


Monica and Lars, two youths in dead-end jobs, fall in love and decide to leave their messy lives behind, and spend the summer together. They take a boat to a remote area, and have spend romantic nights under the stars. However, things soon start to turn sour when they run out of food, and worse still, when they return to their home town to begin a bog-standard life of suburban malcontent.


better than most Bergman films and more approachable for the average person, 1 November 2005 Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida I've seen a lot of Bergman's films. In my mind, I put them in one of two categories--those that are about death and angst and are prone to causing depression in the viewer, and the rest of his films. This film, though rather somber and sad, is downright ecstatic compared to his later films. There is a tendency for SOME to view these less depressing films as lesser Bergman pictures, but I think this is a big mistake.Monika is an excellent film. It is thought-provoking portrait of an immature young woman who is so desperate to escape her home life that she tries to grow up too quickly--jumping headlong into a relationship that skips all the normal niceties and becomes sexually intimate. Like many teens, she and her boyfriend think they can overcome all their obstacles (such as age, immaturity and lack of jobs) and everything will just "work out". Thankfully, the writers showed what REALLY would happen in a case like this--initial infatuation and delirium followed by reality, then boredom and ultimate disaster.Despite a little bit of nudity, this would be a fantastic film to show any teen who thinks they know everything and is jumping headlong into a serious and intense relationship before they are emotionally ready.
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Sommaren Med Monika (1953) - Ingmar Bergman
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700 x 1014
Sommaren Med Monika (1953) - Ingmar Bergman
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Sommaren Med Monika (1953) - Ingmar Bergman
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Sommaren Med Monika (1953) - Ingmar Bergman
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Sommaren Med Monika (1953) - Ingmar Bergman
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Sommaren Med Monika (1953) - Ingmar Bergman
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Sommaren Med Monika (1953) - Ingmar Bergman