Round Midnight (1986)

The music and the magic come together...

Original Title : Round Midnight
Director : Bertrand Tavernier
Writer : David Rayfiel
Bertrand Tavernier
Colo Tavernier
Genre : Drama
Country : USA
Language : French, English
Producer : Irwin Winkler
Music : Herbie Hancock
Photography : Bruno de Keyzer
Distributor : Warner Bros.
IMDB ID : 0090557
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Round Midnight (1986) - Bertrand Tavernier


Dexter Gordon Dale Turner
François Cluzet Francis Borler
Gabrielle Haker Berangere
Sandra Reaves-Phillips Buttercup
Lonette McKee Darcey Leigh
Christine Pascal Sylvie
Herbie Hancock Eddie Wayne
Bobby Hutcherson Ace
Pierre Trabaud Francis's Father
Frédérique Meininger Francis's Mother
Hart Leroy Bibbs Hershell
Liliane Rovère Madame Queen
Ged Marlon Beau
Benoît Régent Psychiatrist
Victoria Gabrielle Platt Chan Turner
Arthur French Booker
John Berry Ben
Martin Scorsese Goodley
Philippe Noiret Redon
Alain Sarde Terzian
Eddy Mitchell Drunk
Billy Higgins Drums (Blue Note, Davout Studio
Eric Lelann Trumpet (Blue Note
John McLaughlin Guitar (Blue Note
Pierre Michelot Bass (Blue Note
Wayne Shorter Tenor Saxophone (Blue Note
Ron Carter Bass (Davout Studio, New York
Palle Mikkelborg Trumpet (Davout Studio
Mads Vinding Bass (Davout Studio, Lyon
Cheikh Fall Percussion (Lyon
Michel Pérez Guitar (Lyon
Tony Williams Drums (Lyon, New York
Freddie Hubbard Trumpet (New York
Cedar Walton Piano (New York
Charles Belonzi Girl on street, finds Dexter Gordon slumped over car (non-speaking
Marc-Édouard Nabe Extra (uncredited


Paris, 1959. The tenor sax player who has just been booked at the Blue Note was once known as one of the greats. He is staying in a hotel with other black American musicians who will keep him away from alcohol so he will show up to perform every night. A young Parisian who heard the musician perform in his prime listens in the rain on the sidewalk, since he can't afford to come inside. The Parisian earns a living by creating movie posters and since his wife walked out on him he hasn't been very creative. The musician notices him one night, the artist sells a poster and can afford to come inside the Blue Note. He doesn't like the way this jazz great is treated in the place where he lives so he borrows money from his estranged wife for "key money" to move into a larger apartment so he can bring the musician into his own home. "You treat me like a king," the musician tells the French artist. The musician stops drinking and starts composing and recording again. But will it last -- when he is back in New York in his old environment -- without his French friend?


The Best Ever Non-Documentary Jazz Film, 20 June 2003 Author: Dan Bayer A vivid portrait of a Bud Powell/Lester young type who, like the vast majority of American jazz artists, receives more appreciation and love for his art overseas than here in the U.S. even though this is where Jazz was born.It saddens me every time I watch it because jazz is still so under-appreciated in this country. And we can largely thank commercial radio for that.
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Round Midnight (1986) - Bertrand Tavernier
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Round Midnight (1986) - Bertrand Tavernier