Sudden Impact (1983)

Dirty Harry is at it again.

Original Title : Sudden Impact
Director : Clint Eastwood
Writer : Harry Julian Fink
Rita M. Fink
Charles B. Pierce
Earl E. Smith
Joseph Stinson
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Clint Eastwood , Fritz Manes , Steve Perry
Music : Lalo Schifrin
Photography : Bruce Surtees
Distributor : Warner Bros.
IMDB ID : 0086383
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poster for "Sudden Impact" by Clint Eastwood (1983)
Sudden Impact (1983) - Clint Eastwood


¬Clint Eastwood Insp. 'Dirty' Harry Callahan
¬Sondra Locke Jennifer Spencer
¬Pat Hingle Chief Lester Jannings
¬Bradford Dillman Capt. Briggs
¬Paul Drake Mick
¬Audrie J. Neenan Ray Parkins
¬Jack Thibeau Kruger
¬Michael Currie Lt. Donnelly
¬Albert Popwell Horace King
¬Mark Keyloun Officer Bennett
¬Kevyn Major Howard Ed Hawkins
¬Bette Ford Leah
¬Nancy Parsons Mrs. Kruger
¬Joe Bellan Burly Detective
¬Wendell Wellman Tyrone
¬Mara Corday Coffee Shop Waitress
¬Russ McCubbin Eddie
¬Robert Sutton Carl
¬Nancy Fish Historical Society Woman
¬Carmen Argenziano Attorney D'Ambrosia
¬Lisa Britt Elizabeth Spencer
¬Bill Reddick Police Commissioner
¬Lois De Banzie Judge
¬Matthew Child Alby Jannings
¬Mike Johnson Assassin (as Michael Johnson
¬Nick Dimitri Assassin
¬Michael Maurer George Wilburn
¬Pat DuVal Bailiff
¬Christian Phillips Hawkins' Crony
¬Steven Kravitz Hawkins' Crony
¬Dennis Royston Young Guy
¬Melvin Thompson Young Guy
¬Jophery C. Brown Young Guy
¬William Upton Young Guy (as Bill Upton
¬Lloyd Nelson Desk Sergeant
¬Christopher Pray Det. Jacobs
¬James McEachin Det. Barnes
¬Maria Lynch Hostess
¬Ken Lee Loomis
¬Morgan Upton Bartender
¬John X. Heart Uniformed Policeman
¬David Gonzales Gang Member
¬Albert Martinez Gang Member
¬David Rivers Gang Member
¬Robert Rivers Gang Member
¬Harry Demopoulos M.D. Dr. Barton
¬Lisa London Young Hooker
¬Tom Spratley Senior Man
¬Eileen Wiggins Hysterical Customer
¬John Nowak Bank Robber
¬Christine Card Dancer at Wedding (uncredited
¬Michael V. Gazzo Threlkis (uncredited
¬Camryn Manheim Girl in Elevator (uncredited
¬Dihlon McManne Cop (uncredited


A vicious serial-killer is on the loose in San Francisco and the police trace a link to a small town further down the coast. When Harry Callahan upsets the press and the mayor in his usual style, he's shipped out of town to investigate while the heat is on. With the help of his new Magnum handgun Harry goes on the trail leaving behind the usual trail of dead criminals along the way. San Francisco cop Dirty Harry Callahan is in hot water with his superiors over his lack of sticking to the rules, as well as with a mobster that Dirty Harry angered, and a young punk that Dirty Harry unsuccessfully tried to jail. Meanwhile, a man named George Wilburn is killed in San Francisco -- he's shot in the groin, and then in the head. With mob hit attempts being made on him left and right, Dirty Harry is put on forced vacation and sent to San Paulo to investigate George's murder. What Dirty Harry doesn't know is that the killer is an artist named Jennifer Spencer. 10 years ago, Jennifer and her younger sister Elizabeth were brutally gang raped under a local boardwalk by Wilburn and five other men, and there was one woman who encouraged it all. The woman who encouraged it all was named Ray Parkins. Ray seemed to be more into it than the men were. Elizabeth was in high school at the time, and Jennifer was in college. It has left Jennifer scarred, and Elizabeth was left so scarred that she is still catatonic and institutionalized. For ten years, the rape has driven Jennifer absolutely crazy with anger. As a result, Jennifer has sought out physical revenge against all of those involved in the rape, including Ray Parkins. So, one by one, she's out to kill the rapists because the system didn't do anything about them. As soon as Dirty Harry arrives in San Paulo, he is forced to steal a van from a nursing home so he can chase a bank robber through the streets, and then Dirty Harry's friend Horace King gives Dirty Harry a bulldog named Meathead. Dirty Harry goes into a bar looking for information, and Ray forces Dirty Harry to have to knock her down. Later, at an empty beach called Buckman Cove, Jennifer kills Kruger, one of the rapists. And outside of Dirty Harry's hotel room, Meathead saves Dirty Harry from a mob hit-man. While trying to solve the murders of Wilburn and Kruger, Dirty Harry finds strong opposition from Lester Jannings, the police chief in San Paulo, and things begin to point towards Lester hiding a secret regarding the killings. Jennifer goes to the house of one of the rapists, a man named Tyrone. Tyrone begs Jennifer not to kill him, but after what Jennifer and Elizabeth were put through, Jennifer feels no mercy for Tyrone, so she shoots him in the groin, and then in the head. Later, Dirty Harry goes to Ray's house to get some information, and he sees Jennifer's car in the driveway, but he doesn't see Jennifer. Dirty Harry goes inside and sees Ray with Mick, the leader of the rapists. Ray and Mick know that Jennifer is after everyone who was involved in the rape, and they have planned to kill Jennifer. When Dirty Harry figures out what's going on, Dirty Harry believes that Jennifer has already been through too much over the past ten years, so after Dirty Harry is attack by Mick and his crew, and Jennifer is kidnapped by Mick, Dirty Harry sets out to rescue Jenifer and take down Mick and his crew. This is Clint Eastwood's fourth Dirty Harry film. In this movie, Harry's in hot water with his superiors, when he induces a heart attack on a criminal they have spent a great deal of time building a case on, and some criminals are gunning for him. So, to make the streets a little safer, Harry's sent to seaside town, to get some info on a man who was shot in the groin. When he gets there, the police chief doesn't exactly give him a warm welcome. And not long after his arrival, some of the town's residents are getting killed in the same manner. When Harry tells the chief his theory that the killer has a connection here but the chief just wants him to leave.


very dark and moody entry in the Dirty Harry series,interesting if not totally successful, 6 July 2005 Author: DrLenera from UK The fourth Dirty Harry film may not be the best but it certainly one of the most interesting. Just as Magnum Force was quite different in feel and plot to Dirty Harry and attempted a few new things,Sudden Impact is the same in relation to the third film The Enforcer which,whilst good fun,was really just a rehash.It's really a film of two parts. The first part is almost a parody of all the tried and tested Dirty Harry elements-Harry's controversial police work {in one scene he threatens an aging mafia don at his daughter's wedding,only for the guy to have a heart attack!},his telling off by his superiors,his threats,his seeming invincibility {he seems to dispose of more baddies in the first half of this film than in all the others put together},etc. The writers are astute enough to suggest that Harry is a bit out of place-someone calls him a 'dinosaur'. The action is almost constant.Around half way the film changes and becomes a much darker and more serious work. The pace becomes a lot slower and there is a moody,almost film noir feel. The Harry films always have taken place a great deal in darkness,but this one is especially notable in that respect. Clint Eastwood is well respected as a director these days but he was a fine director before,the use of shadows and darkness in this film is very effective,as is Sandra Locke's somewhat haunted look and presence in this film. A flashback scene of a rape is also very good,lots of quick cuts and nothing too graphic,but we get an idea of the horror. We are presented with Harry's most interesting opponent,a woman who is killing off those who raped her and her now paralysed sister. The 'romance' {if it can be called that} between the two is interesting and oddly touching,and it looks as if Harry's attitude to violence and justice is really going to be tested.Except it isn't. The climax piles on the violence and we are treated to one of Eastwood's finest 'resurrection' bits {quite a few films of his have him almost killed and than coming back almost from the grave to take revenge}. However,the expected confrontation between Eastwood and Sandra Locke's character doesn't occur and the film takes the easy way out. A shame.There seems to be more borrowing from other films in this one,for instance the carousel from Strangers on a Train,the avenging rape victim from Angel of Vengeance and lots of other films,even the end scene is reminiscent of Casablanca. It's also a touch disturbing how Eastwood always seemed to have Locke {for a while his wife} raped and/or brutalized in his films {think The Gauntlet,The Outlaw Josey Wales,Bronco Billy}. Nonetheless,Sudden Impact is an intriguing if not entirely successful entry in the Dirty Harry series,and it's the one which gave the world "go ahead,make my day".