Dead Pool, The (1988)

Original Title : The Dead Pool
Director : Clint Eastwood
Writer : Harry Julian Fink
Rita M. Fink
Steve Sharon
Durk Pearson
Sandy Shaw
Steve Sharon
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : David Valdes
Music : Lalo Schifrin
Photography : Jack N. Green
Distributor : Warner Bros.
IMDB ID : 0094963
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poster for "Dead Pool, The" by Clint Eastwood (1988)
Dead Pool, The (1988) - Clint Eastwood


┬Clint Eastwood Insp. 'Dirty' Harry Callahan
┬Patricia Clarkson Samantha 'Sam' Walker
┬Liam Neeson Peter Swan
┬Evan C. Kim Insp. Al Quan
┬David Hunt Harlan Rook/Ed Butler
┬Michael Currie Capt. Donnelly
┬Michael Goodwin Lt. Ackerman
┬Darwin Gillett Patrick Snow
┬Anthony Charnota Lou Janero
┬Christopher P. Beale Dist. Atty. Thomas McSherry
┬John Allen Vick Lt. Ruskowski
┬Jeff Richmond Freeway Reporter
┬Patrick Van Horn Freeway Reporter
┬Sigrid Wurschmidt Freeway Reporter
┬Jim Carrey Johnny Squares (as James Carrey
┬Deborah A. Bryan Girl in Rock Video
┬Nicholas Love Jeff Howser, Effects Supervisor
┬Maureen McVerry Vicky Owens, Swan's Assistant
┬John X. Heart Bob, Samantha's Cameraman
┬Victoria Bastel Suzanne Dayton
┬Kathleen Turco-Lyon Officer at Trailer
┬Michael Faqir Sergeant at Trailer
┬Ronnie Claire Edwards Molly Fisher
┬Wallace Choy Chinese Store Manager
┬Melodie Soe Chinese Restaurant Hostess
┬Kristopher Logan Gunman
┬Scott Vance Gunman
┬Glenn Wright Det. Hindmark (as Glenn T. Wright
┬Stu Klitsner Minister
┬Karen Kahn TV Associate Producer
┬Shawn Elliott Chester Docksteder
┬Ren Reynolds Perry
┬Ed Hodson Paramedic at Elevator
┬Edward Hocking Warden Hocking
┬Diego Chairs Butcher Hicks
┬Patrick Valentino Pirate Captain
┬Calvin Jones Pirate Tug Reporter
┬Melissa Martin Pirate Tug Reporter
┬Phil Dacey Det. Dacey
┬Louis Giambalvo Gus Wheeler
┬Peter Anthony Jacobs Sgt. Holloway
┬Bill Wattenburg Nolan Kennard
┬Hugh McCann Young Man on Talk Show
┬Suzanne Sterling Young Woman on Talk Show
┬Lloyd Nelson Sgt. Waldman
┬Charles Martinet Police Station Reporter
┬Taylor Gilbert Police Station Reporter
┬George Orrison Embarcadero Bodyguard
┬Marc Alaimo Embarcadero Bodyguard
┬Justin Whalin Jason
┬Kris LeFan Carl
┬Katie Bruce Girl on Sidewalk
┬Harry Demopoulos M.D. Doctor in Hospital Room
┬John Frederick Jones Dr. Friedman
┬Martin Ganapoler Reporter at Pier
┬James W. Gavin Helicopter Pilot
┬Craig Hosking Helicopter Pilot
┬Steven Adler Musician at Funeral (uncredited
┬Duff McKagan Musician at Funeral (uncredited
┬W. Axl Rose Musician at Funeral (uncredited
┬Slash Musician at Funeral (uncredited
┬Izzy Stradlin Musician at Funeral (uncredited


Harry Callahan - or Dirty Harry as he is known from the previous four movies in this series - is investigating a strange betting game. A list of local celebrities has been handed out, and bets are being taken on who will be the first to die. Things start to get interesting when the name 'Harry Callahan' appears on the list. After his court testimony puts a key mafia figure into San Quentin, Inspector Dirty Harry Callahan finds unwanted fame. Now it seems that every hired killer in town is after him. To make it worse, Homicide wants him to go public: Play nice with the press and work with new partner Al Quan. British horror film director Peter Swan, who is in town to film a video for drug-addicted rock star Johnny Squares, plays a game with his crew known as "The Dead Pool", where they each choose a set of 10 celebrities who they think will die before the game ends. The winner of the game is the one with most number of dead celebrities on their list. And the problems start when the people on Peter's list start to die under mysterious circumstances. Following the death of Johnny Squares, DirtyHarry learns of The Dead Pool. And Dirty Harry discovers that his own name is on the list. All fingers seem to point to Peter, mainly since the celebrities that are dying are the same as those on his list. Dirty Harry also has to contend with TV reporter Samantha Walker, who'd just love to do a big story on him, and her name is also on the list. DirtyHarry races to unmask the killer before Dirty Harry himself winds up on the losing end of this game. Film director Peter Swan plays a game with his crew know as "The Dead Pool", wherein they each choose a set of 10 celebrities who they think will die before the game ends. The winner is the one with most number of dead celebrities. The problems start when the people on Swan's list start to die in mysterious circumstances. Harry is assigned to the case and discovers he is one of the names on Swan's list! A rock singer, Johnny Squares, who is also a drug addict is found dead of an overdose but there are signs that it was not accidental, so Harry is assigned to investigate. Initially Harry locks horns with Peter Swan, the man who directs the singer's videos. He also crosses paths with a television reporter, Samantha Walker and after being threatened with a law suit, the two of them form a rapport. Harry then discovers that Swan and several other people are playing a game called the dead pool, wherein they make a list of individuals, who are either in bad health or high risk professions, and turns out that Squares was on Swan's list and so are some other people who were murdered, and Harry's also on the list. And someone is following him. After Harry's arrest of a gambling kingpin results in a conviction for murder, a group of thugs shoot up Harry's car and try to kill him. Harry overpowers them and is paired with a new partner, Insp. Al Quan (Evan Kim). Within days of this assignment Harry and Al find themselves working on a mysterious death of a rock star, who was on location filming a movie directed by Peter Swan (Liam Neeson). After one of Swan's crew is killed in a Chinatown robbery that is foiled by Al & Harry, Al discovers a list of celebrities on the dead man that includes the dead rock star and one Inspector Harry Callahan. They soon discover that this is part of a strange game called the Dead Pool, and it isn't long before other people on the list turn up dead...and someone starts making attempts on Harry's life...


That 80's Harry Part 2, 19 May 2002 Author: stamper from The Netherlands Opinions are like a..holes, everyone has one and here is my opinion on the last Dirty Harry. This film unlike other Dirty Harry films is not too long. It is just long enough. There is the usual shooting, the usual one - liners and so on. The story is OK and so is the action. But this film does not come further than being a bit above average, just because there are not enough thrills and not enough excitement is generated. There is a lot of comedy though and the most hilarious scene by far is the Jim Carrey ÔÇśWelcome to the Jungle Dance'. If you are a rock fan (like me) look out for Slash, Izzy, Axl, Duff and Steven Adler from Guns N Roses. 6 out of 10