Dirty Harry (1971)

You don't assign him to murder cases, You just turn him loose.

Original Title : Dirty Harry
Director : Don Siegel
Writer : Harry Julian Fink
Rita M. Fink
Harry Julian Fink
Rita M. Fink
Dean Riesner
John Milius
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert Daley , Carl Pingitore , Don Siegel
Music : Lalo Schifrin
Photography : Bruce Surtees
Distributor : Warner Bros.
IMDB ID : 0066999
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Dirty Harry (1971) - Don Siegel


┬Clint Eastwood Insp. Harry Callahan
┬Harry Guardino Lt. Al Bressler
┬Reni Santoni Insp. Chico Gonzalez
┬John Vernon The Mayor
┬Andrew Robinson Scorpio Killer (as Andy Robinson
┬John Larch The Chief
┬John Mitchum Insp. Frank DiGiorgio
┬Mae Mercer Mrs. Russell
┬Lyn Edgington Norma
┬Ruth Kobart Bus Driver
┬Woodrow Parfrey Mr. Jaffe
┬Josef Sommer Dist. Atty. William T. Rothko
┬William Paterson Judge Bannerman
┬James Nolan Liquor Store Owner
┬Maurice Argent Sid Kleinman (as Maurice S. Argent
┬Jo De Winter Miss Willis
┬Craig Kelly Sgt. Reineke (as Craig G. Kelly
┬Ann Bowen Sgt. Reineke (uncredited
┬George Burrafato Taxi Driver (uncredited
┬Joy Carlin Communications Secretary (uncredited
┬Bill Couch Suicide Jumper (uncredited
┬Jana D'Amico (uncredited
┬Tony Dario Police Sergeant (uncredited
┬Diane Darnell Mayor's Secretary (uncredited
┬Diana Davidson Swimmer (uncredited
┬Vince Deadrick Sr. Man (uncredited
┬Chuck Dorsett TV Watcher (uncredited
┬Al Dunlap (uncredited
┬Larry Duran (uncredited
┬Denise Dyer Bus Kid (uncredited
┬Diane Dyer Bus Kid (uncredited
┬George Fargo Homicide Detective (uncredited
┬Joe Finnegan Man in Truck (uncredited
┬Leslie Fong (uncredited
┬Lois Foraker Hot Mary (uncredited
┬Max Gail Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited
┬John Garber Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited
┬Eddie Garrett Policeman (uncredited
┬David Gillum Homosexual (uncredited
┬H.B. Haggerty (uncredited
┬Scott Hale Newsman (uncredited
┬Jack Hanson Bus Kid (uncredited
┬Kate Harper (uncredited
┬Bob Harris Man in Truck (uncredited
┬Diana Henrichsen (uncredited
┬Marc Hertsens Doctor (uncredited
┬Chuck Hicks Flower Vendor (uncredited
┬Raymond Johnson (uncredited
┬Derek Jue Bus Kid (uncredited
┬Stu Klitsner Policeman (uncredited
┬Richard Lawson Homosexual (uncredited
┬Sean Maley Bus Kid (uncredited
┬Laurie Mock (uncredited
┬Charles Murphy Man on Pay Phone (uncredited
┬Mary Ann Neis Miss Van Sachs (uncredited
┬Ann Noland (uncredited
┬Kathleen O'Malley (uncredited
┬Angela Paton Homicide Detective (uncredited
┬Victor Paul Car Driver (uncredited
┬John W. Peebles Walkie-Talkie Cop (uncredited
┬Albert Popwell Bank Robber (uncredited
┬Christopher Pray Tunnel Hoodlum (uncredited
┬Lolita Rios (uncredited
┬Ernest Robinson Robber (uncredited
┬Frederic Ross (uncredited
┬Richard Samuelson Bus Kid (uncredited
┬Debralee Scott Ann Mary Deacon (uncredited
┬Allen Seaman Orderly (uncredited
┬Don Siegel Man Running Down Street (uncredited
┬Kristoffer Tabori (uncredited
┬Pamela Tanimura Bus Kid (uncredited
┬John Tracy (uncredited
┬Charles Washburn Intern (uncredited
┬Dean Webber Newsman (uncredited
┬Janet Wisely (uncredited
┬Stephen Zacks Lake Kid (uncredited


The downfall of societal coddling of criminals is the theme of the debut of Inspector Harry Callahan, who has no patience for criminals and less of such for revolving-door justice as well as politicians who wilt under the pressure of a deranged hippie who uses a sniper rifle to kill several innocent people, only to go free because the incrimating rifle was obtained by an "illegal" search. Harry must break societal rules to stop the madman society allows to roam free. The debut of SFPD Inspector Harry Callahan begins with a sociopathic rooftop sniper (Andrew Robinson of 'Cobra' and 'Hellraiser') killing a young woman in a pool, and then trying to extort $100,000 from the City. Harry is asked by his boss, Lt. Bressler (Harry Guardino) and the Mayor (John Vernon) to put a stop to this low-life. While Harry & his new partner, Chico (Reni Santori of 'Cobra') investigate, another murder occurs, followed by a kidnapping/rape of a young girl, and a subsequent attempt at extortion by the killer, who calls himself 'Scorpio'. Harry volunteers to deliver the ransom but is nearly killed by Scorpio, who is wounded & driven off by Chico and Harry. Harry follows the suspect's trail to Kezar Stadium, where he discovers the murder weapon and the suspect! The man is arrested and Harry gets the girl's location out of him. Unbeknownst to Harry, the girl is dead already, and the next morning Harry visits the D.A. to find out that the man is being freed - because of a bleeding-heart legal system and judiciary that says Harry's search was 'illegal', although there was no time - and no judge - to get a warrant from. On his release, Scorpio is up to his old tricks - this time he kidnaps a bus-load of children and demands a ransom. The Mayor foolishly goes along with Scorpio's game and orders Harry not to stop the killer. Disgusted with the weak-kneed attitude of the Mayor & his colleagues in the legal system, Harry intercepts the bus and takes on Scorpio himself to put an end to the kidnapping and the psychopath's reign of terror...for good. It's all in a day's work for Dirty Harry, a plainclothesman with the San Francisco police and for his new partner, Chico. A bank robbery and an attempted suicide form the prelude to the main event: catching a skillful sniper who is murdering the innocent while holding a city to ransom. Catching him becomes a war between good and evil - with the protagonists on both sides shown as ruthless, bitter and merciless products of a violent society. San Francisco is being terrorized by a sniper who calls himself Scorpio, and Scorpio kills Diana Davidson as she swims in a pool. Inspector Harry Callahan is known as Dirty Harry. Dirty Harry is a widower, his wife having been killed in an auto accident. He lives to make the existence of his superiors a miserable one, and he refuses to play by the rules. Dirty Harry doesn't wear Kevlar and he doesn't carry an arsenal of automatic weapons. All he needs is his .44 magnum. Six shots doesn't seem like much, but it's enough when you rarely miss and a single shot can knock you into the next millennium. Dirty Harry handles the search for Scorpio, and ends up stopping three men from robbing a bank. Known for bringing bad luck to his partners, Dirty Harry reluctantly accepts new partner Chico Gonzalez on the orders of Lieutenant Al Bressler. Dirty Harry even gets chewed out by the mayor. Scorpio promises to kill a black person and a priest if the city doesn't give him $100,000. Nearly caught, Scorpio doubles the ransom, kidnaps a 14-year-old girl, and buries her alive, giving the police a limited time to cough up the money before she suffocates. Dirty Harry follows Scorpio's instructions for the delivery, which results in Chico getting wounded. Dirty Harry tracks Scorpio to Kezar Stadium, the home of the San Francisco 49ers. Scorpio is running across the football field, and Dirty Harry calmly takes aim and nails him in the leg at the 50-yard line. The shot lifts him up and flips him over. Dirty Harry tortures Scorpio into revealing the girl's hiding place. She's found dead and Scorpio is released due to Dirty Harry's unorthodox procedure. Later, Scorpio takes over a school bus. And Dirty Harry is the only one who can take Scorpio down.


Something wild about Harry, 29 January 2005 Author: ian-433 from Edinburgh, Scotland Don Siegel's highly polished .44 magnum-opus, with Clint Eastwood as the daddy (or should that be mutha?) of all maverick cops. Given an A-picture budget by Warners, Siegel delivered a tremendously taut thriller, as provocatively amoral as anything he had done in his 20-year career of expert B-pics like The Killers.Dirty Harry also gave Eastwood a definitive Hollywood identity after leaving spaghetti westerns behind. It may lack the humour of Siegel and Eastwood's first collaboration, Coogan's Bluff, but it packs a much more uneasy political punch.Inspector Harry Callaghan is the taciturn, laconic spokesman of Nixon's Silent Majority, elevated to iconic status. His dialogue with criminals is delivered behind the barrel of a devastatingly phallic Magnum hand-gun. "Feel lucky, punk?" he taunts one wounded miscreant in a famous line he repeats at the end of the film.There's just enough moral ambiguity about Harry in this film to escape it being an endorsement of vigilantism - but if it poses resonating questions about how a liberal society can be held hostage by those outside the law, it also contrives a worryingly two-dimensional picture of psycho-killer Scorpio (Andy Robinson) - and of Harry, himself - with which to frame those questions.Made by the veteran director in the same year as Hollywood-new wave young gun William Friedkin shot The French Connection, it's just as coolly authoritative and exciting. Siegel uses Bruce Surtees' always serviceable photography of San Francisco locations with flair (years before, he had shot the low-budget but excellent The Line-Up there). The swooping helicopter shot out of the baseball stadium, as if to rush the audience away (either as witnesses or as voyeurs) as Eastwood presses his foot on Scorpio's wounded leg, shows Siegel's smooth mastery of the medium.Siegel made the insouciant Charley Varrick with Walter Matthau next, after which his career went into slow decline.
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Dirty Harry (1971) - Don Siegel