Kelly's Heroes (1970)

They set out to rob a bank... and damn near won a war instead!

Original Title : Kelly's Heroes
Director : Brian G. Hutton
Writer : Troy Kennedy-Martin
Genre : War
Country : Yugoslavia
Language : English
Producer : Sidney Beckerman , Gabriel Katzka , Irving L. Leonard , Harold Loeb
Music : Lalo Schifrin
Photography : Gabriel Figueroa
Distributor : DVD Magic
IMDB ID : 0065938
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poster for "Kelly's Heroes" by Brian G. Hutton (1970)
Kelly's Heroes (1970) - Brian G. Hutton


Clint Eastwood Pvt. Kelly
Telly Savalas MSgt. Big Joe
Don Rickles SSgt. Crapgame
Carroll O'Connor Maj. Gen. Colt
Donald Sutherland Sgt. Oddball (tank commander
Gavin MacLeod Moriarty (tank crewman
Hal Buckley Capt. Maitland
Stuart Margolin Pvt. Little Joe
Jeff Morris Pvt. Cowboy
Richard Davalos Pvt. Gutowski
Perry Lopez Pvt. Petuko
Tom Troupe Cpl. Job
Harry Dean Stanton Pvt. Willard (as Dean Stanton
Dick Balduzzi Pvt. Fisher
Gene Collins Pvt. Babra
Len Lesser Platoon Sgt. Bellamy (42nd Engineers
David Hurst Col. Dunkhepf
Fred Pearlman Pvt. Mitchell
Michael Clark Pvt. Grace
George Fargo Pvt. Penn
Dee Pollock Pvt. Jonesey
George Savalas 1st Sgt. Mulligan (artillerly unit
John G. Heller German lieutenant (as John Heller
Shepherd Sanders Turk (tank crewman
Karl-Otto Alberty German tank commander (as Karl Otto Alberty
Ross Elliott Booker
Phil Adams Third Tank Commander
Hugo De Vernier French mayor
Frank J. Garlotta Tanker
Harry Goines Supply sergeant
David Gross German captain
Sandy Kevin Second Tank Commander
James McHale Guest
Robert MacNamara Roach (as Robert McNamara
Read Morgan U.S. lieutenant
Tom Signorelli Bonsor
Donald Waugh Roamer
Vincent Maracecchi Old man in town
Paul Picerni M.P. Sergeant (scenes deleted
Tony Wheeler Gen. Colt's driver (corporal


During World War II a German Colonel is captured by the Americans but before he can be interrogated an artillery barrage hits the camp. However, Ex-Lieutenant Kelly manages to reach the Colonel, get him drunk and learn that he is on a secret mission to ship $16,000,000 of gold to a base in France. Kelly is determined to get the gold and plans for himself and a few of his fellow soldiers to slip into enemy territory and steal the bullion. During World War II, Lieutenant Kelly learns of a German bank located behind enemy lines containing 16 million dollars in gold bars. His platoon, led by Big Joe, has three days of R&R coming, so, with the aid of hustler Crapgame, anachronistic hippie Oddball, three Sherman tanks and a touch of irreverence, Kelly leads his men deep into French territory to steal the gold for themselves.


Film Genius, 28 May 2004 Author: rogue_trooper from uk apart from the terrain which looks like yugoslavia,and is, this film is faultless.perhaps because, as a war movie there has never been anything like it. It offers up parallels to Vietnam, the hippy sixties, plenty of film reference, career best turns from savalas, and in my opinion , sutherland too.good action, blackly funny as well as downright hilarious, and surprisingly informative in its depiction of a bureaucratic army, (it all relies on a breakdown in logistics and communication)and the sheer chaos of the western front in 1945 for both allied and American doesn't pull its punches and it offers a refreshingly new film perspective on what life on the frontline is like, albeit filtered thru a post 1960's lens.if your expecting saving private ryan(ie, occasional schmaltz and it lookin like a capa photo)you womt get it. in stead you'll get something that is wildly derivative but totally original. an, often action based ,war movie that didn't even have anything in the same class til Three Kings in 1999?, and even that falls way short of Kelly Heroes. Film Genius