La Vie et rien d'autre (1989)

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Original Title : Vie et rien d'autre, La
Director : Bertrand Tavernier
Writer : Jean Cosmos
Bertrand Tavernier
Jean Cosmos
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Frédéric Bourboulon , René Cleitman , Albert Prévost
Music : Oswald d'Andrea
Photography : Bruno de Keyzer
Distributor : Union Générale Cinématographique (UGC)
IMDB ID : 0098596
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La Vie et rien d'autre (1989) - Bertrand Tavernier


Philippe Noiret Major Delaplane
Sabine Azéma Irène de Courtil
Pascale Vignal Alice
Maurice Barrier Mercadot
François Perrot Perrin
Jean-Pol Dubois André
Daniel Russo Lieutenant Trevise
Michel Duchaussoy Général Villerieux
Arlette Gilbert Valentine
Louis Lyonnet Valentin
Charlotte Maury-Sentier Cora Mabel (as Charlotte Maury
François Caron Julien
Thierry Gimenez L'adjudant du génie
Frédérique Meininger Madame Lebegue
Pierre Trabaud Eugene Dilatoire
Jean-Roger Milo Monsieur Lebegue
Catherine Verlor Bonne Soeur plage
Jean-Christophe Lebert L'amnésique
Bruno Therasse Rougeaud
Philippe Uchan L'homme sans jambe
Marion Loran Solange de Boisancourt
Charlotte Kady Bonne Soeur hopital
Gabriel Cattand Professeur Mortier
Christophe Odent Polieau
Christian Magnan Catreux
Jean Champion Lagrange
Philippe Deplanche Lecordier
Michel Cassagne Abel
Frédéric Pierrot Marcel
François Domange Georges
Jean-Paul Comart Fagot
Patrick Massieu Le gardien du cimetière
Didier Harlmann Le Manchot
Pascal Elso L'Aveugle
Odile Cointepas Madame Harnesson
Louba Guertchikoff La Femme aux yeux bleus
Jean-Claude Calon Le sergent zélé
Jean-Yves Gautier Caporal
Gilles Janeyrand Sous-Officier
Nicolas Tronc Soldat Lefévre
Jerome Frossard Soldat commissionnaire
Michèle Gleizer La fermière
Daniel Langlet Monsieur Lohac
Adrienne Bonnet Madame Lohac
Marcel Zanini Léon
Marc Perrone Pochin
Georges Staquet Le curé
Alain Frérot Pelat
François Dyrek Vergnes
Oswald d'Andrea Pianiste Cora Mabel
Mickey Baker Banjo jazz
Sancoma Everett Batteur jazz
Bobby Few Pianiste jazz
Stephen Potts Saxophoniste jazz
Mike Zwerin Jennings
Bruno Raffaelli Maginot
Eric Dufay Soldat train


January, 1920. 350,000 French soldiers remain missing in action. Major Dellaplane tirelessly matches the dead and the wounded with families' descriptions. Honor and ethics drive him, he hates the idea of "the unknown soldier." Into his sector, looking for her husband, comes a haughty, politically connected Parisian, Madame Irène de Courtil. Brusquely, Dellaplane offers her 1/350,000th of his time, but as their paths cross and she sees his courage and resolve, feelings change. After he finds a surprising connection between her missing husband and a local teacher, Irène makes Dellaplane an offer. This man of action hesitates: has he missed his only chance?


Impressive visually, but, grim, slow, and unsatisfying., 11 June 2000 Author: jameswtravers ( from London, England This is a powerful film with a genuinely epic feel. The backdrop of a post-war battle field is movingly sombre, with sets scattered with the last remains of soldiers, some hastily dug graves, and hoards of women mourning the loss of husbands and sons. There is no sense of victory or joy after the war, and its central character, Delaplane - brilliantly played by Philippe Noiret - portrays the mood of grim realism of what the war has done to his country and to his life. Unfortunately, the film is let down by a somewhat feeble love story involving Delaplane which has an unsatisfactory and unconvincing resolution. At way over two hours in length, the lack of a substantial central plot is more than noticeable. Towards the end, the film becomes slow and almost boring, despite some impressive visual images. It is almost as if the grimness of the subject matter has completely overwhelmed the film. However, considering how grim the subject matter is, that is hardly surprising.
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531 x 716
La Vie et rien d'autre (1989) - Bertrand Tavernier
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La Vie et rien d'autre (1989) - Bertrand Tavernier