Laissez-passer (2002)

Original Title : Laissez-passer
Director : Bertrand Tavernier
Writer : Jean Cosmos
Bertrand Tavernier
Genre : Biography
Country : Spain
Language : French
Producer : Frédéric Bourboulon , Christine Gozlan , Alain Sarde
Music : Antoine Duhamel
Photography : Alain Choquart
Distributor : Bac Films
IMDB ID : 0269461
Official site :
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Laissez-passer (2002) - Bertrand Tavernier


Jacques Gamblin Jean-Devaivre
Denis Podalydès Jean Aurenche
Charlotte Kady Suzanne Raymond
Marie Desgranges Simone Devaivre
Ged Marlon Jean-Paul Le Chanois
Philippe Morier-Genoud Maurice Tourneur
Laurent Schilling Charles Spaak
Maria Pitarresi Reine Sorignal
Christian Berkel Dr. Greven
Richard Sammel Richard Pottier
Marie Gillain Olga
Olivier Gourmet Roger Richebé
Philippe Saïd Pierre Nord
Liliane Rovère Mémaine
Götz Burger Bauermeister
Serge Riaboukine Louis Née
Didier Sauvegrain Thirard
Thierry Gibault Paul Maillebeau
Christophe Odent Pierre Bost
Olivier Brun Jacques Dubuis
Pierre Lacan Louis Devaivre
Jean-Yves Roan René Fléchard
Bruno Raffaelli Glinglin
Jean-Claude Calon Marcel
Herrade Woman
Viviane Crausaz Woman
Noëlle Cazenave Arlette
Jorg Schnass German major (as Jörg Schnass
Dominique Pacitti Infirmary chief
Dominique Dubreuil Doctor
Pascal Leguennec Fred
Eric Petitjean Roger
Michel Charvaz Georges Million
Jean-Yves Ruf Albert
Jean-Paul Audrain Arrignon
Emmanuelle Bataille Woman ('8 Men'
Georges Viry Guard
Vincent Schmitt Léon
Valérie Dermagne Paula ('8 Men'
Jean-Luc Buquet Continental guard
Hans Werner Meyer Von Schertell
Betty Teboulle Mme Carpentier
Philippe Duclos Marcel Bryau
Radu Duda Andrejew
Niels Dubost Didot
Pierre Berriau Mickey
François Loriquet Douillet
Philippe Frécon Bébert
Jean-Christophe Chavanon Fireman
Philippe Polet Arthur
Richard Guedj Jules
Claude Aufaure Roland Manuel
Valérie Baurens Marinette Burguiere
Jean-Pierre Léonardini Laurencie
Daniel Gerno Camille
Françoise Sage Agathe
Jean-Claude Frissung Foulioux
Tonio Descanvelle René Wheeler
Sébastien Thiery Cayatte
Daniel Dublet Arresting officer
Wolfgang Pissors German arresting officer
Henri Attal Raoul
Françoise Bette Devaivre's mother
Stéphane Butet Young railwayman
Jeremy Child Jeremy
Daniel Delabesse Claude Autant-Lara
Robert Glenister Capt. Townsend
Lara Guirao Street singer
Jonathan Kydd Dakota dispatcher
Daniel Langlet Masson
Max Morel Continental police officer
Tim Pigott-Smith Fleming
Toby Sedgwick Thomson
Tania Torrens Marraine
Jacques Boudet Cafe owner
Stefan Elbaum Un électricien de cinéma, lors du tournage des 'Caves du Magestic'
Guillaume Viry Set's propman (uncredited


In occupied France, German-run Continental Films calls the shots in the movie business. Assistant director and Resistance activist Jean Devaivre works for Continental, where he can get "in between the wolf's teeth and avoid being chewed up". Fast-living screenwriter Jean Aurenche uses every possible argument to avoid working for the enemy. For both, wartime is a battle for survival.


French Leave, 8 October 2003 Author: writers_reign from London, England Far and away the best of the recent spate of WW11 movies from France this is also the only one to have played in England. It is inevitable that an Englishman living in a country that was never occupied and with no real first-hand knowledge of WW11 will look at this - or any film on the same subject - with different eyes from a French viewer, especially a French viewer whose memories encompass the years in question. For me, an Englishman, who loves craftsmanship, be it French, Italian, English or American, and has only contempt for the infamous essay in which Truffaut attacked the values personified by, among others, scriptwriter Jean Aurenche, who is a character in this film, and Tavernier, who made the film, a great deal of the pleasure was in Tavernier's defence of Aurenche and the 'well-made' school of filmmaking, but over and above that what we have is almost three hourse of superb storytelling and an evocation of a turbulent time. Denis Polyades (currently on French screens in a tasty remake of The Yellow Room Mystery (Le Mystere de la chambre jaune) is excellent as Aurenche although of course I never knew Aurenche other than via his great screenplays but Tavernier did know him and so presumably guided Polyades to a true portrait. French film buffs will be well versed in the period when 'Contintental' films was active under German control and will, theoretically, share my fascination in any light from whatever quarter that can be shed on it. I saw this movie initially in a small Paris Art House where it played after its initial release and, not unexpectedly in the Latin Quartier and just down the block from the Sorbonne, there were several students in the audience - for that matter out of, at a guess, 120-150 patrons about two thirds of them were under 50 and, by definition, could have no first-hand knowledge of wartime Paris - yet the film was greeted with respect and applause. I subsequently saw it in London, subtitled and with, presumably, a predominently English audience, and it was greeted much the same way.I accept that not everyone takes the view that I do, namely, that movies, like plays, novels, or any creative form, benefit from craftsmanship and professionalism, equally not everyone will despise the Truffauts of this world who thrive on iconaclism for its own sake - ironically, as I've remarked elsewhere, Truffaut eventually began to turn out exactly the same kind of well-crafted movie on which he had poured so much vitriol - but for like-minded film buffs there is so much to delight in when master craftsmen like Tavernier (and, to a lesser ambitious extent, Francis Werber, who is single-handedly filling the void left by Billy Wilder) unveil a new film.
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Laissez-passer (2002) - Bertrand Tavernier
poster for "Laissez-passer"
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Laissez-passer (2002) - Bertrand Tavernier
poster for "Laissez-passer"
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Laissez-passer (2002) - Bertrand Tavernier
poster for "Laissez-passer"
600 x 400
Laissez-passer (2002) - Bertrand Tavernier
poster for "Laissez-passer"
600 x 400
Laissez-passer (2002) - Bertrand Tavernier
poster for "Laissez-passer"
600 x 400
Laissez-passer (2002) - Bertrand Tavernier
poster for "Laissez-passer"
600 x 400
Laissez-passer (2002) - Bertrand Tavernier