Trollflojten (1975)

We only see Bergman, we only hear Mozart

Original Title : Trollflöjten
Director : Ingmar Bergman
Writer : Emanuel Schikaneder
Alf Henrikson
Ingmar Bergman
Genre : Comedy
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Producer : Måns Reuterswärd
Music : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Photography : Sven Nykvist
Distributor : Arthaus Filmverleih
IMDB ID : 0073822
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Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman


Britt-Marie Aruhn First lady (uncredited
Jerker Arvidson Guard (uncredited
Gösta Bäckelin Priest (uncredited
Ingmar Bergman Audience (uncredited
Ulrik Cold Sarastro (uncredited
Jane Darling Maid (uncredited
Elisabeth Erikson Papagena (uncredited
Sixten Fark Priest (uncredited
Helene Friberg Girl in Audience (uncredited
Håkan Hagegård Papageno (uncredited
Nina Harte Maid (uncredited
Arne Hendriksen Priest (uncredited
Helena Högberg Maid (uncredited
Sven-Erik Jacobsson Priest (uncredited
Hans Johansson Guard (uncredited
Ulf Johansson Second priest (uncredited
Folke Jonsson Priest (uncredited
Erland Josephson Audience (uncredited
Sonja Karlsson Maid (uncredited
Josef Köstlinger Tamino (uncredited
Ansgar Krook Second boy (uncredited
Hans Kyhle Priest (uncredited
Käbi Laretei Audience (uncredited
Einar Larsson Priest (uncredited
Elina Lehto Maid (uncredited
Urban Malmberg First boy (uncredited
Birgit Nordin Queen of the Night (uncredited
Sven Nykvist Audience (uncredited
Gösta Prüzelius First priest (uncredited
Carl Henrik Qvarfordt Priest (uncredited
Erik Sædén The Orator (uncredited
Birgitta Smiding Third lady (uncredited
Siegfried Svensson Priest (uncredited
Ragnar Ulfung Monostatos (uncredited
Irma Urrila Pamina (uncredited
Kirsten Vaupel Second Lady (uncredited
Erland von Heijne Third boy (uncredited
Lena Wennergren Maid (uncredited
Lisbeth Zachrisson Maid (uncredited


It's Sweden!, 24 February 1999 Author: Tom-267 from Seattle An excellent movie, one of my all-time favorites. I watch it more often than I listen to "Die Zauberflote" on CD.Bergman changes the story slightly and shuffles some of the musical pieces around, but the result makes better sense than the original. Pamina's struggle is presented as a custody battle between Mother and Father. The depression of wintertime in the far north is brought out clearly in the attempted-suicide scene. And all the knicknacks and props lying around...are pure Sweden! I didn't realize that until I visited Gothenburg last fall.Bergman's comical, warm and cozy images really fit the music. Not that "The Magic Flute" from Mozart needs much improving...after all, 9 out of 10 German composers agree that it is the "perfect" German Opera. But Bergman's images go with it so well I consider it the perfect staging of the opera.
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Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman
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648 x 507
Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman
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364 x 507
Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman
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420 x 257
Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman
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679 x 477
Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman
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657 x 507
Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman
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720 x 540
Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman
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213 x 300
Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman
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Trollflojten (1975) - Ingmar Bergman