True Crime (1999)

Original Title : True Crime
Director : Clint Eastwood
Writer : Andrew Klavan
Larry Gross
Paul Brickman
Stephen Schiff
Genre : Crime
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Clint Eastwood , Tom Rooker , Lili Fini Zanuck , Richard D. Zanuck
Music : Clint Eastwood
Lennie Niehaus
Photography : Jack N. Green
Distributor : Argentina Video Home (AVH)
MPAA Rating : Rated R for language and some violence.
IMDB ID : 0139668
Official site :
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True Crime (1999) - Clint Eastwood


Clint Eastwood Steve Everett
Isaiah Washington Frank Louis Beechum
Lisa Gay Hamilton Bonnie Beechum
James Woods Alan Mann
Denis Leary Bob Findley
Bernard Hill Warden Luther Plunkitt
Diane Venora Barbara Everett
Michael McKean Reverend Shillerman
Michael Jeter Dale Porterhouse
Mary McCormack Michelle Ziegler
Hattie Winston Angela Russel
Penny Bae Bridges Gail Beechum
Francesca Fisher-Eastwood Kate Everett
John Finn Reedy
Laila Robins Patricia Findley
Sydney Tamiia Poitier Jane March (as Sydney Poitier
Erik King Pussy Man/Santa Clause
Graham Beckel Arnold McCardle
Frances Fisher D.A. Cecilia Nussbaum
Marissa Ribisi Amy Wilson
Christine Ebersole Bridget Rossiter
Anthony Zerbe Henry Lowenstein
Nancy Giles Leesha Mitchell
Tom McGowan Tom Donaldson
William Windom Neil
Don West Dr. Roger Waters
Lucy Liu Toy Shop Girl (as Lucy Alexis Liu
Dina Eastwood Wilma Francis
Leslie Griffith TV Anchor
Dennis Richmond TV Anchor
Frank Sommerville Afternoon News Anchor
Dan Green Field Producer
Nicholas Bearde Reuben Skycock (as Nicolas Bearde
Frances Lee McCain Mrs. Lowenstein
Rev. Cecil Williams Reverend Williams
Casey Lee Warren Russell
Jack Kehler Mr. Ziegler
Colman Domingo Wally Cartwright
Linda Hoy Counter Woman at Pocum's Grocery
Danny Kovacs Atkins
Kelvin Han Yee Zachary Platt
Kathryn Howell Nurse
Beulah Stanley Female Guard
George Maguire Frederick Robertson
Bill Wattenburg Radio Reporter
Roland T. Abasolo Guard (as Roland Abasolo
Michael Halton Guard
Jade Marx-Berti Waitress
Velica Marie Davis Purse Whacker
John B. Scott Colonel Drummond
Edward Silva Colonel Hernandez
Jordan Sax Colonel Badger
Rob Reece Executioner
Walter Brown Beechum Family Member
Karl Dahlquist Office Mailboy
Veronica Farber Nurse
Cathy Fithian Nancy Larson
Carmen Molinari Couple in Park


A recovering alcoholic, womanizing reporter (Clint Eastwood), who can't stay out of trouble with his bosses (mostly because he is sleeping with their wives), inherits a human interest story about a prisoner (Isaiah Washington), who is sentenced to die at midnight for the murder of a pregnant woman who owed him $96. However, the reporter immediately figures out that the key witness lied about what he saw and believes the prisoner is innocent. He then sets out to prove his belief in the final 12 hours of the prisoner's life. James Woods appears as Eastwood's Editor-in-Chief and the only man who still believes in his talents. Denis Leary is Eastwood's direct editor, who wants him fired for his direct belligerence and teh fact that he slept with Leary's wife.


Unfocused, 11 January 2005 Author: PKC from Wollaston, Mass There is a good movie in here someplace trying to get out. The main problem is a lack of focus. Is it a character study of an unlikable guy? Is it a murder mystery? Is it a polemic against capital punishment? The answer to all three is "yes." As a result, it does all of them reasonably well, but none of them as well as it might. I will give Eastwood credit for taking on a character who is so difficult to like. Of course, I must join the legions on IMDb decrying -- and laughing at -- Clint for making his character a ladies man. Maybe if he had been hitting on 55 year olds instead of hot 30 years olds it would have been more credible -- and less distasteful. But as a screed against the death penalty this movie is effective, though the deck is stacked because the accused is innocent as well as likable.