Toute Une Vie (1974)

Original Title : Toute une vie
Director : Claude Lelouch
Writer : Claude Lelouch
Pierre Uytterhoeven
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Music : Francis Lai
Photography : Jean Collomb
Distributor : AVCO Embassy Pictures
IMDB ID : 0072307
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poster for "Toute Une Vie" by Claude Lelouch (1974)
Toute Une Vie (1974) - Claude Lelouch


Marthe Keller Sarah/Her Mother/Her Grandmother
André Dussollier Simon
Charles Denner Sarah's Father/Operator/Sarah's Grandfather
Carla Gravina Sarah's Italian Girlfriend
Charles Gérard Simon's Friend
Gilbert Bécaud Himself
Sam Letrone Restaurant Owner (as Sam Letrône
Daniel Boulanger Lawyer
Nathalie Courval Lawyer's Wife
Judith Magre Restaurant Owner's Wife
Annie Kerani Simon's Woman
Maria Pia Conte A Stud
Lilo Director of L'Usine
Yvon Tanguy General's Aide
Gabriele Tinti Six-Day Husband
Silvano Tranquilli Very Italian Italian Man
Jacques Villeret Lover Among Many
Pierre Zimmer 


The movie follows the lives of a woman and a man starting from several generations earlier. The story spans a whole century and several continents.


Wonderful orchestration leads to a disastrous finale, 24 October 2005 Author: graham clarke ( "And Now My Love" sums of the curious qualities of director Claude Lelouch. While his talents are in abundance he ultimately lacks the ability to pull it off. What has the makings of a classic in the final analysis can only be regarded as a failure.In a masterly fashion, Lelouch deftly orchestrates the eventual meeting of a man and woman who destiny decrees should be together. It's a romantic notion that has been at the centre of numerous movies, but seldom so wittily and intelligently dished up as in "And Now My Love". The entire movie consists of the winding paths that the protagonists follow until their eventual meeting. Lelouch embroiders this process with historical fact, social criticism and much humor.However the eventual meeting of the predestined coupling is something of a letdown. The chemistry simply isn't there. When the movie was first released it ended with this somewhat unsatisfactory finale. But despite the ending, the film as whole had enough charm to leave a favorable impression. However Lelouch must have been troubled by the poor resolution to his master work and in what can only be conceived as a desperate measure, he tacks on a truly ludicrous appendage, which instead of salvaging the film, completely sinks it.His sci-fi ending is a disastrous artistic decision. Anything else would have been preferable. Unfortunately the DVD edition does not allow the option for viewing the edited version. So after well over two hours of much enjoyment one is subject to an ending which leaves a particularly bad taste.