Uns et les Autres, Les (1981)

Original Title : Uns et les autres, Les
Director : Claude Lelouch
Writer : Claude Lelouch
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Claude Lelouch
Music : Pierre Barouh
Francis Lai
Michel Legrand
Jean Yanne
Photography : Jean Boffety
Distributor : ClassicLine
IMDB ID : 0083260
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poster for "Uns et les Autres, Les" by Claude Lelouch (1981)
Uns et les Autres, Les (1981) - Claude Lelouch


¬Robert Hossein Simon Meyer/Robert Prat
¬Nicole Garcia Anne Meyer
¬Geraldine Chaplin Suzan/Sara Glenn
¬Daniel Olbrychski Karl Kremer
¬Jorge Donn Boris & Sergei Itovitch/Lead Dancer of Bol√©ro
¬Rita Poelvoorde Tatiana & Tania Itovitch
¬Macha M√©ril Magda Kremer
¬Evelyne Bouix Evelyne/Edith
¬Francis Huster Francis
¬Raymond Pellegrin M. Raymond
¬Paul Pr√©boist Le grand-p√®re d'Edith
¬Jean-Claude Brialy Le directeur du Lido
¬Marthe Villalonga La grand-m√®re d'Edith
¬Fanny Ardant V√©ronique
¬Jacques Villeret Jacques
¬Jean-Claude Bouttier Philippe Rouget
¬Richard Bohringer Richard
¬Nicole Croisille Herself
¬Ginette Garcin Ginette
¬Jean-Pierre Kalfon P√®re Antoine
¬Genevi√®ve Mnich Jeanne
¬Alexandra Stewart Alexandra
¬Eva Darlan Eva
¬Manuel G√©lin Patrick Prat
¬Candice Patou Candice
¬Ma√Įa Simon Me Isabelle Prat
¬James Caan Jack Glenn/Jason Glenn
¬Sarah Abrell Alexis
¬Mireille Audibert Le garde-barri√®re
¬Christophe Bourseiller La fille d'Eva
¬Louise Chevalier La bonne du P√®re Antoine
¬V√©ronique Coquet Gina
¬Andr√©e Delair Le repr√©sentant Croix Rouge (UNICEF
¬Maxime Dufeu Le voisin
¬Andy Fenwick Glenn as a boy
¬Farmer Fuller Bobby
¬Charles G√©rard Charlot
¬Evelyne Hue Mr. Tracy
¬Evelyne Ker Michel
¬Brigitte Ro√ľan Mrs. Tracy
¬Pierre Semmler (uncredited
¬Sharon Stone Girl with Glenn Senior (uncredited
¬Webster Whinery (uncredited


This movie tracks three generations of musicians and dancers from Russia, Germany, France and the USA, from before World War II through the war and the Holocaust, to the 1960s. Their lives become intertwined through the historical circumstances, and the culmination is the presence of several, including a former Nazi pianist and a French Jewish Holocaust survivor at at an anti-war concert/rally in France in the 1960s.


Best seen in original version, 4 April 1999 Author: willie-14 from Houston I saw this film when it first came out in Paris. It was a great experience! An epic sweep, not unlike *Gone With the Wind* or *Children of Paradise*. But the American release, titled *Bolero*, had about 20-30 minutes cut from it and it was a disjointed mess. Small wonder it bombed here. The video release is of the American version. If at all possible, try to see the original, 3 hour release.