Oliver Twist (2005)

Original Title : Oliver Twist
Director : Roman, Polanski
Writer : Charles Dickens
Ronald Harwood
Genre : Drama
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Robert Benmussa , Timothy Burrill , Petr Moravec , Roman Polanski , Alain Sarde , Michael Schwarz
Music : Rachel Portman
Photography : Pawel Edelman
Distributor : Sony Pictures Entertainment
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for disturbing images.
IMDB ID : 0380599
Official site :
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Oliver Twist (2005) - Roman, Polanski


Ben Kingsley Fagin
Barney Clark Oliver Twist
Leanne Rowe Nancy
Mark Strong Toby Crackit
Jamie Foreman Bill Sykes
Harry Eden Artful Dodger
Edward Hardwicke Mr. Brownlow
Ian McNeice Mr. Limbkins
Jeremy Swift Mr. Bumble
Frances Cuka Mrs. Bedwin
Michael Heath Mr. Sowerberry
Gillian Hanna Mrs. Sowerberry
Alun Armstrong Magistrate Fang
Andy de la Tour Workhouse Master
Peter Copley Dining Hall Master
Joseph Tremain Hungry Boy
Andreas Papadopoulos Workhouse Boy
Laurie Athey Workhouse Boy
Filip Hess Workhouse Boy
Lewis Chase Charley Bates
Jake Curran Barney
Chris Overton Noah Claypole
Richard Durden Unkind Board Member
Timothy Bateson Parson/Old Man with a Punch
Andy Linden Mr. Garmfield, The Chimney Sweep
John Nettleton First Magistrate
Teresa Churcher Charlotte
Gerard Horan Farmer
Morgane Polanski Farmer's Daughter
Liz Smith Old Woman
Levi Hayes Nicky
Ophelia Lovibond Bet
Elvis Polanski Boy with Hoop
Patrick Godfrey Bookseller
Anezka Novak Woman in Street
Andy Camm Policeman
Frank Mills Elderly Officer
Turbo Bullseye
David Meeking Policeman in Court
Paul Brooke Mr. Grimwig
Andrea Miltner Other Woman in Street
Kaeren Revell Other Woman in Street
Kay Raven Woman at Window
Lizzy Le Quesne Barmaid
Robert Orr Man in Pub
Paul Eden Barman
Nick Stringer Inspector Blather
James Babson Policeman
Richard Ridings Warder


An adaptation of the classic Dickens tale, where an orphan meets a pickpocket on the streets of London. From there, he joins a household of boys who are trained to steal for their master.


Well made, a great version of a much loved tale, 11 October 2005 Author: tresdodge from London I was somewhat ambivalent about the thought of one of my favourite directors making a version of the much loved classic tale Oliver Twist. On the one had Roman Polanski crafts wonderful and moving films extremely well so I was intrigued to see how he would weave this one together. From his early 'Knife in the water' through to 'The Pianist' each has his trademark directorial stamp on it whilst still being truly incredible and individual films. On the other hand, the Oliver Twist tale has been screened to death both in two highly regarded films as well as multifarious TV versions over the years. In my opinion David Lean's version is fantastic, Alec Guiness superb as Fagin and the whole film experience has kept me going back from childhood through to adulthood.So it was with great trepidation that I went to see this spanking brand new version and thankfully I was not disappointed. The character of Fagin, so crucial to the story, is performed with outstanding ability by Ben Kingsley. He really portrays this grotesque but somehow lovable character well from his slight mannerisms and movements to his vocal abilities. Also, finely performed were the parts of the artful dodger (Harry Eden), Mr Brownlowe (Edward Hardwicke) and of course Oliver Twist (Barney Clarke). There was such sadness and despair in his eyes throughout that he really captured the part well. Less convincing was Bill Sykes (Jamie Foreman) who was not right for the part nor performed well enough to stand up against the masterful Oliver Reed in a previous version. Foreman is a regular in gangster type films and for me did not really fit into the cast or film well here.The recreation of mid 19th century London is done well with Polanski drawing on the visual inspiration of Dore prints of the period for authenticity. The cinematography is as accomplished as always in a Polanski film and the lighting helped to create dramatic moods well.All in all a very competent and entertaining version with great acting, a fine pace and an outstanding final scene of Fagin finished and soon to face death gripping hold of Oliver tightly. I would highly recommend to adults, children and die hard fans of other versions. All great directors have different visions and Polanski has used his vision and experienced craftmanship in successfully remaking this much loved tale.
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Oliver Twist (2005) - Roman, Polanski
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Oliver Twist (2005) - Roman, Polanski
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Oliver Twist (2005) - Roman, Polanski