Flightplan (2005)

If Someone Took Everything You Live For... How Far Would You Go To Get It Back?

Original Title : Flightplan
Director : Robert Schwentke
Writer : Peter A. Dowling
Billy Ray
Genre : Action
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Robert DiNozzi , Brian Grazer , Charles J.D. Schlissel
Music : James Horner
Photography : Florian Ballhaus
Distributor : Buena Vista Pictures
MPAA Rating : Rated PG-13 for violence and some intense plot material.
IMDB ID : 0408790
Official site :
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poster for "Flightplan" by Robert Schwentke (2005)
Flightplan (2005) - Robert Schwentke


¬Jodie Foster Kyle
¬Peter Sarsgaard Carson
¬Sean Bean Captain Rich
¬Kate Beahan Stephanie
¬Michael Irby Obaid
¬Assaf Cohen Ahmed
¬Erika Christensen Fiona
¬Shane Edelman Mr. Loud
¬Mary Gallagher Mrs. Loud
¬Haley Ramm Brittany Loud
¬Forrest Landis Rhett Loud
¬Jana Kolesarova Claudia
¬Brent Sexton Elias
¬Marlene Lawston Julia
¬Judith Scott Estella
¬Victoria Spark Victoria
¬John Benjamin Hickey David
¬Matthew Bomer Eric
¬Gavin Grazer FBI Agent
¬Christopher Gartin Mike
¬Neil Patil Angry Passenger
¬Bess Wohl Katerina
¬Kirk B.R. Woller Grunick
¬Stephanie Faracy Anna
¬Christian Berkel Mortuary Director
¬Cooper Thornton West
¬Klaus Schindler Metal Detector Guard
¬Eva Plackner Ion Tracker Guard
¬Amanda Brooks Irene
¬Jesse Burch Row 19 Male Passenger
¬Greta Scacchi Therapist
¬Drake Johnston Main Deck Kid
¬Lois Hall Main Deck Grandma
¬Dirk Vahle Helicopter Pilot
¬Ina Barron Flight Attendant (uncredited
¬Spencer Conner SWAT Team Leader (uncredited
¬Latricia Cruz Airline Attendant (uncredited
¬David A. Farkas Steward (uncredited
¬Andray Johnson Flight Attendant (uncredited
¬Robert Mammana FBI Agent (uncredited
¬Christian Reeve Libyan Man (uncredited


In this modern retelling of a classic urban legend, a mother finds herself at odds with a unremitting flight crew and her own sanity when her daughter vanishes in the middle of a flight, with only a few clues left behind. She must now challenge the boundaries of her will and her mind in her desperate search.


Fasten your seat belts, 2 December 2005 Author: jotix100 from New York "Flightplan" seems to have affected IMDb contributors like no other film in recent memory. Mostly is bad. We didn't catch up with this picture until recently. Frankly, we are puzzled as to why the hatred. Granted, the film had the potential for being better, but it's not the total failure as some of the comments in this forum will make one believe. It appears there's an agenda to mark "Flightplan" comments as not useful.Director Robert Schwentke working with Peter Dowling and Billy Ray's screen play, hasn't added much to the film in order to make it a thriller to be reckoned with, but, in general, the film is not a total waste, as seems to be the perception among contributors.In a way, "Flightplan" plays with the viewer's perception as to who is behind the disappearance of Julia, the six year old girl traveling with her mother, Kyle, to New York. Kyle has suffered a great tragedy in her life when her husband was found dead in her building's courtyard. The fact that Kyle hasn't been able to accept the death is clear in the first sequence when we see her sitting inside the Alexanderplaz metro station in Berlin.Kyle, an aircraft designing engineer, is a good mother. One can imagine her panic when she wakes up from a nap to find Julia's gone. No one seems to have noticed the little girl, there is no record of she ever been on board. Kyle meets resistance from the crew of the flight. Even the sky marshal, Carson, is no help at all. What's a mother to do? If one is in Kyle's shoes, one starts taking matter into her own hands.Jodie Foster does a good job portraying Kyle. She is a mother who doesn't take no for an answer. In fact, she is the one that unravels the mystery surrounding her daughter's disappearance. The climax sequence is perfectly set, as one would expect it to be.Peter Sarsgaard, is Carson, the sky marshal traveling in the economy section. He is in charge of the safety of the passengers on the flight. In an unusual role for him, Mr. Sarsgaard has some good chances in the movie. Sean Bean plays the pilot of the jumbo jet. Kate Beahan is seen as one of the flight attendants. Erika Christiensen is also part of the crew.The best way to enjoy the film is not to compare it to anything else and just go for the entertaining value in it because we know this is not a ground breaking film, but thanks to Mr. Schwentke and his cast, it offers us a bumpy ride of a film.