Funny Games (1998)

Ein Alptraum.

Original Title : Funny Games
Director : Michael Haneke
Writer : Michael Haneke
Genre : Horror
Country : Austria
Language : German
Producer : Veit Heiduschka , Veit Heiduschka
Music : Georg Friedrich Händel
Pietro Mascagni
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
John Zorn
Photography : Jürgen Jürges
Distributor : Arthaus
IMDB ID : 0119167
Official site :
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poster for "Funny Games" by Michael Haneke (1998)
Funny Games (1998) - Michael Haneke


Susanne Lothar Anna
Ulrich Mühe Georg
Arno Frisch Paul
Frank Giering Peter
Stefan Clapczynski Schorschi
Doris Kunstmann Gerda
Christoph Bantzer Fred
Wolfgang Glück Robert
Susanne Meneghel Gerdas Schwester
Monika Zallinger Eva


In Funny Games Georg and Anna, with their son Georgie, are traveling to their lakeside summer home. Upon arrival, Georg and Georgie head off to the lake for sailing while Anna prepares dinner in the kitchen. The serenity is shattered by a young man named Peter, who knocks at the door asking to borrow some eggs. The unwanted visitor is joined by Paul, a brash, arrogant young man. It soon becomes clear the pair have no intention of leaving. When Georg returns and tries to throw them out, physical violence erupts, and the family is held captive. What ensues are highly disturbing and violent 'games' initiated by Paul and Peter with Georg, Anna and Georgie as the unwilling participants.


Supurlatives will abound, 2 November 2005 Author: lovestoryinbloodred1 from United States To the uninitiated, the unbelievers and then to those who chance to agree with me, I am writing to acknowledge that I believe FUNNY GAMES should be honored with the "BEST @#$!! movie" of all time award. Granted when I saw this flick I had not heard anything about it, didn't know what to "expect" except that this was the director who did the Piano Teacher. So, I was delightfully surprised by an opening that may be my favorite opening ever - on par with Blue Velvet- which sets a tone for the film but in doing so also leaves the viewer confused - wondering at a surreal scene composed of opposite extremes - the bizarre music with the equally bizarre "perfect happy family" twisting down an empty road to god knows where and god knows what. Foreplay. Like the films Funny Games lampoons, the opening is an invitation, hits a few very obvious buttons preparing the audience, gearing us up, winding... winding... winding. but no pay off. I have never heard of a nightmare with a happy ending. The film is relentless and as it runs the audience like mice through a maze - throws blinking signs that say "this way out" "exit this way" but just as we get to what might be a light at the end of the tunnel - SLAM!! goes the door and we're all set to running down corridors again, tripping on our tails. Great fun! Great terrible, horrible fun!I suppose if one were to put ones mind to it, one could find away to NOT get caught up in the film. I suppose one could see this film and not get wound up (excited) because there is never the "pay-off" no "money shot." But the fact is, this film works perfectly. I have heard people "hate it because its stupid and boring" because "this movie is supposed to be intense, B.S. - no gore" -and as they tell me this I fight to keep from snickering. It's hard not to laugh in their faces. These people are, by not liking the movie, solidifying the fact that the film has accomplished it's goal of exposing the foolish as foolish. To stand and hear someone so completely divulge their ignorance, their inability to "get the joke." It's uncanny. Funny Games holds these people in utter, biting contempt. I am quite certain that the Director made it his preoccupation to be certain this film would never be found enjoyable by the the drooling blood-lusting pencil-dick sect. This film is not for the lovers of violent cinema - the cousin of pornography -those closeted lovers of the rape scene. It is not for the masterbators who, through repetition, have worn away at the sheen of their self -indilgence, those who must find new ways to be excited. Funny Games is bored by these potential viewers and mocks them, hates them - hates me. Funny Games condemns even those who praise it. What fool would love an unpleasant experience? What fool would WANT to watch someone get killed, or raped? This film should be mandatory viewing for all 4th grade classes in America. They can see it in Health class. Those little kids will be horrified, as you and I should be. -J