Temps du Loup, Le (2003)

Original Title : Temps du loup, Le
Director : Michael Haneke
Writer : Michael Haneke
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Veit Heiduschka , Michael Katz , Margaret Ménégoz , Michael Weber
Photography : Jürgen Jürges
Distributor : Les Films du Losange
MPAA Rating : Rated R for some violence, language and sexuality/nudity.
IMDB ID : 0324197
Official site :
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Temps du Loup, Le (2003) - Michael Haneke


Isabelle Huppert Anna
Béatrice Dalle Lise Brandt
Patrice Chéreau Thomas Brandt
Rona Hartner Arina
Maurice Bénichou M. Azoulay
Olivier Gourmet Koslowski
Brigitte Roüan Béa
Lucas Biscombe Ben
Hakim Taleb Young runaway
Anaïs Demoustier Eva
Serge Riaboukine The leader
Marilyne Even Mme Azoulay
Florence Loiret Nathalie Azoulay (as Florence Loiret-Caille
Branko Samarovski Policeman
Daniel Duval Georges
Thierry Van Werveke Jean
Michaël Abiteboul Armed man
Pierre Berriau Fred, the killer in the chalet
Costel Cascaval Constantin
Luminita Gheorghiu Mrs. Homolka
Franck Gourlat Water seller
François Hauteserre The music lover
Maria Hofstätter Quarrelsome woman
Valérie Moreau Fred's wife
Claude Singeot Razor-blade man
Ina Strnad Chalet child
Adriana Trandafir Marya
Georg Friedrich 


Immediately before a global catyclysm, Anna and her family arrive at their holiday home in the countryside only to find it is occupied by a group of complete strangers. This confrontation is just the beginning of a painful learning process, as they discover that nothing will ever be the same again.


A Chilling Pleasure, 5 July 2004 Author: CharlesKinbote from United States Just saw TIME OF THE WOLF in New York City, and it is a complete pleasure. A very subtle film about individual and mass psychology after an unnamed cataclysm.Also a cautionary tale about having plenty of fresh batteries, lighters, and a good knife, or knives, on hand (you never know when you're going to have to skin your own dinner, hey, call me extreme when that unnamed cataclysm comes around).An added bonus: no digital effects (although I think they got lucky with fog one day, and made a beautiful scene with it), no manic editing as a substitute for storytelling, no facile heroics, no predictable deus ex will cleanse the visual palette. It stars Isabelle Huppert, but she is so naturalistic you forget she's Isabelle Huppert.For an altogether different, but equally pleasurable, although more theatrical, yet completely underrated take on the unnamed cataclysm bit, seeA BOY AND HIS DOG. A dream of a movie.