Fin Août, Début Septembre (1998)

Original Title : Fin août, début septembre
Director : Olivier Assayas
Writer : Olivier Assayas
Genre : Drama
Country : France
Language : French
Producer : Georges Benayoun , Philippe Carcassonne , Françoise Guglielmi
Photography : Denis Lenoir
Distributor : Artificial Eye
IMDB ID : 0167925
Official site :
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poster for "Fin Août, Début Septembre" by Olivier Assayas (1998)
Fin Août, Début Septembre (1998) - Olivier Assayas


Mathieu Amalric Gabriel
Virginie Ledoyen Anne
François Cluzet Adrien
Jeanne Balibar Jenny
Alex Descas Jérémie
Arsinée Khanjian Lucie
Mia Hansen-Løve Véra
Nathalie Richard Maryelle
Eric Elmosnino Thomas
Olivier Cruveiller Axel
Jean-Baptiste Malartre Editeur
André Marcon Hattou
Elisabeth Mazev Visiteuse de l'appartement
Olivier Py Visiteur de l'appartement
Jean-Baptiste Montagut Joseph Costa
Olivier Torres Marc Jobert (as Olivier Torrès
Joana Preiss Standardiste
Jean-François Gallotte Producteur documentaire
Fejria Deliba Amie de Lucie
Bernard Nissile Frédéric
Beatrice De Roaldes Couple à la campagne (as Béatrice de Roaldès
Jean-Loup Talegnani Couple à la campagne
Elizabeth Marre Acheteuse de l'appartement
Thierry Angelvi Acheteur de l'appartement
Damien Dodane Ami d'Axel
Alexandra Yonnet Assistante du bureau de production
Ozal Descas Fille de Jérémie
Julien Vieville Petit ami de Véra
Marion Hanania Copine de Véra
Catherine Mouchet Attachée parlementaire
Elli Medeiros 


A story about the transition from late youth to early maturity, the film follows several friends and lovers as they come to make decisions on how to live their lives--getting a job more in harmony with ones ideals, committing to a lover, giving up a lover that no longer loves you: a film about grown-ups growing up.


Yes, even this one, 22 January 2000 Author: KuRt-33 ( from Antwerp, Belgium Can actors save an otherwise completely bad movie? The answer is of course "yes". Proof, if needed, is the possibly horrible "Fin aoû,t début septembre". The only reasons I went to see it, were the fact that the movie was directed by Assayas (who impressed me with "Irma Vep") and that it starred Virginie Ledoyen (up till now excellent in every movie she ever played in). Yes, she was very nice in "L'eau froide", a not so good movie by... Olivier Assayas. Oops! Yet, with Miss Ledoyen and "Irma Vep" in mind, I went to the theatre... and was quite disappointed. The story is so lame I can't even convince myself of giving you a summary. Then we have the director... Well, I can only think of two things that must have happened. Either Olivier Assayas was constantly absent and gave the camera to his five year old nephew, or he tried to make something resembling a Dogma 95 movie. We'll go for reason number one. The camera spins and spins when there is no reason to spin. When your actors sit on the ground, you don't have to make wild images. Unless of course the cameraman is so busy trying not to fall from the stairs at that moment. Maybe falling wouldn't have been that bad: we wouldn't have had the rest of the movie.But this is going to startle you: I gave the movie a 6/10. Excuse me? A six? Well yes, a six... because the actors (mainly Virginie... again / of course) are so good that you try not to see what Assayas did to the movie. If you are somebody who can look at actors and enjoy their work, maybe you can have a look at this movie. If not, pretend it's poisoned with plutonium.(P.S. I wonder if I would have given the movie 6/10 if Virginie Ledoyen hadn't been in it. I guess only a remake can tell me that. But in case Assayas accidently reads this: DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!)