Real Deal, The (2002)

Original Title : The Real Deal
Director : Tom Burruss
Writer : Jai Stefan
Genre : Thriller
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Sheryl Abrams , Hagen Behring , Tom Burruss , Michael C. Cuddy , Michael C. Cuddy , Sven Ebeling , Angie Everhart , Eric Kritzer , Jai Stefan , Jai Stefan , Brian Wilkins , Dawn Zika
Music : Jeremy Rubolino
Photography : Howard Wexler
Distributor : Ardustry Home Entertainment LLC
IMDB ID : 0316473
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poster for "Real Deal, The" by Tom Burruss (2002)
Real Deal, The (2002) - Tom Burruss


¬Lillo Brancato Samy Saxo
¬Joseph D. Reitman Freddy (as Joe Reitman
¬Daniel Baldwin Vince Vasser
¬Angie Everhart Samantha Vassar
¬Costas Mandylor Instructor
¬Michael Madsen Baker Jacks
¬Mark Boone Junior Cameron LaFoya
¬Jamie Hagan Brenda 'Bunny' Benoit
¬Ernest Harden Jr. Wendy
¬Jay Harik Nazir
¬Christopher Jacobs Troy Taylor
¬Steve Schroeder Driver
¬Shazia Pascual
¬Gene Viglione Lead detective


Stay away, 7 May 2003 Author: ahmet123 from Vienna Rented this movie in a video store last night and was very disappointed. Unconvincing acting, unconvincing story with lots of logical holes, an aftertaste of a cheap softcore erotic thriller. Baldwin has some good moments, but apart from that I was falling asleep. Stay away.