Real Deal, The (2002)

Original Title : The Real Deal
Director : Tom Burruss
Writer : Jai Stefan
Genre : Thriller
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Sheryl Abrams , Hagen Behring , Tom Burruss , Michael C. Cuddy , Michael C. Cuddy , Sven Ebeling , Angie Everhart , Eric Kritzer , Jai Stefan , Jai Stefan , Brian Wilkins , Dawn Zika
Music : Jeremy Rubolino
Photography : Howard Wexler
Distributor : Ardustry Home Entertainment LLC
IMDB ID : 0316473
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poster for "Real Deal, The" by Tom Burruss (2002)
Real Deal, The (2002) - Tom Burruss


Lillo Brancato Samy Saxo
Joseph D. Reitman Freddy (as Joe Reitman
Daniel Baldwin Vince Vasser
Angie Everhart Samantha Vassar
Costas Mandylor Instructor
Michael Madsen Baker Jacks
Mark Boone Junior Cameron LaFoya
Jamie Hagan Brenda 'Bunny' Benoit
Ernest Harden Jr. Wendy
Jay Harik Nazir
Christopher Jacobs Troy Taylor
Steve Schroeder Driver
Shazia Pascual
Gene Viglione Lead detective


Stay away, 7 May 2003 Author: ahmet123 from Vienna Rented this movie in a video store last night and was very disappointed. Unconvincing acting, unconvincing story with lots of logical holes, an aftertaste of a cheap softcore erotic thriller. Baldwin has some good moments, but apart from that I was falling asleep. Stay away.