Business, The (2005)

This firm will blow you away

Original Title : The Business
Director : Nick Love
Writer : Nick Love
Genre : Thriller
Country : UK
Language : English
Producer : Allan Niblo , Rupert Preston , James Richardson , Charlie Woodhouse
Music : Ivor Guest
Photography : Damian Bromley
Distributor : A-Film Distribution
IMDB ID : 0429715
Official site :
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Business, The (2005) - Nick Love


Danny Dyer Frankie
Tamer Hassan Charlie
Geoff Bell Sammy
Georgina Chapman Carly
Camille Coduri Nora
Linda Henry Shirley
Roland Manookian Sonny
Martin Marquez Pepe
Arturo Venegas Mayor
Eddie Webber Ronnie
David Spratt Clubber (uncredited


Set in the Thatcher era with the cool sounds of the 80's, THE BUSINESS is an action packed gangster flick set in Spain's sun drenched Costa Del crime. Frankie (Danny Dyer), is on the run from the high-rise's of South London to a new life in Malaga with nothing but a tin stuffed full of cash. Having no idea that this delivery of cash to super-suave playboy and ex-con, Charlie (Tamer Hassan), will change his life forever, he soon becomes one of the gang, and finds himself drawn into a flamboyant and violent world of organized crime.


I can't believe what the 'critics' are saying, 2 September 2005 Author: ali_bongo from United Kingdom Before i saw this film at the pictures i decided to check out what everyone else thinks of it first - i was disappointed with their reactions but went to see the movie anyway. I pleasantly surprised. This film doesn't claim to the blockbuster of the year nor does it contain the sparkle and polish of snatch and lock stock. What it does do however is provide an amusing and gripping view of the rise and fall of an 80s wannabe gangster. To anyone outside of the UK this film may seem abit alien, but there are enough twists, turns and cheeky slang to keep you amused throughout. Just watch it don't take it too seriously and make up your own mind.(Frankie knocks on Sammys door) Sammy Answers: "did anyone order a c***?"
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Business, The (2005) - Nick Love