Ewoks: The Battle For Endor (1985)

Original Title : Ewoks: The Battle for Endor
Director : Jim Wheat
Ken Wheat
Writer : George Lucas
Jim Wheat
Ken Wheat
Genre : Fantasy
Country : USA
Language : English
Producer : Ian Bryce , George Lucas , Thomas G. Smith
Music : Peter Bernstein
Jeff Moss
Photography : Isidore Mankofsky
Distributor : American Broadcasting Company (ABC)
IMDB ID : 0089110
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Ewoks: The Battle For Endor (1985) - Jim Wheat | Ken Wheat


Wilford Brimley Noa
Warwick Davis Wicket W. Warrick
Aubree Miller Cindel
Siân Phillips Charal
Carel Struycken Terak
Niki Botelho Teek
Paul Gleason Jeremitt
Eric Walker Mace
Marianne Horine Young Witch
Daniel Frishman Deej
Tony Cox Willy
Pam Grizz Shodu
Roger Johnson Lieutenant
Michael Pritchard Card Player
Johnny Weissmuller Jr. Card Player
Malumba Anderson Marauder
Thomas Calabrese Marauder (as Tom Calabrese
Scott Couper Marauder
Tom Cowan Marauder
Dan Cunningham Marauder
Charles Davis Marauder
Mike Dito Marauder
Scott Ferry Marauder
Michael Franti Marauder
Andre Keys Marauder
Jerry Keys Marauder
Fred Martin Marauder
Brendan Reitz Marauder
Peter Reitz Marauder
Marques Strane Marauder
Peter Thiebeaux Marauder
Bill Tilman Marauder
Darryl Henriques Voice Characterization (Wicket
Sydney Walker Voice Characterization (Deej
Kevin Pollak Voice Characterization (voice
Ken Grantham Voice Characterization (voice
Mark Dodson Voice Characterization (voice
Rick Cimino Voice Characterization (voice
Dawn Abbey Ewok
Anthony Bagnarol Ewok
Mary Henning Ewok
Bethany Jewett Ewok
Michael Lipsky Ewok
Steve Morgan Ewok
Matthew Roloff Ewok
Irving Scible Jr. Ewok
Judy Weaver Ewok


The army of the Marauders, led by by King Terak and the witch Charal attack the Ewoks village. The parents and the brother of Cindel all die in this attack. Cindel and the Ewok Wicket escape and in a forrest they meet Teek a naughty and very fast animal. Teek takes them to a house in which a old man, Noa, lives. Like Cindel he also crashed with his Starcruiser on Endor. Together they fight Terak and Charal.


Exciting & Cute. A must for 'Wok fans., 30 March 2004 Author: Zackmad from England This is the best of the two 'Wok films. The first, "Caravan of Courage", was terrible. Luckily the lessons were learned. This time Wicket has learned a little of Cindel's language so narration isn't necessary. They meet a mischievous creature called Teek and his grumpy master, Noah. Together they set out to rescue Wicket's family and repair Noah's space craft to leave Endor. They are threatened by various monsters, including a shape shifter. They share many cute moments too. I did think the end battle went on for too long but that's the only drawback. The dialogue & set pieces are much improved. The plot moves forward. Avoid if you're not a 'Wok fan but if you are, you won't be disappointed. 9/10
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Ewoks: The Battle For Endor (1985) - Jim Wheat | Ken Wheat